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Applications of Flexible Ultrasonic Transducer Array for Defect Detection at 150 °C

Author(s): Jeanne-Louise Shih | Kuo-Ting Wu | Cheng-Kuei Jen | Chun-Hsiung Chiu | Jing-Chi Tzeng | Jiunn-Woei Liaw
Engine Oil Condition Monitoring Using High Temperature Integrated Ultrasonic Transducers

Author(s): Kuo-Ting Wu | Makiko Kobayashi | Zhigang Sun | Cheng-Kuei Jen | Pierre Sammut | Jeff Bird | Brian Galeote | Nezih Mrad
Noncontact Driving System Using Induction-Based Method and Integrated Piezoelectric Ultrasonic Transducers

Author(s): Riichi Murayama | Makiko Kobayashi | Kuo-Ting Wu | Cheng-Kuei Jen

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