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Molecular Imaging in Breast Cancer

Author(s): Alvaro Ruibal | José María Benlloch | Renato Valdés Olmos | Bengt Langstrom
Masked volume wise principal component analysis of small adrenocortical tumours in dynamic [11C]-metomidate positron emission tomography

Author(s): Razifar Pasha | Hennings Joakim | Monazzam Azita | Hellman Per | Långström Bengt | Sundin Anders
A computerized Infusion Pump for control of tissue tracer concentration during Positron Emission Tomography in vivo Pharmacokinetic/Pharmacodynamic measurements

Author(s): Eriksson Olof | Wallberg Andreas | Syvänen Stina | Josephsson Raymond | Långström Bengt | Bergström Mats
Synthesis of two potential NK1-receptor ligands using [1-11C]ethyl iodide and [1-11C]propyl iodide and initial PET-imaging

Author(s): Syvänen Stina | Eriksson Jonas | Genchel Tove | Lindhe Örjan | Antoni Gunnar | Långström Bengt
Multicellular Tumour Spheroid as a model for evaluation of [18F]FDG as biomarker for breast cancer treatment monitoring

Author(s): Monazzam Azita | Razifar Pasha | Simonsson Martin | Qvarnström Fredrik | Josephsson Raymond | Blomqvist Carl | Långström Bengt | Bergström Mats
A new, fast and semi-automated size determination method (SASDM) for studying multicellular tumor spheroids

Author(s): Monazzam Azita | Razifar Pasha | Lindhe Örjan | Josephsson Raymond | Långström Bengt | Bergström Mats
Noise correlation in PET, CT, SPECT and PET/CT data evaluated using autocorrelation function: a phantom study on data, reconstructed using FBP and OSEM

Author(s): Razifar Pasha | Sandström Mattias | Schnieder Harald | Långström Bengt | Maripuu Enn | Bengtsson Ewert | Bergström Mats
Non-isotropic noise correlation in PET data reconstructed by FBP but not by OSEM demonstrated using auto-correlation function

Author(s): Razifar Pasha | Lubberink Mark | Schneider Harald | Långström Bengt | Bengtsson Ewert | Bergström Mats

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