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Influence of Material Microstructures in Micromilling of Ti6Al4V Alloy

Author(s): Aldo Attanasio | Marcello Gelfi | Annalisa Pola | Elisabetta Ceretti | Claudio Giardini
Evaluation of Superficial and Dimensional Quality Features in Metallic Micro-Channels Manufactured by Micro-End-Milling

Author(s): Karla P. Monroy Vázquez | Aldo Attanasio | Elisabetta Ceretti | Héctor R. Siller | Nicolás J. Hendrichs Troeglen | Claudio Giardini
Prevalence of cutipositivity in a sample of homeless shelter population in Rome in the course of Latent Tuberculosis Infection surveillance plan. Preliminary results

Author(s): Patrizia Laurenti | Gianluigi Quaranta | Stefania Bruno | Antonio G. Cairo | Pierangela Nardella | Giovanni Delogu | Fausta Ardito | Giovanni Fadda | Tommaso Pirronti | Antonio De Lorenzis | Salvatore Geraci | Roberta Molina | Giuseppe Attanasio | Francesca Annunziata | Salvatore Pelargonio | Francesco Lauria | Alessandra Gualano | Walter Ricciardi
LERF/ESALQ/USP activities of environment restoration and recovery Atividades de adequação ambiental e restauração florestal do LERF/ESALQ/USP

Author(s): Ricardo Ribeiro Rodrigues | Sergius Gandolfi | André Gustavo Nave | Claúdia Mira Attanasio
Induction of Protective Genes Leads to Islet Survival and Function

Author(s): Hongjun Wang | Christiane Ferran | Chiara Attanasio | Fulvio Calise | Leo E. Otterbein
The effect of melatonin on bovine in vitro embryo development

Author(s): M. P. Tsantarliotou | L. Attanasio | A. De Rosa | L. Boccia | G. Pellerano | B. Gasparrini
Brucella DNA is not detected in in-vitro produced embryos derived from ovaries of naturally infected Brucella DNA is not detected in in-vitro produced embryos derived from ovaries of naturally infected buffaloes

Author(s): G. Neglia | L. Zicarelli | R. Di Palo | E. Picillo | L. Attanasio | L. Boccia | B. Gasparrini | A. De Rosa | T. Pepe | A.E. Gravino | G. Iovane | C. Buonavoglia | L. Manna
Effects of warming procedures on the survivability of in vitro matured buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) oocytes vitrified by Cryotop

Author(s): L. Attanasio | A. De Rosa | L. Boccia | E. Mariotti | L. Zicarelli | B. Gasparrini
Evaluation of buffalo semen by Trypan blue/Giemsa staining and related fertility in vitro

Author(s): L. Boccia | R. Di Palo | A. De Rosa | L. Attanasio | E. Mariotti | B. Gasparrini
Cryotop vitrification for in vitro produced bovine and buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) embryos at different stages of development

Author(s): A. De Rosa | L. Attanasio | L. Boccia | D. Vecchio | G. Campanile | B. Gasparrini
Influence of temperature and time during ovary transportation on in vitro embryo production efficiency in the buffalo species (Bubalus bubalis)

Author(s): S. Di Francesco | L. Boccia | R. Di Palo | G. Esposito | L. Attanasio | A. De Rosa | B. Gasparrini
Use of thiol compounds during in vitro maturation of buffalo oocytes: effects on embryo development

Author(s): L. Zicarelli | I. Donnay | A. De Rosa | L. Boccia | E. Monaco | L. Attanasio | B. Gasparrini

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