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GEOSTAR deep seafloor missions: magnetic data analysis and 1D geoelectric structure underneath the Southern Tyrrhenian Sea

Author(s): Sergio Vitale | Angelo De Santis | Domenico Di Mauro | Lili Cafarella | Paolo Palangio | Laura Beranzoli | Paolo Favali
Seismic location improvements from an OBS/H temporary network in Southern Tyrrhenian Sea

Author(s): G. Barberi | L. Beranzoli | P. Favali | G. Neri | T. Sgroi
Seafloor Observatory Science: a Review

Author(s): P. Favali | L. Beranzoli
A fleet of multiparameter observatories for geophysical and environmental monitoring at seafloor

Author(s): P. Favali | L. Beranzoli | G. DÂ’Anna | F. Gasparoni | J. Marvaldi | G. Clauss | H. W. Gerber | M. Nicot | M. P. Marani | F. Gamberi
Tomographic image of the crust and uppermost mantle of the Ionian and Aegean regions

Author(s): B. Alessandrini | L. Beranzoli | G. Drakatos | C. Falcone | G. Karantonis | F. M. Mele | G. N. Stavrakakis
The seismic sequence of Potenza (May 1990)

Author(s): R. Azzara | A. Basili | L. Beranzoli | C. Chiarabba | R. Di Giovanbattista | G. Selvaggi
Determination of source parameters using broad-band seismograms

Author(s): L. Beranzoli | D. Giardini | E. Boschi
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