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A Review of Weight Control Strategies and Their Effects on the Regulation of Hormonal Balance

Author(s): Neil A. Schwarz | B. Rhett Rigby | Paul La Bounty | Brian Shelmadine | Rodney G. Bowden
International Society of Sports Nutrition position stand: meal frequency

Author(s): La Bounty Paul | Campbell Bill | Wilson Jacob | Galvan Elfego | Berardi John | Kleiner Susan | Kreider Richard | Stout Jeffrey | Ziegenfuss Tim | Spano Marie | Smith Abbie | Antonio Jose
The anabolic hormone response to a lower-body resistance exercise bout in conjunction with oral BCAA supplementation

Author(s): Campbell Bill | La Bounty Paul | Oetken Austin | Greenwood Mike | Kreider Richard | Willoughby Darryn
The effects of a starch based carbohydrate alone or in combination with whey protein on a subsequent bout of exercise performance – preliminary findings

Author(s): La Bounty Paul | Cooke Matt | Campbell Bill | Vanta Josh | Mistry Haleigh | Greenwood Mike | Lutz Rafer | Willoughby Darryn
The Ergogenic Potential of Arginine

Author(s): Campbell Bill | La Bounty Paul | Roberts Mike
Obesity: Prevalence, Theories, Medical Consequences, Management, and Research Directions

Author(s): Wilborn Colin | Beckham Jacqueline | Campbell Bill | Harvey Travis | Galbreath Melyn | La Bounty Paul | Nassar Erika | Wismann Jennifer | Kreider Richard
International Society of Sports Nutrition position stand: protein and exercise

Author(s): Campbell Bill | Kreider Richard | Ziegenfuss Tim | La Bounty Paul | Roberts Mike | Burke Darren | Landis Jamie | Lopez Hector | Antonio Jose
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