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Potential Chemopreventive Activity of a New Macrolide Antibiotic from a Marine-Derived Micromonospora sp.

Author(s): Skylar Carlson | Laura Marler | Sang-Jip Nam | Bernard D. Santarsiero | John M. Pezzuto | Brian T. Murphy
Variation in the autism candidate gene GABRB3 modulates tactile sensitivity in typically developing children

Author(s): Tavassoli Teresa | Auyeung Bonnie | Murphy Laura C | Baron-Cohen Simon | Chakrabarti Bhismadev
Water and Indigenous Peoples: Canada’s Paradox

Author(s): Jerry P. White | Laura Murphy
Guest Editors' Introduction

Author(s): Daniel Shrubsole | Laura Murphy
Registered Dietitian Wellness Insurance Benefit Makes a Difference in Adult Weight Management: A Pre-Post Study

Author(s): Linda Snetselaar | Karen L. Smith | Donna Hollinger | Esther Myers | Gwen Murphy | Laura Goettinger Qualls
Recombinant human T-cell leukemia virus types 1 and 2 Tax proteins induce high levels of CC-chemokines and downregulate CCR5 in human peripheral blood mononuclear cells

Author(s): Barrios Christy | Abuerreish Muna | Castillo Laura | Lairmore Michael | Murphy Edward | Giam Chou-Zen | Beilke Mark
The genome of Aeromonas salmonicida subsp. salmonicida A449: insights into the evolution of a fish pathogen

Author(s): Reith Michael | Singh Rama | Curtis Bruce | Boyd Jessica | Bouevitch Anne | Kimball Jennifer | Munholland Janet | Murphy Colleen | Sarty Darren | Williams Jason | Nash John | Johnson Stewart | Brown Laura
The effect of hypertensive disorders in pregnancy on small for gestational age and stillbirth: a population based study

Author(s): Allen Victoria | Joseph KS | Murphy Kellie | Magee Laura | Ohlsson Arne

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