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Proteomic analysis of bronchoalveolar lavage fluid in an equine model of asthma during a natural antigen exposure trial

Author(s): Marybeth Miskovic Feutz | C. Paige Riley | Xiang Zhang | Jiri Adamec | Craig Thompson | Laurent L. Couetil
Comparison of genomic and proteomic data in recurrent airway obstruction affected horses using ingenuity pathway analysis®

Author(s): Racine Julien | Gerber Vinzenz | Miskovic Feutz Marybeth | Riley C Paige | Adamec Jiri | Swinburne June | Couetil Laurent
Epithelial expression of mRNA and protein for IL-6, IL-10 and TNF-α in endobronchial biopsies in horses with recurrent airway obstruction

Author(s): Riihimäki Miia | Raine Amanda | Pourazar Jamshid | Sandström Thomas | Art Tatiana | Lekeux Pierre | Couëtil Laurent | Pringle John
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