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Recent Progress in Understanding Plasticity in Neurogenetic Disorders

Author(s): Hansen Wang | Cara J. Westmark | Emma Frost | Laurie C. Doering
Astrocytes and Developmental Plasticity in Fragile X

Author(s): Connie Cheng | Mary Sourial | Laurie C. Doering
Neural stem cells from protein tyrosine phosphatase sigma knockout mice generate an altered neuronal phenotype in culture

Author(s): Kirkham David | Pacey Laura | Axford Michelle | Siu Roberta | Rotin Daniela | Doering Laurie
Neural stem cells express melatonin receptors and neurotrophic factors: colocalization of the MT1 receptor with neuronal and glial markers

Author(s): Niles Lennard | Armstrong Kristen | Rincón Castro Lyda | Dao Chung | Sharma Rohita | McMillan Catherine | Doering Laurie | Kirkham David

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