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Modeling Social-Ecological Feedback Effects in the Implementation of Payments for Environmental Services in Pasture-Woodlands

Author(s): Robert Huber | Simon Briner | Alexander Peringer | Stefan Lauber | Roman Seidl | Alexander Widmer | François Gillet | Alexandre Buttler | Quang Bao. Le | Christian Hirschi
Constructing Consistent Multiscale Scenarios by Transdisciplinary Processes: the Case of Mountain Regions Facing Global Change

Author(s): Fridolin Simon. Brand | Roman Seidl | Quang Bao. Le | Julia Maria. Brändle | Roland Werner. Scholz
Anti-Platelet and Anti-Endothelial Cell Autoantibodies in Vietnamese Infants and Children with Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever

Author(s): Nguyen Thanh Hung | Nguyen Trong Lan | Yee-Shin Lin | Chiou-Feng Lin | Le Bich Lien | Kao-Jean Huang | Trai-Ming Yeh | Do Quang Ha | Vu Thi Que Huong | Lien-Cheng Chen | Lam Thi My | Jyh-Hsiung Huang | Ching-Chuan Liu | Huan-Yao Lei
Detection of Quantitative Trait Loci (QTLs) for Resistances to Small Brown Planthopper and Rice Stripe Virus in Rice Using Recombinant Inbred Lines

Author(s): Qi Wang | Yuqiang Liu | Jinlong Hu | Yingxin Zhang | Kun Xie | Baoxiang Wang | Le Quang Tuyen | Zhaoqiang Song | Han Wu | Yanling Liu | Ling Jiang | Shijia Liu | Xianian Cheng | Chunming Wang | Huqu Zhai | Jianmin Wan
Current Status of Botanical Pesticides for Crop Protection

Author(s): Quang Le Dang | Chi Hwan Lim | Jin-Cheol Kim
Analyzing Some Economic Relations Based on Expansion Input-output Model

Author(s): Bui Trinh | Kiyoshi Kobayashi | Nguyen Quang Thai | Nguyen Viet Phong | Pham Le Hoa
Application of Marker Assisted Backcrossing to Introgress the Submergence Tolerance QTL SUB1 into the Vietnam Elite Rice Variety-AS996

Author(s): Luu M. Cuc | Luu T. N. Huyen | Pham T. M. Hien | Vu T. T. Hang | Nguyen Q. Dam | Pham T. Mui | Vu D. Quang | Abdelbagi M. Ismail | Le H. Ham
Potential collaboration with the private sector for the provision of ambulatory care in the Mekong region, Vietnam

Author(s): Ha Anh Duc | Lora L. Sabin | Le Quang Cuong | Duong Duc Thien | Rich Feeley III
Laser Process for Selective Emitter Silicon Solar Cells

Author(s): G. Poulain | D. Blanc | A. Focsa | B. Bazer-Bachi | M. Gauthier | B. Semmache | Y. Pellegrin | N. Le Quang | M. Lemiti
Impacts of flood on health: epidemiologic evidence from Hanoi, Vietnam

Author(s): Tran Huu Bich | La Ngoc Quang | Le Thi Thanh Ha | Tran Thi Duc Hanh | Debarati Guha-Sapir
Polymorphism of Plasmodium falciparum Na+/H+ exchanger is indicative of a low in vitro quinine susceptibility in isolates from Viet Nam

Author(s): Sinou Véronique | Quang Le | Pelleau Stéphane | Huong Vu | Huong Nguyen | Tai Le | Bertaux Lionel | Desbordes Marc | Latour Christine | Long Lai | Thanh Nguyen | Parzy Daniel
Equitability in Access to Rural Public Services in Vietnam: An Outlook from the Red River Delta

Author(s): Le Huu Anh | Giam Quang Do | Bui Thi Lam | Vu Ngoc Huyen | Tran Huu Cuong
Structural Study on the Complex of Ortho-Ester Tetra Azophenylcalix[4]arene (TEAC) with Th(IV)

Author(s): Tran Quang Hieu | Nguyen Ngoc Tuan | Le Ngoc Tu | Le Van Tan
Equitability in Access to Rural Public Services in Vietnam: An Outlook from the Red River Delta

Author(s): Le Huu Anh | Giam Quang Do | Bui Thi Lam | Vu Ngoc Huyen | Tran Huu Cuong
FLU, an amino acid substitution model for influenza proteins

Author(s): Dang Cuong | Le Quang | Gascuel Olivier | Le Vinh

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