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A tentative characterization of volatile compounds from Iberian Dry-Cured Ham according to different anatomical locations. A detailed study

Author(s): Narváez-Rivas, Mónica | Gallardo, Emerenciana | Ríos, José Julián | León-Camacho, Manuel
A new hypothesis about continuous distillation with striping gas and its application the physical refining of edible oils

Author(s): León-Camacho, Manuel | Bada, J. C. | Prieto González, Mª. M. | Graciani Constante, E.

Author(s): León-Camacho, Manuel
A multivariate study of the triacylglycerols composition of the subcutaneous adipose tissue of Iberian pig in relation to the fattening diet and genotype

Author(s): Viera-Alcaide, Isabel | Vicario, Isabel M. | Escudero-Gilete, M. L. | Graciani Constante, E. | León-Camacho, Manuel
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