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Quality Evaluation of Panax ginseng Roots Using a Rapid Resolution LC-QTOF/MS-Based Metabolomics Approach

Author(s): Dae-Young Lee | Jae Kwang Kim | Sabina Shrestha | Kyeong-Hwa Seo | Youn-Hyung Lee | Hyung-Jun Noh | Geum-Soog Kim | Yong-Bum Kim | Seung-Yu Kim | Nam-In Baek
Teratogenic Potential of Antiepileptic Drugs in the Zebrafish Model

Author(s): Sung Hak Lee | Jung Won Kang | Tao Lin | Jae Eun Lee | Dong Il Jin
Oncothermia with Chemotherapy in the Patients with Small-Cell Lung Cancer

Author(s): Doo Yun Lee | Seok Jin Haam | Tae Hoon Kim | Jae Yun Lim | Eun Jung Kim | Na Young Kim
Penicillinolide A: A New Anti-Inflammatory Metabolite from the Marine Fungus Penicillium sp. SF-5292

Author(s): Dong-Sung Lee | Wonmin Ko | Tran Hong Quang | Kyoung-Su Kim | Jae Hak Sohn | Jae-Hyuk Jang | Jong Seog Ahn | Youn-Chul Kim | Hyuncheol Oh
Completely extruded talus without soft tissue attachments

Author(s): Young Rak Choi | Jae Jung Jeong | Ho Seong Lee | Sang Woo Kim | Jin-Soo Suh
RG-II from Panax ginseng C.A. Meyer suppresses asthmatic reaction

Author(s): In Duk Jung | Hye Young Kim | Jin Wook Park | Chang-Min Lee | Kyung Tae Noh | Hyun Kyu Kang | Deok Rim Heo | Su Jung Lee | Kwang Hee Son | Hee-ju Park | Sung Jae Shin | Jong-Hwan Park | Seung-Wook Ryu | Jong Keun Seo | Yeong-Min Park
Magnifying endoscopy for the diagnosis of specialized intestinal metaplasia in short-segment Barrett’s esophagus

Author(s): Nam Seok Ham | Jae Young Jang | Sung Woo Ryu | Ji Hye Kim | Eui Ju Park | Woong Cheul Lee | Kwang Yeun Shim | Soung Won Jeong | Hyun Gun Kim | Tae Hee Lee | Sung Ran Jeon | Jun Hyung Cho | Joo Young Cho | So Young Jin | Ji Sung Lee
Overexpression of miR-196b and HOXA10 characterize a poor-prognosis gastric cancer subtype

Author(s): Jae Yun Lim | Sun Och Yoon | So-Young Seol | Soon Won Hong | Jong Won Kim | Seung Ho Choi | Ju-Seog Lee | Jae Yong Cho
Measurement of Lipid Droplet Accumulation Kinetics in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii Using Seoul-Fluor

Author(s): Jae Woo Park | Sang Cheol Na | Youngjun Lee | Sanghee Lee | Seung Bum Park | Noo Li Jeon
TIPEX (Tropical Indo-Pacific water transport and ecosystem monitoring EXperiment) Program

Author(s): Dongchull Jeon | Eung Kim | Chang Woong Shin | Cheol-Ho Kim | Jong Seong Kug | Jae Hak Lee | Youn-Ho Lee | Suk Hyun Kim
Two-dimensional Oxygen Distribution in a Surface Sediment Layer Measured Using an RGB Color Ratiometric Oxygen Planar Optode

Author(s): Jae Seong Lee | Eun-Soo Kim | Sung-Uk An | Jihye Kim | Joung-Keun Kim | Sung-Hyun Khang | Dong-Jin Kang
K-Wire Breakage During Metalware Removal Due to a Defective K-Wire Shaft

Author(s): Seong Jae Hong | Hyun Jic Lee | Jin Young Kim | Su Rak Eo | Sang Hun Cho
Novel ERBB Receptor Feedback Inhibitor 1 (ERRFI1) + 808 T/G Polymorphism Confers Protective Effect on Diabetic Nephropathy in a Korean Population

Author(s): Ihn Suk Lee | Ju Hee Lee | Hyun Jin Kim | Jae Min Lee | Seong Kyu Lee | Hye Soo Kim | Jong Min Lee | Kang Seo Park | Bon Jeong Ku
Stem Cell Therapy in Bladder Dysfunction: Where Are We? And Where Do We Have to Go?

Author(s): Jae Heon Kim | Sang-Rae Lee | Yun Seob Song | Hong Jun Lee
The Usefulness of 3-Dimensional Virtual Simulation Using Haptics in Training Orotracheal Intubation

Author(s): Dong Hoon Lee | Jae Gyu Kim | Chan Woong Kim | Chang Ha Lee | Jae Hee Lim
Immobilization of Lead from Pb-Contaminated Soil Amended with Peat Moss

Author(s): Seul-Ji Lee | Myoung-Eun Lee | Jae Woo Chung | Jin Hee Park | Keun Young Huh | Gee-Ill Jun
Anti-inflammatory Effects of apo-9′-Fucoxanthinone from the Brown Alga, Sargassum Muticum

Author(s): Eun-Jin Yang | Young Min Ham | Wook Jae Lee | Nam Ho Lee | Chang-Gu Hyun

Author(s): Joo Hwan Cha | Jae Kyun Lee | Sun-Joon Min | Yong Seo Cho | Junghwan Park
Risk of sedation for diagnostic esophagogastroduodenoscopy in obstructive sleep apnea patients

Author(s): Jae Myung Cha | Jung Won Jeun | Kwan Mi Pack | Joung Il Lee | Kwang Ro Joo | Hyun Phil Shin | Won-Chul Shin
A feasible modified biopsy method for tissue diagnosis of gastric subepithelial tumors

Author(s): Jung Ho Kim | Jun-Won Chung | Minsu Ha | Min Young Rim | Jong Joon Lee | Jungsuk An | Yoon Jae Kim | Kyoung Oh Kim | Kwang An Kwon | Dong Kyun Park | Yeon Suk Kim | Duck Joo Choi
Open Reduction of Proximal Interphalangeal Fracture-Dislocation through a Midlateral Incision Using Absorbable Suture Materials

Author(s): Jae Jun Lee | Hyoung Joon Park | Hyun Gon Choi | Dong Hyeok Shin | Ki Il Uhm
Bacterial genome mapper: A comparative bacterial genome mapping tool

Author(s): Kang Seon Lee | Ryong Nam Kim | Byoung Ha Yoon | Dae Soo Kim | Sang Haeng Choi | Dong Wook Kim | Seong Hyeuk Nam | Aeri Kim | Aram Kang | Kun Hyang Park | Jae Eun Jung | Sung Hwa Chae | Sung Hwa Chae | Hong Seog Park
Comparison of double pants with single pants on satisfaction with colonoscopy

Author(s): Sook Hee Chung | Soo Jung Park | Jong Suk Hong | Jee Young Hwang | Sin Ae Lee | Kyung Ran Kim | Hye Sun Lee | Sung Pil Hong | Jae Hee Cheon | Tae Il Kim | Won Ho Kim
Reduction of Bacterial Wilt Diseases with Eggplant Rootstock EG203-Grafted Tomatoes in the Field Trials

Author(s): Mun Haeng Lee | Ji Kwang Kim | Hee Kyoung Lee | Keyng Jae Kim | Seung Hun Yu | Young Shik Kim | Youn Su Lee
Preventive Effects of Eleutherococcus senticosus Bark Extract in OVX-Induced Osteoporosis in Rats

Author(s): Dong Wook Lim | Jae Goo Kim | Youngseok Lee | Seok Ho Cha | Yun Tai Kim
Towards Safe Navigation by Formalizing Navigation Rules

Author(s): Arne Kreutzmann | Diedrich Wolter | Frank Dylla | Jae Hee Lee
Redoable Tie-Over Dressing Using Multiple Loop Silk Threads

Author(s): Hyeon Jong Jo | Jun Sik Kim | Nam Gyun Kim | Kyung Suk Lee | Jae Hoon Choi
Second Toe Plantar Free Flap for Volar Tissue Defects of the Fingers

Author(s): Yong Jin Cho | Si Young Roh | Jin Soo Kim | Dong Chul Lee | Jae Won Yang

Author(s): Jae Kyun Lee | Sun-Joon Min | Yong Seo Cho | Joo Hwan Cha | Sung Ok Won

Author(s): Jae Eun Kim | Jun Hee Kim | Wonbo Sim | Jai Young Lee
Composition of the Extracellular Matrix of Lymphatic Novel Threadlike Structures: Is It Keratin?

Author(s): Hyub Huh | Byung-Cheon Lee | Sang-Hyun Park | Ji Woong Yoon | Soo Jae Lee | Eun Jung Cho | Seung Zhoo Yoon
Improved Security Patch on Secure Communication among Cell Phones and Sensor Networks

Author(s): Ndibanje Bruce | Tae-Yong Kim | Hoon Jae Lee
p38/AP-1 Pathway in Lipopolysaccharide-Induced Inflammatory Responses Is Negatively Modulated by Electrical Stimulation

Author(s): Deok Jeong | Jaehwi Lee | Young-Su Yi | Yanyan Yang | Kyoung Won Kim | Jae Youl Cho
Endoscopic ultrasonography in patients with elevated carbohydrate antigen 19-9 of obscure origin

Author(s): Jae Hoon Cheong | Gwang Ha Kim | Ji Yoon Moon | Bong Eun Lee | Dong Yup Ryu | Dong Uk Kim | Hyung-Il Seo | Geun Am Song
Optical endpoint detection for plasma reduction of graphene oxide

Author(s): MaengJun Kim | Yung Ho Kahng | Yong Jae Kim | T. Prem kumar | KwangMook Park | Kwanghee Lee | Jae-Hyung Jang
PTP1B Inhibitory and Anti-Inflammatory Effects of Secondary Metabolites Isolated from the Marine-Derived Fungus Penicillium sp. JF-55

Author(s): Dong-Sung Lee | Jae-Hyuk Jang | Wonmin Ko | Kyoung-Su Kim | Jae Hak Sohn | Myeong-Suk Kang | Jong Seog Ahn | Youn-Chul Kim | Hyuncheol Oh
Normative Measurements of Grip and Pinch Strengths of 21st Century Korean Population

Author(s): Jin Hee Shim | Si Young Roh | Jin Soo Kim | Dong Chul Lee | Sae Hwi Ki | Jae Won Yang | Man Kyung Jeon | Sang Myung Lee
Lower Lip Reconstruction after Wide Excision of a Malignancy with Barrel-Shaped Excision or the Webster Modification of the Bernard Operation

Author(s): Hyung Joon Seo | Seong Hwan Bae | Su Bong Nam | Soo Jong Choi | Joo Hyoung Kim | Jae Woo Lee | Yong Chan Bae
Possibility of Undifferentiated Human Thigh Adipose Stem Cells Differentiating into Functional Hepatocytes

Author(s): Jong Hoon Lee | Kuk Han Lee | Min Ho Kim | Jun Pyo Kim | Seung Jae Lee | Jinah Yoon
Flexor Tenorrhaphy Using Absorbable Suture Materials

Author(s): Hyung Joo Kang | Dong Chul Lee | Jin Soo Kim | Sae Hwi Ki | Si Young Roh | Jae Won Yang
One Stage Reconstruction of Skull Exposed by Burn Injury Using a Tissue Expansion Technique

Author(s): Jae Young Cho | Young Chul Jang | Gi Yeun Hur | Jang Hyu Koh | Dong Kook Seo | Jong Wook Lee | Jai Koo Choi
Immediate Debridement and Reconstruction with

Author(s): Yu Jin Jang | Myong Chul Park | Dong Ha Park | Hyoseob Lim | Joo Hyoung Kim | Il Jae Lee

Author(s): Kee Dal Nam | Joo Hwan Cha | Yong Seo Cho | Jae Kyun Lee | Ae Nim Pae
Disease Control Efficacy of the Extract of Magnolia officinalis against Perilla and Zoysiagrass Rusts

Author(s): Mi-Young Yoon | Yong Ho Choi | Mun Seong Kang | Jae Hong Lee | Seong Sook Han | In Sik Myoung | Byoung Soo Han | Gyung Ja Choi | Kyoung Soo Jang | Jin-Cheol Kim
Optimal Spray Time, Interval and Number of Preventive Fungicides for the Control of Fruit Rots of Green and Gold Kiwifruit Cultivars

Author(s): Gyoung Hee Kim | Young Sun Lee | Jae Sung Jung | Jae-Seoun Hur | Young Jin Koh
Radical Scavenging Activity-Based and AP-1-Targeted Anti-Inflammatory Effects of Lutein in Macrophage-Like and Skin Keratinocytic Cells

Author(s): Jueun Oh | Ji Hye Kim | Jae Gwang Park | Young-Su Yi | Kye Won Park | Ho Sik Rho | Min-Seuk Lee | Jae Won Yoo | Seung-Hyun Kang | Yong Deog Hong | Song Seok Shin | Jae Youl Cho
Inhibitory Effects of Traditional Herbal Formula Pyungwi-San on Inflammatory Response In Vitro and In Vivo

Author(s): Ji Young Cha | Ji Yun Jung | Jae Yup Jung | Jong Rok Lee | Il Je Cho | Sae Kwang Ku | Sung Hui Byun | Yong-Tae Ahn | Chul Won Lee | Sang Chan Kim | Won G. An
Common bile duct stones on multidetector computed tomography: Attenuation patterns and detectability

Author(s): Chang Whan Kim | Jae Hyuck Chang | Yeon Soo Lim | Tae Ho Kim | In Seok Lee | Sok Won Han
Improvement of H2S Sensing Properties of SnO2-Based Thick Film Gas Sensors Promoted with MoO3 and NiO

Author(s): Soo Chool Lee | Seong Yeol Kim | Byung Wook Hwang | Suk Yong Jung | Dhanusuraman Ragupathy | In Sung Son | Duk Dong Lee | Jae Chang Kim
MicroRNA profiling of a CD133+ spheroid-forming subpopulation of the OVCAR3 human ovarian cancer cell line

Author(s): Nam Eun | Lee Maria | Yim Ga | Kim Jae | Kim Sunghoon | Kim Sang | Kim Young
Inhibition of pacemaker activity in interstitial cells of Cajal by LPS via NF-κB and MAP kinase

Author(s): Dong Chuan Zuo | Seok Choi | Pawan Kumar Shahi | Man Yoo Kim | Chan Guk Park | Young Dae Kim | Jun Lee | In Yeoup Chang | Insuk So | Jae Yeoul Jun
Antimicrobial Resistance and Resistance Gene Determinants of Fecal Escherichia coli Isolated from Chicken

Author(s): Yoon Ho Jang | Jae Keun Cho | Dong-Mi Kwak | Gil-Jae Cho | Young Ju Lee
Quick Assessment of Potential Hydrate Promoters for Rapid Formation

Author(s): Chi Y. Lo | P. Somasundaran | Jae W. Lee
In Vitro Culture-Induced Pluripotency of Human Spermatogonial Stem Cells

Author(s): Jung Jin Lim | Hyung Joon Kim | Kye-Seong Kim | Jae Yup Hong | Dong Ryul Lee
Virulence Genes of Escherichia coli Isolates from Piglets with Diarrhea in Korea

Author(s): Myeong Ju Chae | Jae Keun Cho | Young Ju Lee
Percutaneous core needle biopsy for small (≤10 mm) lung nodules: accurate diagnosis and complication rates

Author(s): Lee In Jae | Im Hyoung June | Yie Miyeon | Lee Kwanseop | Lee Yul | Bae Sang Hoon
Fast and low-temperature reduction of graphene oxide films using ammonia plasma

Author(s): Maeng Jun Kim | Yonkil Jeong | SangHo Sohn | Sung Yeup Lee | Yong Jae Kim | Kwanghee Lee | Yung Ho Kahng | Jae-Hyung Jang
Assessment of the Levels of Airborne Bacteria, Gram-Negative Bacteria, and Fungi in Hospital Lobbies

Author(s): Dong-Uk Park | Jeong-Kwan Yeom | Won Jae Lee | Kyeong-Min Lee
Clinical outcomes and predictive factors in oral corticosteroid-refractory active ulcerative colitis

Author(s): Han Ho Jeon | Hyun Jung Lee | Hui Won Jang | Jin Young Yoon | Yoon Suk Jung | Soo Jung Park | Sung Pil Hong | Tae Il Kim | Won Ho Kim | Jae Hee Cheon
Biliary phytobezoar resulting in intestinal obstruction

Author(s): Yura Kim | Beom Jin Park | Min Ju Kim | Deuk Jae Sung | Dong-Sik Kim | Young-Dong Yu | Jeong Hyeon Lee
A pilot study of single-use endoscopy in screening acute gastrointestinal bleeding

Author(s): Jae Hee Cho | Hee Man Kim | Sangheun Lee | Yu Jin Kim | Ki Jun Han | Hyeon Geun Cho | Si Young Song
An Ethanol Extract Derived from Bonnemaisonia hamifera Scavenges Ultraviolet B (UVB) Radiation-Induced Reactive Oxygen Species and Attenuates UVB-Induced Cell Damage in Human Keratinocytes

Author(s): Mei Jing Piao | Yu Jae Hyun | Suk Ju Cho | Hee Kyoung Kang | Eun Sook Yoo | Young Sang Koh | Nam Ho Lee | Mi Hee Ko | Jin Won Hyun
A Mobile Asset Tracking System Architecture under Mobile-Stationary Co-Existing WSNs

Author(s): Tae Hyon Kim | Hyeong Gon Jo | Jae Shin Lee | Soon Ju Kang
Follicular Adenoma with Extensive Extracellular Mucin Deposition: Report on Two Cases

Author(s): Na Rae Kim | Hyun Yee Cho | Sergio Piña-Oviedo | Gustavo De La Roza | Young Don Lee | Jae Y. Ro
Pattern Recognition for Selective Odor Detection with Gas Sensor Arrays

Author(s): Eungyeong Kim | Seok Lee | Jae Hun Kim | Chulki Kim | Young Tae Byun | Hyung Seok Kim | Taikjin Lee
Gold Nanorod-Mediated Photothermal Modulation for Localized Ablation of Cancer Cells

Author(s): Yoochan Hong | Eugene Lee | Jihye Choi | Seung Jae Oh | Seungjoo Haam | Yong-Min Huh | Dae Sung Yoon | Jin-Suck Suh | Jaemoon Yang
Anemia after gastrectomy for early gastric cancer: Long-term follow-up observational study

Author(s): Chul-Hyun Lim | Sang Woo Kim | Won Chul Kim | Jin Soo Kim | Yu Kyung Cho | Jae Myung Park | In Seok Lee | Myung-Gyu Choi | Kyo-Young Song | Hae Myung Jeon | Cho-Hyun Park
Newly developed autoimmune cholangitis without relapse of autoimmune pancreatitis after discontinuing prednisolone

Author(s): Ji Hun Kim | Jae Hyuck Chang | Sung Min Nam | Mi Jeong Lee | Il Ho Maeng | Jin Young Park | Yun Sun Im | Tae Ho Kim | Chang Whan Kim | Sok Won Han
Comparative study of rendezvous techniques in post-liver transplant biliary stricture

Author(s): Jae Hyuck Chang | In Seok Lee | Ho Jong Chun | Jong Young Choi | Seung Kyoo Yoon | Dong Goo Kim | Young Kyoung You | Myung-Gyu Choi | Sok Won Han
Correlations between endoscopic and clinical disease activity indices in intestinal Behcet's disease

Author(s): Hyun Jung Lee | Youn Nam Kim | Hui Won Jang | Han Ho Jeon | Eun Suk Jung | Soo Jung Park | Sung Pil Hong | Tae Il Kim | Won Ho Kim | Chung Mo Nam | Jae Hee Cheon
Duodenal obstruction following acute pancreatitis caused by a large duodenal diverticular bezoar

Author(s): Ji Hun Kim | Jae Hyuck Chang | Sung Min Nam | Mi Jeong Lee | Il Ho Maeng | Jin Young Park | Yun Sun Im | Tae Ho Kim | Il Young Park | Sok Won Han

Author(s): Joo Hwan Cha | Yong Koo Kang | Yong Seo Cho | Jae Kyun Lee | Jae Choon Woo

Author(s): Yong Koo Kang | Yong Seo Cho | Jae Kyun Lee | Byung-Yong Yu | Joo Hwan Cha
Organic Acid Profiling Analysis in Culture Media of Lactic Acid Bacteria by Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry

Author(s): Jae Yeon Lee | Duc-Toan Nguyen | Young Shik Park | Kyo Yeol Hwang | Yong Seok Cho | Kyung-Don Kang | Jaehwan Yoon | Jundong Yu | Sung-Tae Yee | Young Hwan Ahn | Gwang Lee | Su-Il Seong | Man-Jeong Paik
Pistacia chinensis Methanolic Extract Attenuated MAPK and Akt Phosphorylations in ADP Stimulated Rat Platelets In Vitro

Author(s): Ji Young Park | Mei Hong | Qi Jia | Young-Chul Lee | Taddesse Yayeh | Eujin Hyun | Dong-Mi Kwak | Jae Youl Cho | Man Hee Rhee
Seedling Growth of Some Forages from their Aged Seeds

Author(s): Byung Hoon Park | Na Rae Chae | Eun Ji Heo | Soon Jae Kwon | Ju Il Lee | Jung Hwan Lee | Young Woo Pack | Hyeok Park | Sang Gun Song | Sangdeog A. Kim
Development of a Plastic-Based Microfluidic Immunosensor Chip for Detection of H1N1 Influenza

Author(s): Kyoung G. Lee | Tae Jae Lee | Soon Woo Jeong | Ho Woon Choi | Nam Su Heo | Jung Youn Park | Tae Jung Park | Seok Jae Lee
Polypoid Cystitis in an Adult without History of Catheterization

Author(s): Jae Eun Roh | Bum Sang Cho | Min Hee Jeon | Min Ho Kang | Seung Young Lee | Hyung Geun Song

Author(s): Joo Hwan Cha | Yong Seo Cho | Jae Kyun Lee | Junghwan Park | Hiroyasu Sato
Dramatic Improvement of Long Lasting Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation by Oral and Topical Tranexamic Acid

Author(s): Jae Kyung Kim | Sung Eun Chang | Chong Hyun Won | Mi Woo Lee | Jee Ho Choi | Kee Chan Moon
Double layered self-expanding metal stents for malignant esophageal obstruction, especially across the gastroesophageal junction

Author(s): Min Dae Kim | Su Bum Park | Dae Hwan Kang | Jae Hyung Lee | Cheol Woong Choi | Hyung Wook Kim | Chung Uk Chung | Young Il Jeong
Label-Free Electrochemical Diagnosis of Viral Antigens with Genetically Engineered Fusion Protein

Author(s): Nam Su Heo | Shun Zheng | MinHo Yang | Seok Jae Lee | Sang Yup Lee | Hwa-Jung Kim | Jung Youn Park | Chang-Soo Lee | Tae Jung Park
Synthesis of Bioactive Microcapsules Using a Microfluidic Device

Author(s): Byeong Il Kim | Soon Woo Jeong | Kyoung G. Lee | Tae Jung Park | Jung Youn Park | Jae Jun Song | Seok Jae Lee | Chang-Soo Lee
Long-Term Consumption of Platycodi Radix Ameliorates Obesity and Insulin Resistance via the Activation of AMPK Pathways

Author(s): Chae Eun Lee | Haeng Jeon Hur | Jin-Taek Hwang | Mi Jeong Sung | Hye Jeong Yang | Hyun-Jin Kim | Jae Ho Park | Dae Young Kwon | Myung-Sunny Kim
Biodegradable stent

Author(s): Doo Yeon Kwon | Jae Il Kim | Da Yeon Kim | Hwi Ju Kang | Bong Lee | Kang Woo Lee | Moon Suk Kim
Diagnostic value for extrahepatic metastases of hepatocellular carcinoma in positron emission tomography/computed tomography scan

Author(s): Ji Eun Lee | Jae Young Jang | Soung Won Jeong | Sae Hwan Lee | Sang Gyune Kim | Sang-Woo Cha | Young Seok Kim | Young Deok Cho | Hong Soo Kim | Boo Sung Kim | So Young Jin | Deuk Lin Choi

Author(s): Jae Kyun Lee | Sun-Joon Min | Yong Seo Cho | Ki Soo Lee | Joo Hwan Cha
Enhanced stability of nano-emulsified paclitaxel

Author(s): Ju Young Lee | Da Yeon Kim | Gyeong Hae Kim | Kkot Nim Kang | Byoung Hyun Min | Bong Lee | Jae Ho Kim | Moon Suk Kim
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