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The health care burden of high grade chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in Korea: analysis of the Korean Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service data

Author(s): Kim JH | Rhee CK | Yoo KH | Kim YS | Lee SW | Park YB | Lee JH | Oh YM | Lee SD | Kim Y | Kim KJ | Yoon HK
Comparative proteomics of inhaled silver nanoparticles in healthy and allergen provoked mice

Author(s): Su CL | Chen TT | Chang CC | Chuang KJ | Wu CK | Liu WT | Ho KF | Lee KY | Ho SC | Tseng HE | Chuang HC | Cheng TJ
Prevalence of bipolar spectrum disorder in Korean college students according to the K-MDQ

Author(s): Bae SO | Kim MD | Lee JG | Seo JS | Won SH | Woo YS | Seok JH | Kim W | Kim SJ | Min KJ | Jon DI | Shin YC | Bahk WM | Yoon BH
Perception of Quality of Life among People with Diabetes

Author(s): Cheah WL | Lee PY | Lim PY | Fatin Nabila AA | Luk KJ | Nur Irwana AT
Preparative Separation of Isoflavones from Korean Soybean by HPLC

Author(s): K.J. Lee | K.H. Row | In-Chul , Jun
Osteoblastoma as a cause of osteomalacia assessed by bone scan.

Author(s): Chun KA | Cho IH | Won KJ | Lee HW | Choi JH | Ahn JC | Shin DS
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