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The EuResist expert model for customised HAART optimisation: 2010 update and extension to newest compounds

Author(s): Pironti A | Sönnerborg A | Zazzi M | Kaiser R | Struck D | Clotet B | Vandamme ÀM | Incardona F | Lengauer T | Rosen-Zvi M | Prosperi M
Etravirine in protease inhibitor-free antiretroviral combination therapies

Author(s): E Schuelter | N Luebke | B Jensen | M Zazzi | A Sönnerborg | T Lengauer | F Incardona | R Camacho | J Schmit | B Clotet | R Kaiser | A Pironti
Optimisation of baseline genotypic testing for safe and efficient maraviroc administration

Author(s): S Sierra | J Dybowski | A Pironti | L Gueney | A Thielen | S Reuter | S Esser | G Fätkenheuer | T Lengauer | D Heider | D Hoffmann | H Pfister | B Jensen | R Kaiser
Evaluating Translocation Gene Fusions by SNP Array Data

Author(s): Hong Liu | Asher Zilberstein | Pascal Pannier | Frederic Fleche | Christopher Arendt | Christoph Lengauer | Chang S. Hahn
HIV-1 mutational pathways under multidrug therapy

Author(s): Lawyer Glenn | Altmann André | Thielen Alexander | Zazzi Maurizio | Sönnerborg Anders | Lengauer Thomas
Genotypic tropism testing by massively parallel sequencing: qualitative and quantitative analysis

Author(s): Däumer Martin | Kaiser Rolf | Klein Rolf | Lengauer Thomas | Thiele Bernhard | Thielen Alexander
Predicting MHC class I epitopes in large datasets

Author(s): Roomp Kirsten | Antes Iris | Lengauer Thomas
Stability analysis of mixtures of mutagenetic trees

Author(s): Bogojeska Jasmina | Lengauer Thomas | Rahnenführer Jörg
Expression pattern analysis of transcribed HERV sequences is complicated by ex vivo recombination

Author(s): Flockerzi Aline | Maydt Jochen | Frank Oliver | Ruggieri Alessia | Maldener Esther | Seifarth Wolfgang | Medstrand Patrik | Lengauer Thomas | Meyerhans Andreas | Leib-Mösch Christine | Meese Eckart | Mayer Jens
Factor interaction analysis for chromosome 8 and DNA methylation alterations highlights innate immune response suppression and cytoskeletal changes in prostate cancer

Author(s): Schulz Wolfgang | Alexa Adrian | Jung Volker | Hader Christiane | Hoffmann Michèle | Yamanaka Masanori | Fritzsche Sandy | Wlazlinski Agnes | Müller Mirko | Lengauer Thomas | Engers Rainer | Florl Andrea | Wullich Bernd | Rahnenführer Jörg
A new measure for functional similarity of gene products based on Gene Ontology

Author(s): Schlicker Andreas | Domingues Francisco | Rahnenführer Jörg | Lengauer Thomas
CpG island methylation in human lymphocytes is highly correlated with DNA sequence, repeats, and predicted DNA structure.

Author(s): Bock Christoph | Paulsen Martina | Tierling Sascha | Mikeska Thomas | Lengauer Thomas | Walter Jörn
Local protein structure prediction using discriminative models

Author(s): Sander Oliver | Sommer Ingolf | Lengauer Thomas
NOXclass: prediction of protein-protein interaction types

Author(s): Zhu Hongbo | Domingues Francisco | Sommer lngolf | Lengauer Thomas
Dissection of the inflammatory bowel disease transcriptome using genome-wide cDNA microarrays.

Author(s): Costello Christine M | Mah Nancy | Häsler Robert | Rosenstiel Philip | Waetzig Georg H | Hahn Andreas | Lu Tim | Gurbuz Yesim | Nikolaus Susanna | Albrecht Mario | Hampe Jochen | Lucius Ralph | Klöppel Günther | Eickhoff Holger | Lehrach Hans | Lengauer Thomas | Schreiber Stefan
Confirmation of human protein interaction data by human expression data

Author(s): Hahn Andreas | Rahnenführer Jörg | Talwar Priti | Lengauer Thomas
Dissolution of Iron During Biochemical Leaching of Natural Zeolite

Author(s): Iveta Štyriaková | Koloušek D. | Štyriak Igor | Lengauer C. | Tillmanns E.
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