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Flaviviruses in Europe: Complex Circulation Patterns and Their Consequences for the Diagnosis and Control of West Nile Disease

Author(s): Cécile Beck | Miguel Angel Jimenez-Clavero | Agnès Leblond | Benoît Durand | Norbert Nowotny | Isabelle Leparc-Goffart | Stéphan Zientara | Elsa Jourdain | Sylvie Lecollinet
Phenotypic characterization of patient dengue virus isolates in BALB/c mice differentiates dengue fever and dengue hemorrhagic fever from dengue shock syndrome

Author(s): Tuiskunen Anne | Wahlström Maria | Bergström Jakob | Buchy Philippe | Leparc-Goffart Isabelle | Lundkvist Åke
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