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Downregulation of CDKN2A and suppression of cyclin D1 gene expressions in malignant gliomas

Author(s): Liu Weidong | Lv Guohua | Li Yawei | li Lei | Wang Bing
On the exponential inequality for acceptable random variables

Author(s): Wang Yuebao | Li Yawei | Gao Qingwu
A novel COMP mutation in a pseudoachondroplasia family of Chinese origin

Author(s): Dai Li | Xie Liang | Wang Yanping | Mao Meng | Li Nana | Zhu Jun | Kim Christopher | Zhang Yawei
Identification of Predictive Pathways for Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma Prognosis

Author(s): Xuesong Han | Yang Li | Jian Huang | Yawei Zhang | Theodore Holford | Qing Lan | Nathaniel Rothman | Tongzhang Zheng | Michael R. Kosorok | Shuangge Ma
Arsenic trioxide exerts synergistic effects with cisplatin on non-small cell lung cancer cells via apoptosis induction

Author(s): Li Hecheng | Zhu XiaoLi | Zhang Yawei | Xiang Jiaqing | Chen Haiquan
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