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A Self-Learning Sensor Fault Detection Framework for Industry Monitoring IoT

Author(s): Yu Liu | Yang Yang | Xiaopeng Lv | Lifeng Wang
ID-Based Sequential Aggregate Signatures

Author(s): Xiangguo Cheng | Lifeng Guo | Chen Yang | Jia Yu
Vinculin Motion Modes Analysis with Elastic Network Model

Author(s): Xiong Jiao | Shan Chang | Lifeng Yang | Meiwen An | Weiyi Chen
Sphingobium Chlorophenolicum Dichlorohydroquinone Dioxygenase (PcpA) Is Alkaline Resistant and Thermally Stable

Author(s): Wanpeng Sun, Ramaswami Sammynaiken, Lifeng Chen, Jason Maley, Gabriele Schatte, Yijiang Zhou, Jian Yang
Evolution of Mgo·Al2O3 Based Inclusions in Alloy Steel During the Refining Process

Author(s): Shufeng Yang | Jingshe Li | Lifeng Zhang | Kent Peaslee | Zaifei Wang
Anticancer Activity of the PR Domain of Tumor Suppressor RIZ1

Author(s): Wanpeng Sun, Ling Qiao, Qiang Liu, Lifeng Chen, Binbing Ling, Ramaswami Sammynaiken, Jian Yang
Estimation of HIV-1 incidence among five focal populations in Dehong, Yunnan: a hard hit area along a major drug trafficking route

Author(s): Duan Song | Shen Sheng | Bulterys Marc | Jia Yujiang | Yang Yuecheng | Xiang Lifeng | Tian Fei | Lu Lin | Xiao Yao | Wang Minjie | Jia Manhong | Jiang Huazhou | Vermund Sten | Jiang Yan
ERCC1 and BRCA1 mRNA expression levels in metastatic malignant effusions is associated with chemosensitivity to cisplatin and/or docetaxel

Author(s): Wang Lifeng | Wei Jia | Qian Xiaoping | Yin Haitao | Zhao Yang | Yu Lixia | Wang Tingting | Liu Baorui
Thai jute seed oil: a potential polyunsaturated fatty acid source

Author(s): Sirithon Siriamornpun | Duo Li | Lifeng Yang | Wanna Kanchanamayoon | Maitree Suttajit
Variation of lipid and fatty acid compositions in Thai Perilla seeds grown at different locations

Author(s): Sirithon Siriamornpun | Duo Li | Lifeng Yang | Siriwan Suttajit | Maitree Suttajit
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