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Maintenance of Sensitivity of the T-SPOT.TB Assay after Overnight Storage of Blood Samples, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Author(s): Elizabeth A. Talbot | Isaac Maro | Katherine Ferguson | Lisa V. Adams | Lillian Mtei | Mecky Matee | C. Fordham von Reyn
Lymphocyte proliferation to mycobacterial antigens is detectable across a spectrum of HIV-associated tuberculosis

Author(s): Lahey Timothy | Matee Mecky | Mtei Lillian | Bakari Muhammad | Pallangyo Kisali | von Reyn C
Basis for treatment of tuberculosis among HIV-infected patients in Tanzania: the role of chest x-ray and sputum culture

Author(s): Bakari Muhammad | Arbeit Robert | Mtei Lillian | Lyimo Johnson | Waddell Richard | Matee Mecky | Cole Bernard | Tvaroha Susan | Horsburgh C Robert | Soini Hanna | Pallangyo Kisali | von Reyn C Fordham
Sputum microscopy for the diagnosis of HIV-associated pulmonary tuberculosis in Tanzania

Author(s): Matee Mecky | Mtei Lillian | Lounasvaara Tarja | Wieland-Alter Wendy | Waddell Richard | Lyimo Johnson | Bakari Muhammad | Pallangyo Kisali | von Reyn C Fordham

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