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Growth and solute pattern of Suaeda maritima and Suaeda asparagoides in an abandoned salt field

Author(s): Sung-Chul Choi | Sung-Hwan Lim | Sang-Hun Kim | Deok-Gyun Choi | Jong-Guk Kim | Yeon-Sik Choo*
Scrub typhus hepatitis confirmed by immunohistochemical staining

Author(s): Jong-Hoon Chung | Sung-Chul Lim | Na-Ra Yun | Sung-Heui Shin | Choon-Mee Kim | Dong-Min Kim
Homeobox gene Dlx-2 is implicated in metabolic stress-induced necrosis

Author(s): Lee Su | Jeon Hyun | Kim Cho | Ju Min | Bae Hye | Park Hye | Lim Sung-Chul | Han Song | Kang Ho
Functional and structural characteristics of anticancer peptide Pep27 analogues

Author(s): Lee Dong | Hahm Kyung-Soo | Park Yoonkyung | Kim Hai-Young | Lee Weontae | Lim Sung-Chul | Seo Youn-Kyung | Choi Cheol-Hee
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