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Tendências para o auto-atendimento bancário brasileiro: um enfoque estratégico baseado na teoria das filas.

Author(s): Eder Oliveira Abensur | Adalbert O A . Fischmann | Israel Brunstein | Linda Lee Ho
Estimation of the conformance fraction in a presence of misclassification errors: a

Author(s): Roberto da Costa Quinino | Magda Carvalho Pires | Emilio Suyama | Linda Lee Ho
Improving healthcare consumer effectiveness: An Animated, Self-serve, Web-based Research Tool (ANSWER) for people with early rheumatoid arthritis

Author(s): Li Linda | Adam Paul | Townsend Anne | Stacey Dawn | Lacaille Diane | Cox Susan | McGowan Jessie | Tugwell Peter | Sinclair Gerri | Ho Kendall | Backman Catherine
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