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Inclusive Teaching Circles: Mechanisms for Creating Welcoming Classroom

Author(s): Sharon E. Moore | Sherri L. Wallace | Gina D. Schack | M. Shelley Thomas | Linda P. Lewis | Linda L. Wilson | Shawnise M. Miller | Joan L. D'Antoni
Allosteric Modulation of Beta1 Integrin Function Induces Lung Tissue Repair

Author(s): Rehab AlJamal-Naylor | Linda Wilson | Susan McIntyre | Fiona Rossi | Beth Harrison | Mark Marsden | David J. Harrison
Gastro-Oesophageal Reflux in Noncystic Fibrosis Bronchiectasis

Author(s): Annemarie L. Lee | Brenda M. Button | Linda Denehy | John W. Wilson
Early Contingency Learning and Child and Teacher Concomitant Social–Emotional Behavior

Author(s): Melinda Raab | Carl J. Dunst | Linda L. Wilson | Cindy Parkey
Child and Adult Social--Emotional Benefits of Response-Contingent Child Learning Opportunities

Author(s): Carl J. Dunst | Melinda Raab | Carol M. Trivette | Cindy Parkey | Mary Gatens | Linda L. Wilson | Jennie French | Deborah W. Hamby
Evaluation of an ambulatory system for the quantification of cough frequency in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Author(s): Coyle Michael | Keenan Desmond | Henderson Linda | Watkins Michael | Haumann Brett | Mayleben David | Wilson Michael
Family Medicine Residents' Performance with Detected Versus Undetected Simulated Patients Posing as Problem Drinkers

Author(s): Meldon Kahan, MD | Eleanor Liu, MASc | Diane Borsoi, MASc | Lynn Wilson, MD | Joan M. Brewster, PhD | Mark B. Sobell, PhD | Linda C. Sobell, PhD
Heterotic responses of tropical elite maize accessions from Latin America with Brazilian testers

Author(s): Santos Manoel Xavier dos | Pollak Linda Maria | Carvalho Hélio Wilson Lemos de | Pacheco Cleso Antônio Patto | Gama Elto Eugenio Gomes e | Guimarães Paulo Evaristo de Oliveira | Andrade Ramiro Vilela de
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