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Investigating Individual- and Area-Level Socioeconomic Gradients of Pulse Pressure among Normotensive and Hypertensive Participants

Author(s): Lisa A. Matricciani | Catherine Paquet | Natasha J. Howard | Robert Adams | Neil T. Coffee | Anne W. Taylor | Mark Daniel
Enhancing Ocean Literacy Using Real-Time Data

Author(s): Lisa G. Adams | George Matsumoto
Maintenance of Sensitivity of the T-SPOT.TB Assay after Overnight Storage of Blood Samples, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Author(s): Elizabeth A. Talbot | Isaac Maro | Katherine Ferguson | Lisa V. Adams | Lillian Mtei | Mecky Matee | C. Fordham von Reyn
The exenatide analogue AC3174 attenuates hypertension, insulin resistance, and renal dysfunction in Dahl salt-sensitive rats

Author(s): Liu Que | Adams Lisa | Broyde Anatoly | Fernandez Rayne | Baron Alain | Parkes David
Country differences in the diagnosis and management of coronary heart disease – a comparison between the US, the UK and Germany

Author(s): von dem Knesebeck Olaf | Bönte Markus | Siegrist Johannes | Marceau Lisa | Link Carol | Arber Sara | Adams Ann | McKinlay John

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