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Treatment of patients with von Willebrand disease [Erratum]

Author(s): Tuohy E | Litt E | Alikhan R
500,000 Years of Environmental History in Eastern Anatolia: The PALEOVAN Drilling Project

Author(s): Georg Heumann, Thomas Litt, and Nadine Pickarski, | Deniz Cukur, Sebastian Krastel, Hans-Ulrich Schmincke, and Mari Sumita | Flavio S. Anselmetti, Jürg Beer, Gerald Haug, Rolf Kipfer, Ola Kwiecien, Marie-Eve Randlett, Carsten J. Schubert, Mona Stockhecke, Mike Sturm, and Yama Tomonaga | A. Feray Meydan, and Sefer Orcen | Namik Cagatay, and Emre Damci | Henrike Baumgarten, and Thomas Wonik | Clemens Glombitza, and Jens Kallmeyer | Luigi Vigliotti | the PALEOVAN Scientific Team
Biological effectiveness on live cells of laser driven protons at dose rates exceeding 109 Gy/s

Author(s): D. Doria | K. F. Kakolee | S. Kar | S. K. Litt | F. Fiorini | H. Ahmed | S. Green | J. C. G. Jeynes | J. Kavanagh | D. Kirby | K. J. Kirkby | C. L. Lewis | M. J. Merchant | G. Nersisyan | R. Prasad | K. M. Prise | G. Schettino | M. Zepf | M. Borghesi
Metabolomics of Oxidative Stress in Recent Studies of Endogenous and Exogenously Administered Intermediate Metabolites

Author(s): Jia Liu | Lawrence Litt | Mark R. Segal | Mark J. S. Kelly | Jeffrey G. Pelton | Myungwon Kim
Treatment of patients with von Willebrand disease

Author(s): Tuohy E | Litt E | Alikhan R
Cardiac mri is useful in icd patients undergoing ablation for ventricular tachycardia

Author(s): Robinson Melissa | Marchlinski Francis | Litt Harold
Lake Van Drilling Project: A Long Continental Record in Eastern Turkey

Author(s): Thomas Litt | Sebastian Krastel | Sefer Örçen | Mustafa Karabiyikoglu
Using geographic information system tools to improve access to MS specialty care in Veterans Health Administration

Author(s): William J. Culpepper, II, PhD, MA | Diane Cowper-Ripley, PhD | Eric R. Litt, BA | Tzu-Yun McDowell, MA | Paul M. Hoffman, MD
The right ventricle shows distinct wall motion characteristics in L-TGA vs. D-TGA/atrial switch

Author(s): Savacool Michelle | Kilner Philip | Sahn David | Helbing Willem | Litt Harold | Valsangiacomo Emanuela | Sheehan Florence
48 TPAT accelerated myocardial tagging with a 32-channel coil

Author(s): Isaac Neil | Akers Scott | Zuehlsdorff Sven | Weale Peter | Nielles-Vallespin Sonia | Jerecic Renate | Litt Harold
Promoting Positive Learning Outcomes for Young Children in Inclusive Classrooms: A Preliminary Study of Children’s Progress Toward Pre-Writing Standards

Author(s): Jennifer Grisham-Brown, Ed.D. | Robyn Ridgley, Ed.D. | Kristie Pretti-Frontczak, Ph.D. | Cissie Litt | Andrea Nielson

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