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Two Novel Hepatocellular Carcinoma Cycle Inhibitory Cyclodepsipeptides from a Hydrothermal Vent Crab-Associated Fungus Aspergillus clavatus C2WU

Author(s): Wei Jiang | Panpan Ye | Chen-Tung Arthur Chen | Kuiwu Wang | Pengyuan Liu | Shan He | Xiaodan Wu | Lishe Gan | Ying Ye | Bin Wu
A Voxel-Map Quantitative Analysis Approach for Atherosclerotic Noncalcified Plaques of the Coronary Artery Tree

Author(s): Ying Li | Wei Chen | Kaijun Liu | Yi Wu | Yonglin Chen | Chun Chu | Bingji Fang | Liwen Tan | Shaoxiang Zhang
Application of TCA/acetone protein extraction in the cataract lens protein extract

Author(s): Zhao-Dong Chu | Guo-Hua Lu | Ying Tan | Yi Liu | Chao-Wei Li
In Vitro Study of Dentin Hypersensitivity Treated by 980-nm Diode Laser

Author(s): Liu Ying | Jie Gao | Yan Gao | Shuaimei XU | Xueling Zhan | Buling Wu
Screening of cytokines associated with ionizing radiation dose in serum by cytokine array

Author(s): Qiong LIU | Ying HE | Xian-rong SHEN | Lin-fang MO | Qing-rong WANG | Wei CHEN | Ding-wen JIANG | Deng-yong HOU | Xiao-yi HE | Tian-tian QIAN | Yu-ming LIU | Ke-xian LI
Analysis of Viral Load in Children Infected with Human Metapneumovirus

Author(s): Donghong Peng | Xiqiang Yang | Enmei Liu | Ying Huang | Xiaodong Zhao | Yao Zhao | Xin Chen | Zhiyong Zhang
MicroRNA: Not Far from Clinical Application in Ischemic Stroke

Author(s): Yun Li | Yahong Liu | Zhaojun Wang | Huajuan Hou | Ying Lin | Yongjun Jiang
Abnormal Expression of Matrix Metalloproteinase-9 (MMP9) Correlates with Clinical Course in Chinese Patients with Endometrial Cancer

Author(s): Fang Yu | Qingping Jiang | Ying Zhou | Zhen Yang | Xiaoli Yu | Hao Wang | Zhen Liu | Lijing Wang | Weiyi Fang | Suiqun Guo
Development of Proteomic Patterns for Detecting Lung Cancer

Author(s): Xueyuan Xiao | Danhui Liu | Ying Tang | Fuzheng Guo | Liang Xia | Jin Liu | Dacheng He
Efficacy and Safety of Docetaxel Plus Oxaliplatin and Capecitabine in the First Line Treatment of Advanced Gastric Adenocarcinoma

Author(s): Ying Liu | Zhengbao Ye | Wenqi Xi | Tao Ma | Min Shi | Liu Yang | Zhenggang Zhu | Jun Zhang
Application and Performance of 3D Printing in Nanobiomaterials

Author(s): Wenyong Liu | Ying Li | Jinyu Liu | Xufeng Niu | Yu Wang | Deyu Li
Image Correction Method of Color Line-Scan System

Author(s): Zhen-long Chen | Yu-tang Ye | Yun-cen Song | Ying Luo | Lin Liu | Juan-xiu Liu
The degradation behavior of silk fibroin derived from different ionic liquid solvents

Author(s): Renchuan You | Ying Zhang | Yu Liu | Guiyang Liu | Mingzhong Li
In vitro differentiation of human umbilical cord-derived mesenchymal stem cells into CD34+ cells via CD34 antibody

Author(s): Shengnan Guo | Libin Guo | Maoxiang Sun | Wenyue Ma | Yujia Lu | Ying Liu
Change in Expression of the Intestinal Polymeric Immunoglobulin Receptor in Acute Liver Necrosis

Author(s): Jin-Long Fu | Yu-Rong Wang | Guo-Zhen Li | Ying Zhou | Pei Liu
Study of P (VDF-HFP)/CNTs Composite Microporous Polymer Electrolyte for Li-Ion Batteries

Author(s): Kan Kan | Ying Liu | Yuan Tian | Qiushi You | Baoyu Cui
Galactosylated Chitosan Oligosaccharide Nanoparticles for Hepatocellular Carcinoma Cell-Targeted Delivery of Adenosine Triphosphate

Author(s): Xiu Liang Zhu | Yong Zhong Du | Ri Sheng Yu | Ping Liu | Dan Shi | Ying Chen | Ying Wang | Fang Fang Huang
Joint Beam-Power Coordinative Scheduling of Neighboring Sectors in Cellular Systems

Author(s): Fei Ji | Ying Liu | Fangjiong Chen | Xiaodong Chen | Shangkun Xiong
Reasons and clinical managements of canalicular laceration in 78 cases

Author(s): Li-Tai Shen | Qiu-Hong Wei | Chen Chen | Ying Li | Chao Liu | Yue Zeng
Hemiparesis after Operation of Astrocytoma Grade II in Adults: Effects of Acupuncture on Sensory-Motor Behavior and Quality of Life

Author(s): Haibo Yu | Sven Schröder | Yongfeng Liu | Zhifeng Li | Ying Yang | Yu Chen | Xingxian Huang
A Low-Field NMR Study on the Water Condition of Tripe Swelling in Sodium Carbonate-Solution

Author(s): Ying Han | Yingchun Zhu, | Lizhen Ma | Caihong Liu | Yiqing Yang
Mechanical Performance of Cup-spherical-shaped and Straight Form Braided Esophageal Stent

Author(s): Haixia Zhao | Ying Liu | Xiaoyu Ni | Fengming Xia | Xiao Zhang
Yield and Characteristics of Pyrolysis Products Obtained from Schizochytrium limacinum under Different Temperature Regimes

Author(s): Gang Li | Yuguang Zhou | Fang Ji | Ying Liu | Benu Adhikari | Li Tian | Zonghu Ma | Renjie Dong
Research Advancements in Humanoid Compression Garments in Sports

Author(s): Weijie Fu | Yu Liu | Ying Fang
Stereo Calibration and Rectification for Omnidirectional Multi-camera Systems

Author(s): Yanchang Wang | Xiaojin Gong | Ying Lin | Jilin Liu
Clinical effect of subthreshold photocoagulation for diabetic macular edema using 532 laser

Author(s): Dong-Ping Shao | Ying Ding | Fei Liu | Min-Chao Li | Xiao-Ran Yang
Altered Functional Connectivity of Cognitive-Related Cerebellar Subregions in Well-Recovered Stroke Patients

Author(s): Wei Li | Tong Han | Wen Qin | Jing Zhang | Huaigui Liu | Ying Li | Liangliang Meng | Xunming Ji | Chunshui Yu
p38β, A Novel Regulatory Target of Pokemon in Hepatic Cells

Author(s): Zhe Chen | Feng Liu | Nannan Zhang | Deliang Cao | Min Liu | Ying Tan | Yuyang Jiang
First Insights into the Large Genome of Epimedium sagittatum (Sieb. et Zucc) Maxim, a Chinese Traditional Medicinal Plant

Author(s): Di Liu | Shao-Hua Zeng | Jian-Jun Chen | Yan-Jun Zhang | Gong Xiao | Lin-Yao Zhu | Ying Wang
Challenges in Multiscale Modeling of Polymer Dynamics

Author(s): Ying Li | Brendan C. Abberton | Martin Kröger | Wing Kam Liu
Design, Synthesis, Biological Activity and Molecular Dynamics Studies of Specific Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase 1B Inhibitors over SHP-2

Author(s): Su-Xia Sun | Xiao-Bo Li | Wen-Bo Liu | Ying Ma | Run-Ling Wang | Xian-Chao Cheng | Shu-Qing Wang | Wei Liu
The risk factors of phototoxic maculopathy caused by welding arc in occupational welders

Author(s): Dong-Ping Shao | Ying Ding | Xiao-Ran Yang | Fei Liu | Min-Chao Li
Studies on the correlation of PON1 gene rs854572 single nucleotide polymorphism to clopidogrel resistance

Author(s): Teng-fei LIU | Xiao-lin ZHANG | Wen-zhi CAI | Cheng-hui YAN | Zhen-yang LIANG | Ying SUN | Ya-ling HAN
Protective effects of Sipunculus nudus polysaccharides on rats injured by low-dose irradiation combined with carbon monoxide, benzene and noise

Author(s): Ying HE | Xian-rong SHEN | Ding-wen JIANG | Yu-ming LIU | Deng-yong HOU | Wei CHEN | Ke-xian LI | Qing-rong WANG | Lin-fang MO | Tian-tian QIAN | Yan WANG
Influence of long-term navigation on mental health in crews

Author(s): Hao YU | Ling-huo XU | Pei-kun HU | Ji-dong LIU | Biao-lei LOU | Hong-wei BAO | Ying YAO | Bin ZHENG
Group play therapy for improving mental coping ability in children with asthma

Author(s): Qian WANG | Ji ZHANG | Qi-xia MEI | Ying HUANG | Yu-lin LIU | Xiao-ping YUAN | Ping HU
Clinical application of ocular trauma score for mechanical ocular injury in armed forces

Author(s): Ying ZHANG | Mao-nian ZHANG | Cai-hui JIANG | Tie-cheng LIU
Clinical analysis of firearm ocular injury

Author(s): Ying ZHANG | Mao-nian ZHANG | Tie-cheng LIU | Cai-hui JIANG
Experimental study on apoptosis and necrosis of goat hepatocytes induced by irreversible electroporation

Author(s): Ying LIU | Wei ZHOU | Zheng-ai XIONG | Cheng-xiang LI | Chen-guo YAO | Rong JIANG
Experimental study on ablating goat liver tissue with ultrasound imaging guided percutaneous irreversible electroporation

Author(s): Ying LIU | Wei ZHOU | Zheng-ai XIONG | Cheng-xiang LI | Chen-guo YAO
Osiris: A Malware Behavior Capturing System Implemented at Virtual Machine Monitor Layer

Author(s): Ying Cao | Qiguang Miao | Jiachen Liu | Weisheng Li
Association of COMT gene polymorphisms with cerebral infarction in Han people of Tianjin

Author(s): SHI Zhi-hong | LIU Meng-yuan | LIU Shu-ling | ZHANG Ying | XIANG Lei | WANG Jin-huan | JI Yong
The Role of E3 Ubiquitin Ligase Cbl Proteins in β-Elemene Reversing Multi-Drug Resistance of Human Gastric Adenocarcinoma Cells

Author(s): Ye Zhang | Xiao-Dong Mu | En-Zhe Li | Ying Luo | Na Song | Xiu-Juan Qu | Xue-Jun Hu | Yun-Peng Liu
A Shark Liver Gene-Derived Active Peptide Expressed in the Silkworm, Bombyx mori: Preliminary Studies for Oral Administration of the Recombinant Protein

Author(s): Yunlong Liu | Ying Chen | Jianqing Chen | Wenping Zhang | Qing Sheng | Jian Chen | Wei Yu | Zuoming Nie | Yaozhou Zhang | Wutong Wu | Lisha Wang | Inthrani Raja Indran | Jun Li | Lian Qian | Zhengbing Lv
The clinical features, therapeutic responses, and prognosis of the patients with mantle cell lymphoma

Author(s): Zhi-Tao Ying | Wen Zheng | Xiao-Pei Wang | Yan Xie | Mei-Feng Tu | Ning-Jing Lin | Ling-Yan Ping | Wei-Ping Liu | Li-Juan Deng | Chen Zhang | Jun Zhu | Yu-Qin Song
Locoregional extension patterns of nasopharyngeal carcinoma and suggestions for clinical target volume delineation

Author(s): Wen-Fei Li | Ying Sun | Mo Chen | Ling-Long Tang | Li-Zhi Liu | Yan-Ping Mao | Lei Chen | Guan-Qun Zhou | Li Li | Jun Ma
Suppressing tumor growth of nasopharyngeal carcinoma by hTERTC27 polypeptide delivered through adeno-associated virus plus adenovirus vector cocktail

Author(s): Xiong Liu | Xiang-Ping Li | Ying Peng | Samuel S. Ng | Hong Yao | Zi-Feng Wang | Xiao-Mei Wang | Hsiang-Fu Kung | Marie C.M. Lin
L428 cell morphophenotypic changes induced by CD99 overexpression via NF-κB inactivation

Author(s): Zuoping Huang | Feng Li | BinXin Zhou | Ying Liu | Xin Qian | Xiao Liu | Xingjing Liu
Diketopiperazine Derivatives from the Marine-Derived Actinomycete Streptomyces sp. FXJ7.328

Author(s): Pei Wang | Lijun Xi | Peipei Liu | Yi Wang | Wei Wang | Ying Huang | Weiming Zhu
L428 cell morphophenotypic changes induced by CD99 overexpression via NF-κB inactivation

Author(s): Zuoping Huang | Feng Li | BinXin Zhou | Ying Liu | Xin Qian | Xiao Liu | Xingjing Liu
Distributed Access Control Based on Proxy Signature in M2M Sensor Networks

Author(s): Lingyu Lee | Yunsheng Zhang | Ying Jiang | Yingli Liu
A Night Time Application for a Real-Time Vehicle Detection Algorithm Based on Computer Vision

Author(s): Shifu Zhou | Jianxiong Li | Zhenqian Shen | Liu Ying
Triptolide Prevents Bone Destruction in the Collagen-Induced Arthritis Model of Rheumatoid Arthritis by Targeting RANKL/RANK/OPG Signal Pathway

Author(s): Chunfang Liu | Yanqiong Zhang | Xiangying Kong | Liuluan Zhu | Jian Pang | Ying Xu | Weiheng Chen | Hongsheng Zhan | Aiping Lu | Na Lin
Saikosaponin-d Enhances the Anticancer Potency of TNF- via Overcoming Its Undesirable Response of Activating NF-Kappa B Signalling in Cancer Cells

Author(s): Vincent Kam Wai Wong | Molly Miao Zhang | Hua Zhou | Kelly Yin Ching Lam | Po Ling Chan | Carmen Ka Man Law | Patrick Ying Kit Yue | Liang Liu
Multicenter case-control study of the risk factors for ulcerative colitis in China

Author(s): Yu-Fang Wang | Qin Ou-yang | Bing Xia | Li-Na Liu | Fang Gu | Kai-Fang Zhou | Qiao Mei | Rui-Hua Shi | Zhi-Hua Ran | Xiao-Di Wang | Pin-Jin Hu | Kai-Chun Wu | Xin-Guang Liu | Ying-Lei Miao | Ying Han | Xiao-Ping Wu | Guo-Bing He | Jie Zhong | Guan-Jian Liu
Non-Coding RNAs as Potential Neuroprotectants against Ischemic Brain Injury

Author(s): Prameet Kaur | Fujia Liu | Jun Rong Tan | Kai Ying Lim | Sugunavathi Sepramaniam | Dwi Setyowati Karolina | Arunmozhiarasi Armugam | Kandiah Jeyaseelan
A Novel Moderate Constitutive Promoter Derived from Poplar (Populus tomentosa Carrière)

Author(s): Zhong Chen | Jia Wang | Mei-Xia Ye | Hao Li | Le-Xiang Ji | Ying Li | Dong-Qing Cui | Jun-Mei Liu | Xin-Min An
Changes of hepatic biochemical parameters and proteomics in broilers with cold-induced ascites

Author(s): Wang Yongwei | Guo Yuming | Ning Dong | Peng Yunzhi | Cai Hong | Tan Jianzhuang | Yang Ying | Liu Dan
miRNA-dysregulation associated with tenderness variation induced by acute stress in Angus cattle

Author(s): Zhao Chunping | Tian Fei | Yu Ying | Liu George | Zan Linsen | Updike M | Song Jiuzhou
Xenon preconditioning: molecular mechanisms and biological effects

Author(s): Liu Wenwu | Liu Ying | Chen Han | Liu Kan | Tao Hengyi | Sun Xuejun
Hydrogen saline offers neuroprotection by reducing oxidative stress in a focal cerebral ischemia-reperfusion rat model

Author(s): Liu Ying | Liu Wenwu | Sun Xuejun | Li Runping | Sun Qiang | Cai Jianmei | Kang Zhimin | Lv Shijun | Zhang John H | Zhang Wei
Alpha B-crystallin is a new prognostic marker for laryngeal squamous cell carcinoma

Author(s): Mao Yuan | Zhang Da-Wei | Lin Hong | Xiong Lin | Liu Ying | Li Qing-Dong | Ma Jun | Cao Qing | Chen Ren-Jie | Zhu Jin | Feng Zhen-Qing
Rapid genome-scale mapping of chromatin accessibility in tissue

Author(s): Grøntved Lars | Bandle Russell | John Sam | Baek Songjoon | Chung Hye-Jung | Liu Ying | Aguilera Greti | Oberholtzer Carl | Hager Gordon L | Levens David
Increased CDC20 expression is associated with pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma differentiation and progression

Author(s): Chang David Z | Ma Ying | Ji Baoan | Liu Yan | Hwu Patrick | Abbruzzese James L | Logsdon Craig | Wang Huamin
Increasing antibody yield and modulating final product quality using the FreedomTM CHO-STM production platform

Author(s): Sabourin Michelle | Huang Ying | Dhulipala Prasad | Beatty Shannon | Liu Jian | Slade Peter | Barrett Shawn | Wang Shue-Yuan | Winkler Karsten | Seitz Susanne | Rose Thomas | Sandig Volker | Lio Peggy | Gorfien Steve | Donahue-Hjelle Laurie | Piras Graziella
The Embedded Information Acquisition System of Forest Resource

Author(s): Ying Liu | Yantao Zhu | Yurong Li | Chao Ni
Combining Bevacizumab with Endostatin Gets Better Antitumor Efficacy in Vivo 
in Lung Cancer Animal Model

Author(s): Niu NIU | Baolan LI | Chaoyang LIU | Ying HU | Xuebing LI | Jie LI | Heling SHI | Haiqing ZHANG
Meta-Analysis: The Efficacy and Safety of Paricalcitol for the Treatment of Secondary Hyperparathyroidism and Proteinuria in Chronic Kidney Disease

Author(s): Tianzhao Han | Gong Rong | Dayong Quan | Ying Shu | Zhu Liang | Ninglan She | Manli Liu | Bing Yang | Gong Cheng | Yongman Lv | Leonard Stern
Preparation and Evaluation of Intravaginal Ring Containing Drospirenone

Author(s): Ying Zhang | Chun-Xiao Li | Mei-Ying Ning | Xue-Yan Duan | Ying Liu
Temporal and Spatial Expression of the Pax-7 Gene During ChickenEmbryo and Postnatal Development

Author(s): Chang Guobin | Liu Xiangping | Liao Jing | Chen Rong | Luan Deqin | Zhang Ying | Dai Aiqing | Ma Teng | Zhou Wei | Wang Kehua | Chen Guohong
Expression of a Functional Recombinant Human Basic Fibroblast Growth Factor from Transgenic Rice Seeds

Author(s): Na An | Jiquan Ou | Daiming Jiang | Liping Zhang | Jingru Liu | Kai Fu | Ying Dai | Daichang Yang
3D LIDAR-Camera Extrinsic Calibration Using an Arbitrary Trihedron

Author(s): Xiaojin Gong | Ying Lin | Jilin Liu
Non-Starch Polysaccharides (NSP) Enzyme Improves the Nutrient Digestibility of Weaned Piglet Fed a Cottonseed Meal-Based Diets

Author(s): Wang Shengping | Jun Fang | Tang Xiangshan | Wang Jie | Zhichun Zhan | Ying Zhou | Xiaosong Wu | Dingding Su | Gang Liu | Jiannan Ding | Lichuang Cai
The Expression Analysis of Ghrelin and Growth Hormone Secretagogue Receptor in Mouse Thymic Epithelial Cells

Author(s): Jian-Hong Liu | Yong-Jiang Ma | Ying Li | Hai-Bin Peng | Dao-Tong Li | Yuan Zhan | Yu-Gu Li
The 36-Item Short Form Health Survey: Reliability and Validity in Chinese Medical Students

Author(s): Yang Zhang, Bo QU, Shi-si Lun, Ying Guo, Jie Liu
Lifetime Maximization Algorithm for Chain Wireless Sensor Networks

Author(s): Yourong Chen | Tiaojuan Ren | Yaolin Liu | Ying Zhou
Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicines for Treating HIV Infections and AIDS

Author(s): Wen Zou | Ying Liu | Jian Wang | Hongjuan Li | Xing Liao
Genetic variation in rusty-necklaced partridge (Alectoris magna) detected by mitochondrial DNA

Author(s): Rong Zhou | Jiaqi Li | You Li | Naifa Liu | Fengjie Fang | Limin Shi | Ying Wang
Isolation, Characterization, and Bioactivity Evaluation of 3-((6-Methylpyrazin-2-yl)methyl)-1H-indole, a New Alkaloid from a Deep-Sea-Derived Actinomycete Serinicoccus profundi sp. nov.

Author(s): Xian-Wen Yang | Gai-Yun Zhang | Jian-Xi Ying | Bing Yang | Xue-Feng Zhou | Andre Steinmetz | Yong-Hong Liu | Ning Wang
Hepatic focal nodular hyperplasia in children: Imaging features on multi-slice computed tomography

Author(s): Qing-Yu Liu | Wei-Dong Zhang | Dong-Ming Lai | Ying Ou-yang | Ming Gao | Xiao-Feng Lin
Proteomic Analysis Reveals the Deregulation of Inflammation-Related Proteins in Acupuncture-Treated Rats with Asthma Onset

Author(s): Yu-Dong Xu | Jian-Mei Cui | Yu Wang | Lei-Miao Yin | Chang-Ke Gao | Xiao-Yan Liu | Ying Wei | Yan-Yan Liu | Yong-Liang Jiang | Chun-Xiao Shan | Yong-Qing Yang
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