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The skin prick test – European standards

Author(s): Heinzerling Lucie | Mari Adriano | Bergmann Karl-Christian | Bresciani Megon | Burbach Guido | Darsow Ulf | Durham Stephen | Fokkens Wytske | Gjomarkaj Mark | Haahtela Tari | Bom Ana Todo | Wöhrl Stefan | Maibach Howard | Lockey Richard
Checklist Model to Improve Work Practices in Small-Scale Demolition Operations with Silica Dust Exposures

Author(s): Custodio Muianga | Carol Rice | Thomas Lentz | James Lockey | Richard Niemeier | Paul Succop
Modulation of lung inflammation by vessel dilator in a mouse model of allergic asthma

Author(s): Wang Xiaoqin | Xu Weidong | Kong Xiaoyuan | Chen Dongqing | Hellermann Gary | Ahlert Terry | Giaimo Joseph | Cormier Stephania | Li Xu | Lockey Richard | Mohapatra Subhra | Mohapatra Shyam
Prevention of airway inflammation with topical cream containing imiquimod and small interfering RNA for natriuretic peptide receptor

Author(s): Wang Xiaoqin | Xu Weidong | Mohapatra Subhra | Kong Xiaoyuan | Li Xu | Lockey Richard | Mohapatra Shyam
Experimental transmission of atypical scrapie to sheep

Author(s): Simmons Marion | Konold Timm | Simmons Hugh | Spencer Yvonne | Lockey Richard | Spiropoulos John | Everitt Sharon | Clifford Derek
Respiratory syncytial virus infection in Fischer 344 rats is attenuated by short interfering RNA against the RSV-NS1 gene

Author(s): Kong Xiaoyuan | Zhang Weidong | Lockey Richard | Auais Alexander | Piedimonte Giovanni | Mohapatra Shyam
Different prion disease phenotypes result from inoculation of cattle with two temporally separated sources of sheep scrapie from Great Britain

Author(s): Konold Timm | Lee Yoon | Stack Michael | Horrocks Claire | Green Robert | Chaplin Melanie | Simmons Marion | Hawkins Steve | Lockey Richard | Spiropoulos John | Wilesmith John | Wells Gerald
Thiolated chitosan nanoparticles enhance anti-inflammatory effects of intranasally delivered theophylline

Author(s): Lee Dong-Won | Shirley Shawna | Lockey Richard | Mohapatra Shyam
Combined fluticasone propionate and salmeterol reduces RSV infection more effectively than either of them alone in allergen-sensitized mice

Author(s): Singam Rajeswari | Jena Prasanna | Behera Sumita | Hellermann Gary | Lockey Richard | Ledford Dennis | Mohapatra Shyam
An immunocompromised BALB/c mouse model for respiratory syncytial virus infection

Author(s): Kong Xiaoyuan | Hellermann Gary | Patton Geoff | Kumar Mukesh | Behera Aruna | Randall Timothy | Zhang Jian | Lockey Richard | Mohapatra Shyam
Attenuation of dengue virus infection by adeno-associated virus-mediated siRNA delivery

Author(s): Zhang Weidong | Singam Rajeswari | Hellermann Gary | Kong Xiaoyuan | Juan Homero | Lockey Richard | Wu Shuen-Ju | Porter Kevin | Mohapatra Shyam
Mechanism of cigarette smoke condensate-induced acute inflammatory response in human bronchial epithelial cells

Author(s): Hellermann Gary | Nagy Szilvia | Kong Xiaoyuan | Lockey Richard | Mohapatra Shyam
Chitosan IFN-γ-pDNA Nanoparticle (CIN) Therapy for Allergic Asthma

Author(s): Kumar Mukesh | Kong Xiaoyuan | Behera Aruna | Hellermann Gary | Lockey Richard | Mohapatra Shyam
Mite and cockroach proteases activate p44/p42 MAP kinases in human lung epithelial cells

Author(s): Kuderer Nicole | San-Juan-Vergara Homero | Kong Xiaoyuan | Esch Robert | Lockey Richard | Mohapatra Shyam
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