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Cardiac beta-defensins upregulate with a high fat diet and influence monocyte migration

Author(s): Annika Linde | Christopher Ross | Frank Blecha | Gerald H. Lushington | Tonatiuh Melgarejo
Rat Cardiomyocytes Express a Classical Epithelial Beta-Defensin

Author(s): Annika Linde | Gerald H. Lushington | Frank Blecha | Tonatiuh Melgarejo
Exploring chemical diversity via a modular reaction pairing strategy

Author(s): Joanna K. Loh | Sun Young Yoon | Thiwanka B. Samarakoon | Alan Rolfe | Patrick Porubsky | Benjamin Neuenswander | Gerald H. Lushington | Paul R. Hanson
A filter-based feature selection approach for identifying potential biomarkers for lung cancer

Author(s): Lee In-Hee | Lushington Gerald H | Visvanathan Mahesh
The BioAssay network and its implications to future therapeutic discovery

Author(s): Zhang Jintao | Lushington Gerald | Huan Jun
Bioinformatics process management: information flow via a computational journal

Author(s): Feagan Lance | Rohrer Justin | Garrett Alexander | Amthauer Heather | Komp Ed | Johnson David | Hock Adam | Clark Terry | Lushington Gerald | Minden Gary | Frost Victor
Discover protein sequence signatures from protein-protein interaction data

Author(s): Fang Jianwen | Haasl Ryan | Dong Yinghua | Lushington Gerald
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