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Author(s): Lutsenko Ekaterina Leonidovna | Yefimov Darya Vladimirovna
Double power-law spectra of energetic electrons in the Earth magnetotail

Author(s): A. V. Artemyev | M. Hoshino | V. N. Lutsenko | A. A. Petrukovich | S. Imada | L. M. Zelenyi
Ion resonance acceleration by dipolarization fronts: analytic theory and spacecraft observation

Author(s): A. V. Artemyev | V. N. Lutsenko | A. A. Petrukovich
Super fast plasma streams as drivers of transient and anomalous magnetospheric dynamics

Author(s): S. Savin | E. Amata | L. Zelenyi | V. Lutsenko | J. Safrankova | Z. Nemecek | N. Borodkova | J. Buechner | P. W. Daly | E. A. Kronberg | J. Blecki | V. Budaev | L. Kozak | A. Skalsky | L. Lezhen
Maintenance of Required Mechanical Properties of Sheets with the Use of Rolling Heat

Author(s): I. E. Davydov | I. V. Rakova | M. B. Lutskiy | V. A. Lutsenko | P. V. Borovik
Investigation of Structure Formation Features in Cr-Mo Steel Bar Section in The Process of Energy-Saving Heat Treatment

Author(s): V. A. Lutsenko | T. N. Golubenko | M. F. Evsyukov | N. I. Anelkin | V. I. Shcherbakov
Plasma sheet fast flows and auroral dynamics during substorm: a case study

Author(s): N. L. Borodkova | A. G. Yahnin | K. Liou | J.-A. Sauvaud | A. O. Fedorov | V. N. Lutsenko | M. N. Nozdrachev | A. A. Lyubchich
Correlated Interball/ground-based observations of isolated substorm: The pseudobreakup phase

Author(s): A. G. Yahnin | V. A. Sergeev | T. Bösinger | T. I. Sergienko | I. A. Kornilov | N. L. Borodkova | M. F. Thomsen | R. D. Belian | J.-A. Sauvaud | V. N. Lutsenko | A. A. Skalsky
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