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Genotypic characterisation and cluster analysis of Campylobacter jejuni isolates from domestic pets, human clinical cases and retail food

Author(s): Acke Els | Carroll Cyril | O'Leary Aoife | McGill Kevina | Kelly Lorraine | Lawlor Amanda | Madden Robert H | Moran Lynn | Scates Pam | McNamara Eleanor | Moore John E | Jones Boyd R | Fanning Seamus | Whyte Paul
Exon expression in lymphoblastoid cell lines from subjects with schizophrenia before and after glucose deprivation

Author(s): Martin Maureen V | Rollins Brandi | Sequeira P Adolfo | Mesén Andrea | Byerley William | Stein Richard | Moon Emily A | Akil Huda | Jones Edward G | Watson Stanley J | Barchas Jack | DeLisi Lynn E | Myers Richard M | Schatzberg Alan | Bunney William E | Vawter Marquis P
Haida Marine Planning: First Nations as a Partner in Marine Conservation

Author(s): Russ Jones | Catherine Rigg | Lynn Lee
Book Reviews

Author(s): Matthew Amster | Jérôme Rousseau | Atsushi Ota | Johan Talens | Wanda Avé | Johannes Salilah | Peter Boomgaard | Sandra Pannell | H.J.M. Claessen | Geoffrey M. White | H.J.M. Claessen | Judith Huntsman | Hans Gooszen | Gavin W. Jones | Rens Heringa | Ruth Barnes | Rens Heringa | John Guy | H.M.J. Maier | David T. Hill | John N. Miksic | Helena A. van Bemmel | Remco Raben | Paul van Beckum | Cornelia M.J. van der Sluys | Colin Nicholas | David Stuart-Fox | Herman C. Kemp | Sikko Visscher | Lynn Pan | Sikko Visscher | Jurgen Rudolph | Edwin Wieringa | Perry Moree | Edwin Wieringa | Monique Zaini-Lajoubert
Optimization of Color Conversion for Face Recognition

Author(s): Jones Creed F | Abbott A Lynn
ColonyTrak: a web tool and database system for managing experimental animal models

Author(s): Vadlamudi Laasya | Jones Lynn | Homayouni Ramin
Optimization of Color Conversion for Face Recognition

Author(s): A. Lynn Abbott | Creed F. Jones III
PIN-G – A novel reporter for imaging and defining the effects of trafficking signals in membrane proteins

Author(s): McKeown Lynn | Robinson Philip | Greenwood Sam | Hu Weiwen | Jones Owen
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