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A Troubled Geostrategic Marriage: US-Pakistan Relations

Author(s): Dan Barak | Einav Yogev | Yoram Schweitzer
Detailed Analysis of Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma Patients: A Single-Center, Retrospective Study

Author(s): Murat Ozbalak | M. Cem Ar | Nukhet Tuzuner | Ayse Salihoglu | A. Emre Eskazan | Seniz Ongoren Aydin | Zafer Baslar | Teoman Soysal | Yildiz Aydin | Anil Barak Dolgun | Onder Ergonul | Burhan Ferhanoglu
Reproductive concerns of children and adolescents with cancer: challenges and potential solutions

Author(s): Stern C | Conyers R | Orme LM | Barak S | Agresta F | Seymour J
Size of Metastatic Lymph Nodes

Author(s): L. Uriev | I. Maslovsky | F. Barak | D. Ben-Dor
Trans-arterial chemo-embolization is safe and effective for very elderly patients with hepatocellular carcinoma

Author(s): Matan J Cohen | Allan I Bloom | Orly Barak | Alexander Klimov | Tova Nesher | Daniel Shouval | Izhar Levi | Oren Shibolet
Chondrolysis of the Hip following Septic Arthritis: A Rare Complication of Magnetic Resonance Arthrography

Author(s): Barak Haviv | Rafael Thein | Alon Burg | Snir Heller | Shlomo Bronak | Steven Velkes
Paradigmatic status of an endo- and exoglucanase and its effect on crystalline cellulose degradation

Author(s): Moraïs Sarah | Barak Yoav | Lamed Raphael | Wilson David B | Xu Qi | Himmel Michael E | Bayer Edward A
Bank Branch Grouping Strategy, an Unusual DEA Application

Author(s): Barak Edelstein | Joseph C. Paradi | Adria Wu | Petty Yom
Study of the Effectiveness of Social Skills Training on Social and Emotional Competence among Students with Mathematics Learning Disorder

Author(s): Sevil Momeni | Manoucher Barak | Reza Kazemi | Abbas Abolghasemi | Masoud Babaei | Frahnaz Ezati
The Role of Lipid Domains in Bacterial Cell Processes

Author(s): Imrich Barák | Katarína Muchová
Cost Analysis of Fuzzy Queuing Systems

Author(s): S. Barak | M. S. Fallahnezhad
Protein-Loosing Entropathy Induced by Unique Combination of CMV and HP in an Immunocompetent Patient

Author(s): S. Chen | G. Lalazar | O. Barak | T. Adar | V. Doviner | M. Mizrahi

Author(s): Dr. Yudhvir Singh | Vikas Siwach | Priyanka Makkar | Dheer Dhwaj Barak

Author(s): Dr. Yudhvir Singh | Dheer Dhwaj Barak | Vikas Siwach | Prabha Rani

Author(s): Vikas Siwach | Dr. Yudhvir Singh | Deer Dwaj Barak | Seema
Investigation of Natural Effective Gamma Dose Rates Case Study: Ardebil Province in Iran

Author(s): Sadegh Hazrati | Abbas Naghizadeh Baghi | Hadi Sadeghi | Manouchehr Barak | Sahar Zivari | Soheila Rahimzadeh
Change in Precipitation and Temperature Amounts over Three Decades in Central Anatolia, Turkey

Author(s): Türkan Bayer Altın | Belma Barak | Bekir Necati Altın
Predictors for Adverse Outcome in Patients Aged 80 Years and Older Undergoing Emergent Hip Surgery

Author(s): Eli Peled | Michal Barak | Yaniv Keren | Michael Soudry | Doron Norman
Reduced Risk of Cancer in Patients with Bipolar Affective Disorder

Author(s): Eyal Rosenshfir | Pnina Shemesh | Dov Aizenberg | Yoram Barak
Referral Criteria from Community Clinics to Pediatric Emergency Departments

Author(s): Jacob Urkin | Ilan Segal | Nurit Barak | Joseph Press
Change in Precipitation and Temperature Amounts over Three Decades in Central Anatolia, Turkey

Author(s): Bekir Necati Altın | Belma Barak | Türkan Bayer Altın
Serum CEACAM1 Correlates with Disease Progression and Survival in Malignant Melanoma Patients

Author(s): Sapoznik Sivan | Faranesh Suzan | Ortenberg Rona | Hamburger Tamar | Barak Vivian | Peretz Tamar | Schachter Jacob | Markel Gal | Lotem Michal
Tyrosine kinase inhibitors induced immune thrombocytopenia in chronic myeloid leukemia?

Author(s): Avital F. Barak | Lilach Bonstein | Roy Lauterbach | Elizabeth Naparstek | Sigal Tavor
PPAR Signaling in Placental Development and Function

Author(s): Yaacov Barak | Yoel Sadovsky | Tali Shalom-Barak
Tetrodotoxin-Bupivacaine-Epinephrine Combinations for Prolonged Local Anesthesia

Author(s): Charles B. Berde | Umeshkumar Athiraman | Barak Yahalom | David Zurakowski | Gabriel Corfas | Christina Bognet

Author(s): Nelson DA | Ruf A | Oaknin J | Burgansky-Eliash Z | Barash H | Izhaky D | Loewenstein A | Barak A | Bartov E | Rock T | Grinvald A
High-resolution wide-field imaging of perfused capillaries without the use of contrast agent

Author(s): Nelson DA | Burgansky-Eliash Z | Barash H | Loewenstein A | Barak A | Bartov E | Rock T | Grinvald A
Evaluating Academia.

Author(s): Barak Kalir | Pál Nyíri
Herbal flavonoids inhibit the development of autoimmune diabetes in NOD mice: proposed mechanisms of action in the example of PADMA 28

Author(s): Lola Weiss | Vivian Barak | Itamar Raz | Reuven Or | Shimon Slavin | Isaac Ginsburg

Author(s): Otto F. Barak | Zoran B. Ovcin | Djordje G. Jakovljevic | Zagorka Lozanov-Crvenkovic | David A. Brodie | Nikola G. Grujic
The Molecular Basis of PPAR Function

Author(s): Yaacov Barak | Chih-Hao Lee
Vascular Endothelial Growth Factors (VEGF) As a Major Parameter For Diagnosis and Follow up of a Patient With POEMS Syndrome

Author(s): Neta GOLDSCHMIDT | Ami VERBER | Tzahi NEUMAN | Inna KALIKHMAN | Vivian BARAK
Peculiarities of the autonomic balance assessed through heart rate variability analysis in sportsmen and nonsportsmen

Author(s): Barak Oto F. | Glazačev Oleg S. | Dudnik Helena N. | Korobeinikova Irina I. | Klašnja Aleksandar V. | Grujić Nikola G.
Follow up of some anthropometric and ergometric parameters during 8 week resistance training

Author(s): Drapšin Miodrag | Barak Otto | Popadić-Gaćeša Jelena | Klašnja Aleksandar | Naumović Nada | Grujić Nikola
Application of modified Wingate anaerobic test in maximal power measurement

Author(s): Popadić-Gaćeša Jelena | Karaba-Jakovljević Dea | Barak Otto | Drapšin Miodrag
Event-related potentials following exercise bouts of different intensity

Author(s): Barak Otto | Ivetić Vesna | Filipović Danka | Naumović Nada | Lukač Damir | Drapšin Miodrag | Karaba-Jakovljević Dea | Popadić-Gaćeša Jelena | Klašnja Aleksandar | Grujić Nikola
Motivation and motoric tests in sports

Author(s): Karaba-Jakovljević Dea | Popadić-Gaćeša Jelena | Grujić Nikola | Barak Otto | Drapšin Miodrag
Burns Comprising 3/4th of Home Injuries in Pre-school Children of the Rural Areas of Ardabil Province, Iran

Author(s): S. Arshi | H. Sadeghi-bazargani | R. Mohammadi | M. Soltan Mohammad Zadeh | A. Rouhi | M. Barak
Relationships Between Anthropometrical Indices and Socio-Economic Differences for Children at 6 Years Old Living in Urban Areas of Ardebil, Iran

Author(s): A. Nemati | M Barak | A. Naghizadeh Baghi | N. Abbasgholizadeh | F. Homapour | S. Hazrati | V. Sepehram | B. Shakiba
Role of nitric oxide in Salmonella typhimurium-mediated cancer cell killing

Author(s): Barak Yoram | Schreiber Frank | Thorne Steve | Contag Christopher | deBeer Dirk | Matin A

Author(s): Otto F. Barak | Djordje G. Jakovljevic | Jelena Z. Popadic Gacesa | Zoran B. Ovcin | David A. Brodie | Nikola G. Grujic
A Bagging Method using Decision Trees in the Role of Base Classifiers

Author(s): Kristína Machová | František Barčák | Peter Bednár
Cytokines levels, Severity of acute mucositis and the need of PEG tube installation during chemo-radiation for head and neck cancer - a prospective pilot study

Author(s): Meirovitz Amichay | Kuten Michal | Billan Salem | Abdah-Bortnyak Roxolyana | Sharon Anat | Peretz Tamar | Sela Mordechai | Schaffer Moshe | Barak Vivian
Research Education: Perspectives and subjective processes involved in educational research

Author(s): Harm H. Tillema | Juan José Mena Marcos | Lily Orland Barak
Maxillofacial trauma patient: coping with the difficult airway

Author(s): Krausz Amir | el-Naaj Imad | Barak Michal
Relation Between Iron Deficiency and Anemia Whit School Success, Weight and Height in Schoolgirls Aged 12 Year Old in Ardebil Province of Iran, 2005

Author(s): A. Nemati | M. Barak | M.H. Dehgan | H. Alimohammadi | G.H. Ettehad | Naghizadehbaghi | J. Arvin | R. AliPanah Mogadam | N. Abbasgholizade
Antibacterial Effects of Zataria Multiflora Boiss (Shiraz oregano essence) on Enterobacteriacea Species

Author(s): N. Abbasgholizadeh | G.H. Ettehad | R. Arab | A. Nemati | M. Barak | A. Pirzadeh | M. Zarei
Towards the development of Bacillus subtilis as a cell factory for membrane proteins and protein complexes

Author(s): Zweers Jessica | Barák Imrich | Becher Dörte | Driessen Arnold | Hecker Michael | Kontinen Vesa | Saller Manfred | Vavrová L'udmila | van Dijl Jan
PPAR Signaling in Placental Development and Function

Author(s): Yaacov Barak | Yoel Sadovsky | Tali Shalom-Barak
Tampering by office-based methadone maintenance patients with methadone take home privileges: a pilot study

Author(s): Varenbut Michael | Teplin David | Daiter Jeff | Raz Barak | Worster Andrew | Emadi-Konjin Pasha | Frank Nathan | Konyer Alan | Greenwald Iris | Snider-Adler Melissa
A cis-regulatory logic simulator

Author(s): Zeigler Robert | Gertz Jason | Cohen Barak
Phylogeny based discovery of regulatory elements

Author(s): Gertz Jason | Fay Justin | Cohen Barak
Patterns of antidepressants prescribing and suicide Israel

Author(s): Barak Yoram | Aizenberg Dov
Dopamine-independent locomotor actions of amphetamines in a novel acute mouse model of Parkinson disease.

Author(s): Sotnikova Tatyana D | Beaulieu Jean-Martin | Barak Larry S | Wetsel William C | Caron Marc G | Gainetdinov Raul R
Methacholine bronchial provocation measured by spirometry versus wheeze detection in preschool children

Author(s): Bentur Lea | Beck Raphael | Elias Nael | Barak Asher | Efrati Ori | Yahav Yaacov | Vilozni Daphna

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