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Preliminary Reports on the Accuracy of Coronary CT-Angiography Using 64-slice Multi-slice Spiral CT (MSCT) in Iran

Author(s): "A. Arjmand Shabestari | M. Mozaffari | M. Tehrai | H. Baharjoo | I. Nazeri | I. Firouzi | S. Abdi | M. Hashemian | A. Zarrabi | M. Danesh Pajouh | M. Roshani | M. Kouhi | S.Z. Emami | H. Tavalla | M. Azadi "
Determination of Pb,Cd,Cr and Ni concentration in Imported Indian Rice to Iran

Author(s): M Malakootian | K Yaghmaeian | M Meserghani | A.H Mahvi | M Danesh pajouh
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