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Congenital renal anomalies detected in adulthood

Author(s): M Muttarak | T Sriburi
Paget’s disease of the breast: clinical, imaging and pathologic findings: a review of 16 patients

Author(s): M Muttarak | B Siriya | P Kongmebhol | B Chaiwun | N Sukhamwang
Mammographic and ultrasonographic features of invasive lobular carcinoma: a review of 16 patients

Author(s): M Muttarak | S Sangchan | P Kongmebhol | N Sukhamwang | B Chaiwun
Can radiographic plain film be used to determine the depth of the tumour bed in the absence of surgical clips for breast boost planning?

Author(s): I Chitapanarux | M Muttarak | W Na-Chiangmai | H Trakultivakorn | A Somwangprasert | P Kamnerdsupaphon | E Tharavichitkul | V Sukthomya | V Lorvidhaya | A Watcharawipha
Renal angiomyolipoma with bleeding

Author(s): M Muttarak | N Pattamapaspong | B Lojanapiwa | B Chaiwun
Intracystic papillary carcinoma of the breast

Author(s): M. Muttarak | A. Somwangprasert | B. Chaiwun
Necrotising epididymo-orchitis with scrotal abscess

Author(s): M. Muttarak | W. Na Chiangmai | P. Kitirattrakarn
Adrenal carcinoma

Author(s): M. Muttarak | A. Chotirosniramit | K. Unsrisong | W. Na Chiangmai
Phyllodes tumour of the breast

Author(s): M Muttarak | P. Lerttumnongtum | A Somwangjaroen | B Chaiwun
Adrenal carcinoma

Author(s): Muttarak M. | Chotirosniramit A. | Unsrisong K. | Na Chiangmai W.
Authorship and Acknowledgements

Author(s): Peh Wilfred C.G. | Muttarak Malai | Peh Wilfred CG | Muttarak Malai | Corr Peter D | Stringer David A | Ng Kwan-Hoong | Wastie Martin L | Dixon Adrian K | Lau Miranda | Dixon Adrian K | Wang Shih-Chang | Ng Kwan-Hoong | Lau Miranda | Corr Peter D | Peh Wilfred CG | Dixon Adrian K | Wastie Martin L | Cheung Humairah | Peh Wilfred CG | Adams Judith E | Stringer David A | Ng Kwan-Hoong | Adams Judith E
Phyllodes tumour of the breast

Author(s): Muttarak M. | Lerttumnongtum P. | Somwangjaroen A. | Chaiwun B.

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