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Comparison of nanocrystals from tempo oxidation of bamboo, softwood, and cotton linter fibers with ultrasonic-assisted process

Author(s): Yun Qian | Zhongyan Qin | Ngoc-Minh Vu | Guolin Tong | Y. C. Frank Chin
Investigation of Responsiveness to Thyrotropin-Releasing Hormone in Growth Hormone-Producing Pituitary Adenomas

Author(s): Sang Ouk Chin | Sang Youl Rhee | Suk Chon | You-Cheol Hwang | In-Kyung Jeong | Seungjoon Oh | Sung-Woon Kim
Effect of Jeju Water on Blood Glucose Levels in Diabetic Patients: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Author(s): Gwanpyo Koh | Dae Ho Lee | Sang Ah Lee | Eun-Kyung Kang | Okkyeong Hwang | Hyun-Jung Han | Sok Young Kim | Eun-Jin Yang | Min-Kyoung Kim | Hyoun-Jung Chin
Influence of TiO2 Nanoparticles on Enhancement of Optoelectronic Properties of PFO-Based Light Emitting Diode

Author(s): Bandar Ali Al-Asbahi | Mohammad Hafizuddin Haji Jumali | Chi Chin Yap | Muhamad Mat Salleh
Design, Synthesis and Cytotoxic Evaluation of o-Carboxamido Stilbene Analogues

Author(s): Mohamad Nurul Azmi | Mohd Fadzli Md Din | Chin Hui Kee | Munirah Suhaimi | Ang Kheng Ping | Kartini Ahmad | Mohd Azlan Nafiah | Noel F. Thomas | Khalit Mohamad | Leong Kok Hoong | Khalijah Awang
Current and future developments in the treatment of chronic wounds

Author(s): Chin KY | Anandan SM | Koshal K | Gujadhur P
Teamwork - A Success Factor of Knowledge Management for Faculty Development: A Case Study

Author(s): Johnny Chin Fui Chung | Yip Mum Wai | Dominic Lau | Ahmad Rahman Songip
Heteroaryl Chalcones: Design, Synthesis, X-ray Crystal Structures and Biological Evaluation

Author(s): C. S. Chidan Kumar | Wan-Sin Loh | Chin Wei Ooi | Ching Kheng Quah | Hoong-Kun Fun
Chinese Culture and Cancer among Malaysian Chinese Cancer Survivors

Author(s): Yew Wong Chin Vivien | A. C. Er | Noor Azlan Mohd Noor
Prognostic values of serum IP-10 and IL-17 in Patients with Pulmonary Tuberculosis

Author(s): Yung-Che Chen | Chien-Hung Chin | Shih-Feng Liu | Chao-Chien Wu | Chia-Cheng Tsen | Yi-Hsi Wang | Tung-Ying Chao | Chien-Hao Lie | Chung-Jen Chen | Chin-Chou Wang | Meng-Chih Lin
Blood Absolute T Cell Counts may Predict 2-Month Treatment Response in Patients with Pulmonary Tuberculosis

Author(s): Yung-Che Chen | Huang-Chih Chang | Chung-Jen Chen | Shih-Feng Liu | Chien-Hung Chin | Chao-Chien Wu | Tung-Ying Chao | Chien-Hao Lie | Chin-Chou Wang | Meng-Chih Lin

Impact of Interstitial Pneumonia on the Survival and Risk Factors Analysis of Patients with Hematological Malignancy

Author(s): Wei-Liang Chen | Yu-Tzu Tsao | Tsun-Hou Chang | Tsu-Yi Chao | Woei-Yau Kao | Yeu Chin Chen | Ching-Liang Ho
Antenatal anxiety in the first trimester: Risk factors and effects on anxiety and depression in the third trimester and 6-week postpartum

Author(s): Chui Yi Chan | Antoinette Marie Lee | Siu Keung Lam | Chin Peng Lee | Kwok Yin Leung | Yee Woen Koh | Catherine So Kum Tang
Effects of Environmental Water Contamination in the Reproductive System of Mice

Author(s): Paulo Augusto Amador Pereira | Ana Júlia Lichtenfels | Luiz Alberto Amador Pereira | Olaf Malm | Paulo Hilário Nascimento Saldiva | Alfésio Luís Ferreira Braga | Chin An Lin
Analysis and Performance Comparison of the Feature Vectors in Recognition of Malaysian Sign Language

Author(s): Yona Falinie A. Gaus | Farrah Wong | Renee Chin | Rosalyn R. Porle | Ali Chekima
Neutrophil transepithelial migration: role of toll-like receptors in mucosal inflammation

Author(s): Titus A Reaves | Alex C Chin | Charles A Parkos
A Case of Possible Neurosarcoidosis Presenting as Intractable Headache and Panhypopituitarism

Author(s): Jin Kyung Hwang | Joo Hee Cho | So Young Park | Jung Il Son | Uk Jo | Sang Ouk Chin | Yun Jung Lee | Moon Chan Choi | Sang Youl Rhee | Eui Jong Kim | Suk Chon
Cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome with extreme hydrophilia

Author(s): Enuh HA | Chin J | Nfonoyim J
An Android-based Remote Desktop for IOS Platforms

Author(s): Siew-Chin Chong | Boon-Keang Leong | Wee-Kiat New | Yong-Jian Chin

Author(s): Hasfalina Che Man, | Wei Hong Chin, | Maryam Rahmati Zadeh, | Mohd Rashid Mohd Yusof

Author(s): Cuixia Wang, | Yungchang F. Chin, | Guolin Tong

Author(s): Intan Syafinaz M. A. Tawakkal, | Rosnita A. Talib, | Khalina Abdan, | Chin Nyuk Ling
Aplicaciones Clínicas de la tomografía de Coherencia Óptica de Alta Resolución para el Estudio de Segmento Anterior

Author(s): Dennis E Cortés | Brett L Shapiro | Eric K Chin | John S Werner | Ellen F Redenbo | Mark J Mannis
Teenage use of public sport space in post-communist society

Author(s): Simona Ionescu | Chin Jessica | Sorinel Voicu
Wind Powered Sprinkler System

Author(s): Chin Jung Huang
Protection of Astaxanthin in Astaxanthin Nanodispersions Using Additional Antioxidants

Author(s): Navideh Anarjan | Imededdine Arbi Nehdi | Chin Ping Tan

Author(s): Rajibul Anam | Chin Kuan Ho | Tek Yong Lim

Author(s): Rajibul Anam | Chin Kuan Ho and Tek Yong Lim
Increased expression of nestin in human pterygial epithelium

Author(s): Dan Wen | Hua Wang | Boon Chin Heng | Hua Liu
Characterization of Industrial Pt-Sn/Al2O3 Catalyst and Transient Product Formations during Propane Dehydrogenation

Author(s): Ho, Kah Sing | Ean Chye, Joanna Jo | Chin, Sim Yee | Cheng, Chin Kui
Microfluidic Platform for Enzyme-Linked and Magnetic Particle-Based Immunoassay

Author(s): Nikhil Bhalla | Danny Wen Yaw Chung | Yaw-Jen Chang | Kimberly Jane S. Uy | Yi Ying Ye | Ting-Yu Chin | Hao Chun Yang | Dorota G. Pijanowska
Optimal Binary Solvent Extraction System for Phenolic Antioxidants from Mengkudu (Morinda citrifolia) Fruit

Author(s): Yin Yin Thoo | Swee Kheng Ho | Faridah Abas | Oi Ming Lai | Chun Wai Ho | Chin Ping Tan
Analysis of a Production Order Quantity Model With Declining Unit Cost

Author(s): Rod D. Raehsler | Yifan Zhao | Soong N. Sohng | Chin W. Yang | Paul Kim | Ken Hung
Viability of Escherichia coli ATCC 8739 in Nutrient Broth, Luria-Bertani Broth and Brain Heart Infusion over 11 Weeks

Author(s): Samuel Xin Zher Low | Zhen Qin Aw | Bryan Zong Lin Loo | Kun Cheng Lee | Jack Si Hao Oon | Chin How Lee | Maurice Han Tong Ling
Reduction of Saltiness and Acrylamide Levels in Palm Sugar-Like Flavouring through Buffer Modification and the Addition of Calcium Chloride

Author(s): Phui Yee Tan | Chin Ping Tan | Faridah Abas | Chun Wai Ho | Wan Aida Wan Mustapha
Nonlinear Integer Programming Transportation Models: An Alternative Solution

Author(s): Chin Wei Yang | Hui Wen Cheng | Tony R. Johns | Ken Hung
Source attributions of pollution to the Western Arctic during the NASA ARCTAS field campaign

Author(s): H. Bian | P. R. Colarco | M. Chin | G. Chen | J. M. Rodriguez | Q. Liang | D. Blake | D. A. Chu | A. da Silva | A. S. Darmenov | G. Diskin | H. E. Fuelberg | G. Huey | Y. Kondo | J. E. Nielsen | X. Pan | A. Wisthaler
Health innovation in cardiovascular diseases

Author(s): Su May Liew | Adina Abdullah | Nurdiana Abdullah | Yook Chin Chia
The Effect of Buoyancy Force in Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulation of a Two-Dimensional Continuous Ohmic Heating Process

Author(s): Elzubier A. Salih | Thomas S.Y. Choong | S. Y. Sergie | N. L. Chin | O. M. Ibrahim
Bio-oils from Pyrolysis of Oil Palm Empty Fruit Bunches

Author(s): Mohamad A. Sukiran | Chow M. Chin | Nor K.A. Bakar
Impact of Four Wave Mixing (FWM) in Routing and Wavelength Assignment

Author(s): Tan S. Chin | F. M. Abbou | Ewe H. Tat
Design and Development of Decision Making System Using Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process

Author(s): Chin W. Cheong | Lee H. Jie | Mak C. Meng | Amy L.H. Lan
Tax Exportability in Tourism Market

Author(s): Mohammad Mohebi | Khalid A. Rahim | Lee Chin | Khairil W. Awang
Firm's Environmental Performance: A Review of Their Determinants

Author(s): Amir H.M. Hojat | Khalid A. Rahim | Lee Chin
Announcements Effect of Corporate Bond Issuance and Its Determinants

Author(s): Sze Kim Chin | Nur Adiana Hiau Abdullah
Isolation and Enhancement of a Homogenous in Vitro Human Hertwig’s Epithelial Root Sheath Cell Population

Author(s): Manal Farea | Ahmad Sukari Halim | Nurul Asma Abdullah | Chin Keong Lim | Khairani Idah Mokhtar | Zurairah Berahim | Kasmawati Mokhtar | Abdul Qawee Rani | Adam Husein
Surface Acoustic Wave Devices for Harsh Environment Wireless Sensing

Author(s): David W. Greve | Tao-Lun Chin | Peng Zheng | Paul Ohodnicki | John Baltrus | Irving J. Oppenheim
Single Channel Source Separation Using Filterbank and 2D Sparse Matrix Factorization

Author(s): Xiangying Lu | Bin Gao | Li Chin Khor | Wai Lok Woo | Satnam Dlay | Wingkuen Ling | Cheng S. Chin
Gradual and Step-wise Halophilization Enables Escherichia coli ATCC 8739 to Adapt to 11%NaCl

Author(s): Desmond JW Goh | Jian Ann How | Joshua ZR Lim | Wei Chuan Ng | Jack SH Oon | Kun Cheng Lee | Chin How Lee | Maurice HT Ling
Balanitis in Down syndrome-A case from Malaysia

Author(s): Ching Siew Mooi | Chia Yook Chin
Lovastatin in Aspergillus terreus: Fermented Rice Straw Extracts Interferes with Methane Production and Gene Expression in Methanobrevibacter smithii

Author(s): Mohammad Faseleh Jahromi | Juan Boo Liang | Yin Wan Ho | Rosfarizan Mohamad | Yong Meng Goh | Parisa Shokryazdan | James Chin
A Novel, Homozygous c.1502T>G (p.Val501Gly) Mutation in the Thyroid peroxidase Gene in Malaysian Sisters with Congenital Hypothyroidism and Multinodular Goiter

Author(s): Ching Chin Lee | Fatimah Harun | Muhammad Yazid Jalaludin | Choon Han Heh | Rozana Othman | Sarni Mat Junit
Enhancing the Implementation of Telecommuting (Work from Home) in Malaysia

Author(s): Boon Heng Teh | Patrick Chin Hooi | Yin Lee Loh | Tze San Ong | Yong Hoe Hong
Energy consumption during prosthetic walking and physical fitness in older hip disarticulation amputees

Author(s): Takaaki Chin, MD | Ryosuke Kuroda, MD | Toshihiro Akisue, MD | Tetsuhiro Iguchi, MD | Masahiro ­Kurosaka, MD
Cytogenetic Profile of de novo Acute Myeloid Leukemia Patients in Malaysia

Author(s): Chin Yuet Meng | Puteri J. Noor | Azli Ismail | Mohd Fadly Md Ahid | Zubaidah Zakaria
Effect of Using Agro-fertilizers and N-fixing Azotobacter Enhanced Biofertilizers on the Growth and Yield of Corn

Author(s): S.H. Peng | W.M. Wan-Azha | W.Z. Wong | W.Z. Go | E.W. Chai | K.L. Chin | P.S. H`ng
Scalp Free Flap Reconstruction Using Anterolateral

Author(s): Jun Hyung Park | Kyung Hee Min | Suk Chan Eun | Jong Hoon Lee | Sung Hee Hong | Chin Whan Kim
Wind Powered Sprinkler System

Author(s): Chin Jung Huang
A Scalable and Privacy-Aware Location-Sensing Model for Ephemeral Social Network Service

Author(s): Yongqiang Lyu | Dezhi Hong | Ying Wang | Yinghong Hou | Zhengwen Yang | Yu Chen | Yuanchun Shi | Alvin Chin
Innovative VAD Based on Horizontal Spectral Entropy with Long-Span of Time

Author(s): Kun-Ching Wang | Chiun-Li Chin | Chun-Ming Wang
Effect of land cover on atmospheric processes and air quality over the continental United States – a NASA unified WRF (NU-WRF) model study

Author(s): Z. Tao | J. A. Santanello | M. Chin | S. Zhou | Q. Tan | E. M. Kemp | C. D. Peters-Lidard
HIV/AIDS-Related Knowledge Among Malaysian Young Adults: Findings From a Nationwide Survey

Author(s): Wong Li-Ping | Chin Caroline-Kwong | Low Wah-Yun | Jaafar Nasruddin

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