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Diferencias en el desempeño en pruebas de software visual en función del género. Un estudio con jugadores y jugadoras de baloncesto de 13 años

Author(s): Juan Granda Vera | u00C1ngel Mingorance Estrada | Josu00E9 Carlos Barbero u00C1lvarez | Ma Teresa Reyes Domu00EDnguez | Dionisio Hinojo Su00E1nchez | Nordin Mohamed Maanan
Vitamin D supplementation and the risk of infections in fullterm infants: Correlations with the maternal serum vitamin D

Author(s): Vitamin D supplementation and the risk of infections in fullterm infants: Correlations with the maternal serum vitamin D | Mohamed Abdel-Maaboud | Mo`men MM | Khaled A. Nasef
Serum interleukin 27: a possible biomarker of pediatric systemic lupus erythematosus

Author(s): Yehia M. El-Gamal | Dalia H. El-Ghoneimy | Dina A. Soliman | Mona M. Mohamed
Health-related quality of life in childhood bronchial asthma

Author(s): Mohamed S. Al-Gewely | Mostafa El-Hosseiny | Nahla F. Abou Elezz | Dalia H. El-Ghoneimy | Azza M. Hassan
Talent Management

Author(s): Al Mutairi Aned O. | Siti Rohaida Mohamed Zainal | Al Mutairi Alya O.
Computer-assisted analysis of Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) spectra for characterization of various treated and untreated agriculture biomass

Author(s): Siong Fong Sim | Murtedza Mohamed | Nurul Aida Lu Mohd Irwan Lu | Noor Safitri P. Sarman | Siti Nor Sihariddh Samsudin
Dynamic Hydrological Modeling in Drylands with TRMM Based Rainfall

Author(s): Elena Tarnavsky | Mark Mulligan | Mohamed Ouessar | Abdoulaye Faye | Emily Black
Typical Security Measures Of Cloud Computing

Author(s): Mohamed Ashik M | Sankara Nayanan A | Nithyananda Kumari.K

Author(s): Amani Abdelrazag Elfaki | Abdelrazag Elfaki | Tahir Osman | Bunyamin Sahin | Abdelgani Elsheikh | Amira Mohamed | Anas Hamdoun | Abdelrahman Mohammed
Exposure to the Neurotoxic Dinoflagellate, Alexandrium catenella, Induces Apoptosis of the Hemocytes of the Oyster, Crassostrea gigas

Author(s): Walid Medhioub | Simon Ramondenc | Audrey Sophie Vanhove | Agnes Vergnes | Estelle Masseret | Veronique Savar | Zouher Amzil | Mohamed Laabir | Jean Luc Rolland
On lower and upper bounds for the risk in pattern recognition

Author(s): Mohamed M. Rizk | Saieed F. Ateya
Image fusion approach with noise reduction using Genetic algorithm

Author(s): Gehad Mohamed Taher | Mohamed Elsayed Wahed | Ghada El Taweal | Ahmed Fouad
Assessment of Behavior Abnormalities of Corticosteroids in Children with Nephrotic Syndrome

Author(s): Doaa Mohammed Youssef | Mohamed Mohamed Abdelsalam | Ali Mohamed Abozeid | Usama Mahmoud Youssef
An Efficient and Mild Method for the Synthesis and Hydrazinolysis of N-Glyoxylamino Acid Esters

Author(s): Ayman El-Faham | Zainab Al Marhoon | Ahmed Abdel-Megeed | Mohamed Siddiqui
Influence of Bath Composition at Acidic pH on Electrodeposition of Nickel-Layered Silicate Nanocomposites for Corrosion Protection

Author(s): Jeerapan Tientong | Casey R. Thurber | Nandika D’Souza | Adel Mohamed | Teresa D. Golden
A Facile Synthesis of Pyrido[,:3,4]pyrazolo[1,5-a]pyrimidine and Pyrido[,:3,4]pyrazolo[5,1-c][1,2,4]triazine Bearing a Thiophene Moiety

Author(s): Tilal Elsaman | Mohamed Fares | Hatem A. Abdel-Aziz | Mohamed I. Attia | Hazem A. Ghabbour | Kamal M. Dawood
Therapies for Neovascular Age-Related Macular Degeneration: Current Approaches and Pharmacologic Agents in Development

Author(s): Mostafa Hanout | Daniel Ferraz | Mehreen Ansari | Natasha Maqsood | Saleema Kherani | Yasir J. Sepah | Nithya Rajagopalan | Mohamed Ibrahim | Diana V. Do | Quan Dong Nguyen
Antiobesity Effect of Caraway Extract on Overweight and Obese Women: A Randomized, Triple-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Clinical Trial

Author(s): Mahnaz Kazemipoor | Che Wan Jasimah Bt wan Mohamed Radzi | Majid Hajifaraji | Batoul Sadat Haerian | Mohammad Hossein Mosaddegh | Geoffrey A. Cordell
Phenolic Contents and Antioxidant Potential of Crataegus Fruits Grown in Tunisia as Determined by DPPH, FRAP, and β-Carotene/Linoleic Acid Assay

Author(s): Farouk Mraihi | Mohamed Journi | Jamila Kalthoum Chérif | Munevver Sokmen | Atalay Sokmen | Malika Trabelsi-Ayadi
Recent Advances on the Use of Biochemical Extracts as Filaricidal Agents

Author(s): Nazeh M. Al-Abd | Zurainee Mohamed Nor | Abdulelah H. Al-Adhroey | Anwar Suhaimi | S. Sivanandam
Microemulsion Liquid Chromatographic Method for Simultaneous Determination of Simvastatin and Ezetimibe in Their Combined Dosage Forms

Author(s): Mohammed E. A. Hammouda | Mohamed A. Abu El-Enin | Dina T. El-Sherbiny | Dalia R. El-Wasseef | Saadia M. El-Ashry
Preparation and Characterization of a Gastric Floating Dosage Form of Capecitabine

Author(s): Ehsan Taghizadeh Davoudi | Mohamed Ibrahim Noordin | Ali Kadivar | Behnam Kamalidehghan | Abdoreza Soleimani Farjam | Hamid Akbari Javar
Parabolic Spiral Search Plan for a Randomly Located Target in the Plane

Author(s): Mohamed Beltagy | Mohamed Abd Allah El-Hadidy
Generalized Lymphadenopathy as the First Presentation of Granulocytic Sarcoma: A Diagnostic Challenge

Author(s): Ghaleb Elyamany | Mohammed Khan | Imad El Hag | Maha El-Zimaity | Mohamed Albalawi | Abdulaziz AL Abdulaaly
The Existence and Attractivity of Solutions of an Urysohn Integral Equation on an Unbounded Interval

Author(s): Mohamed Abdalla Darwish | Józef Banaś | Ebraheem O. Alzahrani
Riesz Transform on the Dual of the Laguerre Hypergroup

Author(s): Mohamed Nejib Lazhari | Taieb Ahmed
Discrete First-Order Three-Point Boundary Value Problem

Author(s): M. Mohamed | H. B. Thompson | M. S. Jusoh | K. Jusoff
Solvability of Discrete Two-point Boundary Value Problems

Author(s): M. Mohamed | H.B. Thompson | M. S. Jusoh
Vascular Development And Transition In The Seedling Of Lupinus Albus L.

Author(s): Abdel-Fattah I. El-Shaarawi | Sawsan M. Abou-Taleb | Hind S. Mohamed
Reference Values of Six-limb-lead Electrocardiogram in Conscious Labrador Retriever Dogs

Author(s): Mudasir Bashir Gugjoo | Mozammel Hoque | Abhishek Chander Saxena | Malik Mohamed Sham-Suz Zama
Support Vector Machines for Microscopic Medical Images Compression

Author(s): Chahinez Meriem Bentaouza | Mohamed Benyettou
Histological Study of the Bursa of Fabricius of Broiler Chickens During Heat Stress

Author(s): Khenenou Tarek | Melizi Mohamed | Benzaoui Hassina | Ibrir Messaouda
Use of Halfa Bar Essential Oil (HBO) as a Natural Growth Promoter in Broiler Nutrition

Author(s): O.A. Amal | A.M. Mukhtar | K.A. Mohamed | A.H. Ahlam
Effect of native soil fertility and mineral fertilizer on growth of pine seedlings in Uganda

Author(s): Samuel Lumu | Kenneth Nyombi | Aoron Swaga | Mohamed Bukenya | Hussein Balimunsi | Susan Balaba Tumwebaze
Multiple Description Coding Based on Hadamard Transform

Author(s): S. Radhakrishnan | G.Jameena | M. Mohamed Sathik
Another Method for Deriving two Results Contiguous to Kummer's Second Theorem

Author(s): Deepa Ainkooran | Mohamed M. Awad | Medhat A. Rakha
Positive solutions to a singular second order boundary value problem

Author(s): Mesliza Mohamed | Wan Ashraf Wan Azmi
Etiologies des dorsalgies non traumatiques en milieu rhumatologique en Cote d’ivoire : à propos de 67 cas vus à Abidjan

Author(s): Diomandé Mohamed | Baly Ouattara | Mariam Gbané-Koné | Kouassi Jean-Mermoze Djaha | Michel Tanoh | Marie-Thérèse Koffi | Edmond Eti | Marcel N’zué Kouakou
Effect of Acacia Seyal (Del) Seeds Powder on Growth and Yield of Sorghum Bicolor (L) in Striga Hermonthica (Del.) Infested Area

Author(s): Mohamed Tom Ahmed Eltayb | Talaat Dafalla Abdel Magid | Abdalla Gaafar Mohamed | Adil Mohamed Ali Dirar

Author(s): Elagiri Ramalingam Rajkumar | Blaise Ravelo | Mohamed Bensetti | Yang Liu | Priscilla Fernández López | Fabrice Duval | Moncef Kadi
Facies and Depositional Environments of Cretaceous Siliciclastic Sediments in Al Bauga Area, Northern Sudan.

Author(s): Hamed B. O | Elzien S.M | Mohamed A. | Mustafa A.A. | Robert Bussert
An Investigation Study of Thinning Distribution in Single Point Incremental Forming Using FEM Analysis

Author(s): Aqeel Sabree Bedan | Tahseen Fadhel Abaas | Qasim Mohamed Doss
Obstacles Avoidance for Mobile Robot Using Enhanced Artificial Potential Field

Author(s): Mustaffa Waad Abbas | Mohamed Jasim Mohamed
Mechanical Properties and Corrosion Behavior of Low Carbon Steel Weldments

Author(s): Mohamed Mahdy | Majid H. Abdulmajeed | Rana A.Majed
Stress Analysis of the Hip Bone

Author(s): Huma Mohamed Abdullah | Dr. Sadiq Jaffar Abass | Dr. Akram Abood Jaffar
Modeling of the acceptance of e-books among school teachers in Terengganu, Malaysia

Author(s): Wan Muhamad Amir W Ahmad | Nurfadhlina Binti Abdul Halim | Nor Azlida Aleng | Norizan Mohamed | Mohd Lazim Abdullah | Zalila Ali
Technical efficiency of growth and income fund in Malaysia: An application of stochastic Frontier analysis (SFA)

Author(s): Nor Azlida Aleng | Wan Muhamad Amir W Ahmad | Norizan Mohamed | Nyi Nyi Naing
Localization of fissure in water pipe in an urban network to minimize leakage

Author(s): Mohamed Karim Ettouhami | Abdellah ElGharad | Mohamed Boukalouch | Abdellah Jilbab | Hamid Mounir
Optimization of Parameters Affecting Adsorption of Nickel (II), Zinc (II) and Lead (II) on Dowex 50 W Resin Using a Response Surface Methodology Approach

Author(s): Myzairah Hamdzah | Zaini Ujang | Mohamed Mahmoud Nasef | Tony Hadibarata | Gustaf Olsson | Hashim Hassan | Nurfarhain Mohamed Rusli
Mathematical model for Quay Crane Scheduling Problem with spatial constraints

Author(s): Azza Lajjam | Mohamed El Merouani | Abdellatif Medouri | Yassine Tabaa
GA-SVM and MLP-BBO to estimate Robot Manipulator Joint Angles

Author(s): Amel SERRAT | Mohamed Benyettou
Sistem Pengurusan Islam yang Berkualiti Mampu Menjamin Kepuasan Pekerja: Suatu Realiti dan Cabaran Masa Hadapan

Author(s): Hasan Al-Banna Mohamed | Ab. Mumin Ab. Ghani | Siti Arni Basir
Gold Investment Account in Kuwait Finance House (M) Berhad and Maybank Berhad

Author(s): Syed Alwi, S. F. | Suhaimi, M. | Mohamed Kamil, M. M.
Financial Management Practices of Mosques in Malaysia

Author(s): Mohamed Azam Mohamed Adil | Zuraidah Mohd-Sanusi | Noor Azaliah Jaafar | Mohammad Mahyuddin Khalid | Asmah Abd Aziz
Evolution of Islamic Geometrical Patterns

Author(s): Mohamed Rashid Embi | Yahya Abdullahi
Air flow modeling and performance prediction of the integrated-planar solid oxide fuel cell IP-SOFC

Author(s): Mounir Hamid | Belaiche Mohamed | El Marjani Abdellatif | Mohamed Karim Ettouhami
Effectiveness of group counseling in smoking cessation program amongst adolescent smokers in Malaysia

Author(s): Rohani Ismail | Syed Mohamed A. Syed Aljunid | Khalib A. Latip | Sharifa E. W. Puteh
Impacts of Dams on The Chemical and Isotopic Properties of Damietta Branch of Nile River

Author(s): Ahmed M Elkhatat | Mosata A Sadek | Wafaa M Salem | Mohamed F ElShahat
Corncobs as a Potential Source of Functional Chemicals

Author(s): Ahmed Ashour | Mohamed Amer | Amani Marzouk | Kuniyoshi Shimizu | Ryuichiro Kondo | Saleh El-Sharkawy
Cancer Awareness among Non-medical University Students in Sudan

Author(s): Shereen Ahmed A Qalawa | Magda Aly Mohamed | Rashida Abdelfatah M Eltayb
Leiomyosarcoma of the inferior vena cava

Author(s): Ben Abid Sadri | Attaoui Mohamed Amine | Mzoughi Zeineb | Miloudi Nizar | Gharbi Lassad | Mohamed Tahar Khalfallah
Pseudotumoral autoimmune pancreatitis mimicking a pancreatic cancer: a very difficult disease to diagnose

Author(s): Sadreddine Ben Abid | Rania Hefaiedh | Sameh Zghab | Nizar Miloudi | Lassad Gharbi | Mohamed Taher Khalfallah
Pseudo-tumoral hepatic tuberculosis discovered after surgical resection

Author(s): Miloudi Nizar | Mzoughi Zeineb | Ben Abid Sadri | Sabbagh Safa | Marsaoui Lobna | Arfa Nafaa | Gharbi Lassaad | Khalfallah Mohamed Taher
Impact of cirrhosis on surgical outcome after pancreaticoduodenectomy

Author(s): Ayman El Nakeeb | Ahmad M Sultan | Tarek Salah | Mohamed El Hemaly | Emad Hamdy | Ali Salem | Ahmed Moneer | Rami Said | Ahmed AbuEleneen | Mostafa Abu Zeid | Talaat Abdallah | Mohamed Abdel Wahab
Vitrectomy in double-perforation gunshot injury

Author(s): Abd El Alim Mohamed A
Matériaux de friction : formulation simplifiée pour la compréhension du rôle des constituants et de l'impact du procédé d'élaboration

Author(s): Cristol Anne-Lise | Baklouti Mouna | Hentati Nesrine | Desplanques Yannick | Elleuch Riadh | Najjar Denis | Kchaou Mohamed
An experimental study of the effect of surface morphology on squeal occurrence

Author(s): Asano Mayu | Brunel Jean-Franç ois | Mège-Revil Alexandre | Chen Huawei | Liu Xiandong | Ichchou Mohamed | Desplanques Yannick
Hepatoprotective Role of Sodium Selenite Against Oxidative Damage Induced by Mercuric Chloride in Rat Albinos Wistar

Author(s): Youcef Necib | Ahlem Bahi | Sakina Zerizer | Cherif Abdennour | Mohamed Salah Boulakoud
Soil Contamination With Heavy Metals and Its Effect on Growth, Yield and Physiological Responses of Vegetable Crop Plants (Turnip and Lettuce)

Author(s): Raifa Ahmed Hassanein | Hanan Ahmed Hashem | Mohamed Hashem El-Deep | Ahmed Shouman
Integrating Ontologies into Distributed Multi-Agent System

Author(s): Khaoula ADDAKIRI | Mohamed BAHAJ
Effectiveness of group counseling in smoking cessation program amongst adolescent smokers in Malaysia

Author(s): Rohani Ismail | Syed Mohamed A. Syed Aljunid | Khalib A. Latip | Sharifa E. W. Puteh
A Model Driven Methodology Approach for e-Learning Platform Development

Author(s): Rachid Dehbi | Mohamed Talea | Abderahim Tragha
Intelligent Agents for the Semantic Annotation of Educational Resources

Author(s): Aziz Oriche | Abderrahman Chekry | MOHAMED KHALDI
Tibial inlay press-fit fixation versus interference screw in posterior cruciate ligament reconstruction

Author(s): Max Ettinger | Sarah Büermann | Tilman Calliess | Mohamed Omar | Christian Krettek | Christof Hurschler | Michael Jagodzinski | Maximilian Petri

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