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Designing effective healthcare quality improvement training programs: Perceptions of nursing and other senior leaders

Author(s): Sarah C Blake | Susan S Kohler | Steven D Culler | Jonthan Hawley | Kimberly J Rask
Psychometric evaluation of a Swedish version of Krantz Health Opinion Survey

Author(s): Petra Svedberg | Bodil Ivarsson | Ulrica G Nilsson | Asa Roxberg | Amir Baigi | David Brunt | Margareta Brannstrom | Bengt Fridlund | Sylvi Persson | Mikael Rask | Carin Alm-Roijer
Frequent use of primary health care service in Greenland: an opportunity for undiagnosed disease case-finding

Author(s): Michael Lynge Pedersen | Anne Rolskov | Jytte Lindskov Jacobsen | Anna Rask Lynge
Physical and chemical consequences of artificially deepened thermocline in a small humic lake – a paired whole-lake climate change experiment

Author(s): M. Forsius | T. Saloranta | L. Arvola | S. Salo | M. Verta | P. Ala-Opas | M. Rask | J. Vuorenmaa
Perioperative oxygen fraction – effect on surgical site infection and pulmonary complications after abdominal surgery: a randomized clinical trial. Rationale and design of the PROXI-Trial

Author(s): Meyhoff Christian | Wetterslev Jørn | Jorgensen Lars | Henneberg Steen | Simonsen Inger | Pulawska Therese | Walker Line | Skovgaard Nina | Heltø Kim | Gocht-Jensen Peter | Carlsson Palle | Rask Henrik | Karim Sharaf | Carlsen Charlotte | Jensen Frank | Rasmussen Lars
Ovarian epithelial cancer: a role for PGE2-synthesis and signalling in malignant transformation and progression

Author(s): Rask Katarina | Zhu Yihong | Wang Wanzhong | Hedin Lars | Sundfeldt Karin
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