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Proteolytic Activity of a Lactobacillus Species Isolated from Rumen

Author(s): S. Sharmin | Md. Towhid Hossain | M.N. Anwar
Glucoamylase from the Isolate Aspergillus fumigatus

Author(s): H.M. Cherry | Md. Towhid Hossain | M.N. Anwar
Phosphorus Releasing Power of Soils as Influenced by Organic and Inorganic Amendments

Author(s): N.C. Shil | A.R.M. Solaiman | M.N. Anwar | M.A. Saleque
Biological Evaluation of Some Acylated Derivatives of D-mannose

Author(s): Abul K.M.S. Kabir | Pijush Dutta | M.N. Anwar
In vitro Antifungal Activity of Azaron Isolated from the Rhizome Extract of Acorus calamus L.

Author(s): Jaripa Begum | H. Sohrab | Md. Yusuf | J.U. Chowdury | M.M. Husain | H.A. Begum | M.N. Anwar

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