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Genotyping of Hydatid Cyst Isolated from Human and Domestic Animals in Ilam Province, Western Iran Using PCR-RFLP

Author(s): M Dousti | J Abdi | S Bakhtiyari | M Mohebali | SH Mirhendi | MB Rokni
Seroprevalence of Human Hydatidosis Using ELISA Method in Qom Province, Central Iran

Author(s): A Rakhshanpour | M Fasihi Harandi | SS Moazezi | MT Rahimi | M Mohebali | GhH Mowlavi | Z Babaei | M Ariaeipour | Z Heidari | MB Rokni

Author(s): MB. Rokni | J. Massoud | Gh. Mowlavi
Relationship between Serum IgE and Intestinal Parasites

Author(s): M Jalalian | M Rezaiian | EB Kia | J Massoud | M Mahdavi | MB Rokni
A New Primer Pair in ITS1 Region for Molecular Studies on Echinococcus granulosus

Author(s): HR Rahimi | EB Kia | SH Mirhendi | A Talebi | M Fasihi Harandi | N Jalali-zand | MB Rokni
Neglected Human Fascioliasis Case in a Visceral Leishmaniasis Endemic Area, North-Western Iran

Author(s): Gh Mowlavi | S Mamishi | MB Rokni | I Mobedi | MJ Gharaguzlo | K Ashrafi | S Mas-Coma
Seroepidemiology of Human Hydatidosis in Golestan Province, Iran

Author(s): M Baharsefat | J Massoud | I Mobedi | A Farahnak | MB Rokni
Ocular Dirofilariasis, a Case Report

Author(s): MR Fallah Tafti | A Hajilary | H Siatiri | MB Rokni | I Mobedi | Gh Mowlavi
Serological Evaluation of EgAgB16 kDa, a Recombinant Antigen from Echinococcus Granulosus for Diagnosis of Human Hydatidosis

Author(s): J Abdi | B Kazemi | A Haniloo | M Mohebali | M Mahmoudi | S Rezaei | M Bandehpour | L Maghen | MB Rokni
Establishment of Hymenolepis Diminuta Life Cycle to Provide Parasite Mass Production

Author(s): MS Makki | F Shahbazi | S Teimoori | MB Rokni | MR Abaei | I Mobedi | Gh Hassanpour | Gh Mowlavi
Molecular Diagnosis of Strongyloides Stercoralis Infection by PCR Detection of Specific DNA in Human Stool Samples

Author(s): H Moghaddassani | H Mirhendi | M Hosseini | MB Rokni | Gh Mowlavi | Eb Kia
Heavy Worm Burden of Moniliformis in Urban Rats with Histopathological Description

Author(s): S Teimoori | MJ Gharaguzlu | MS Makki | F Shahbazi | I Mobedi | AA Saboor Yaraghi | Gh Hasanpour | MB Rokni | Gh Mowlavi
Seroepidemiological Study of Human Hydatidosis in Meshkinshahr District, Ardabil Province, Iran

Author(s): Z Heidari | M Mohebali | Z Zarei | M Aryayipour | MR Eshraghian | EB Kia | S Shodajei | J Abdi | A Rakhshanpour | MB Rokni
Molecular Characterization of Fasciola hepatica Isolates by RAPD-PCR and Ribosomal ITS1 Sequencing

Author(s): MB Rokni | H Mirhendi | M Behnia | M Fasihi Harandi | N Jalalizand

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