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Anatomical studies of sibling species within neotropical lymnaeids, snail intermediate hosts of fascioliasis

Author(s): JP Pointier | NJ Cazzaniga | C González-Salas | A Gutiérrez | JA Arenas | MD Bargues | S Mas-Coma
Evidence Suggesting that Fasciola gigantica Might be the Most Prevalent Causal Agent of Fascioliasis in Northern Iran

Author(s): K Ashrafi | J Massoud | K Holakouei | M Mahmoodi | MA Joafshani | MA Valero | MV Fuentes | M Khoubbane | P Artigas | MD Bargues | S Mas-Coma
Potential Transmission of Human Fascioliasis Through Traditional Local Foods, in Northern Iran

Author(s): K Ashrafi | MA Valero | K Forghan-Parast | M Rezaeian | SJ Shahtaheri | MR Hadiani | MD Bargues | S Mas-Coma
Nuclear Ribosomal DNA ITS-2 Sequence Characterization of Fasciola hepatica and Galba truncatula

Author(s): K Ashrafi | J Massoud | K Holakouie Naieni | MA Jo-Afshani | M Mahmoodi | N Ebadati | SM Rezvani | P Artigas | MD Bargues | S Mas-Coma
A potential snail host of schistosomiasis in Bolivia: Biomphalaria amazonica paraense, 1966

Author(s): Pointier JP | Paraense WL | DeJong RJ | Loker ES | Bargues MD | Mas-Coma S
Nuclear rDNA-based molecular clock of the evolution of triatominae (Hemiptera: Reduviidae), vectors of Chagas disease

Author(s): Bargues MD | Marcilla A | Ramsey JM | Dujardin JP | Schofield CJ | Mas-Coma S
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