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About Solar Radiation Intensity Measurements and Data Processing

Author(s): GORDAN Ioan Mircea | MICH-VANCEA Claudiu
Aspects of Numerical Modeling of the Induction Heating Process of Non-Ferromagnetic Parts

Author(s): STANCIU Bogdan | NAGY Stefan | MICH-VANCEA Claudiu
Types of Inductive Heating in Volume for Lengthy Pieces

Author(s): MICH-VANCEA Claudiu | LEUCA Teodor | NAGY Stefan | BANDICI Livia | STANCIU Bogdan
Aided Design Elements of Induction Heating Process for Hardening

Author(s): BURCA Adrian | STANCIU Bogdan | MICH-VANCEA Claudiu
Analysis of the Parameters of an Electrothermal Induction System

Author(s): MAŞTEI Daniela | LEUCA Teodor | NAGY Stefan | MICH-VANCEA Claudiu
Modern Analysis Methods of the Induction Heating Devices

Author(s): LEUCA Teodor | MASTEI Daniela | NAGY Stefan | MICH-VANCEA Claudiu
Aspects Regarding the Hardening Process through Electromagnetic Induction

Author(s): TAMAŞ Mariana | LEUCA Teodor | MICH-VANCEA Claudiu | NAGY Ştefan
The Numerical Modeling of the Electrothermal Process of Surface Hardening with Elements in Motion

Author(s): TAMAŞ Mariana | LEUCA Teodor | MICH-VANCEA Claudiu | NAGY Ştefan | BANDICI Livia
Issues on Simulations of Inverter Power Supply

Author(s): Ioan Mircea GORDAN | Claudiu MICH-VANCEA
About Eddy Currents in Induction Melting Processes

Author(s): Ştefan NAGY | Claudiu MICH-VANCEA | Dorelu-Dragoş BETEA | Gafiţa Nicolae-Bogdan
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