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Relationship between abdominal obesity and other cardiovascular risk factors: cross sectional study of patients with symptomatic carotid disease

Author(s): Maksimović Miloš | Vlajinac Hristina | Radak Đorđe | Marinković Jelena | Maksimović Jadranka | Jorga Jagoda
From history of proctology

Author(s): Maksimović Jovan | Maksimović Marko
Prevalence and quality of life in high school pupils with acne in Serbia

Author(s): Perić Jelena | Maksimović Nataša | Janković Janko | Mijović Biljana | Reljić Vesna | Janković Slavenka
Influence of the type of electrolyte on the morphological and crystallographic characteristics of lead powder particles

Author(s): Nikolić Nebojša D. | Maksimović Vesna M. | Branković Goran | Živković Predrag M. | Pavlović Miomir G.
Wear of diamond-coated cutting tool inserts upon machining of Al-12%Si and glass fiber/polyester resin composites

Author(s): Nebojša Grahovac | Srboljub Stanković | Slavica Zec | Vesna Maksimović | Boris Grahovac | Dubravka Milovanović
Soluble free phenolic compound contents and antioxidant capacity of bread and durum wheat genotypes

Author(s): Žilić Slađana | Hadži-Tašković-Šukalović Vesna | Dodig Dejan | Maksimović Vuk | Kandić Vesna
The dissolution of multiple renal uric acid stones via percutaneous nephrostomy in the patient with a solitary kidney

Author(s): Pejčić Tomislav | Marković Biljana | Đurašić Ljubomir | Maksimović Helena | Topuzović Čedomir | Džamić Zoran | Hadži-Đokić Jovan
The study of Zn–Co alloy coatings electrochemically deposited by pulse current

Author(s): Bajat Jelena B. | Maksimović Miodrag D. | Tomić Milorad V. | Pavlović Miomir G.
Legal ethics in a legislative process

Author(s): Maksimović Eva
Influence of Helleborus odorus W. et K. underground parts extracts on red blood pictures of Wistar rats

Author(s): Davidović Vesna | Lazarević Miodrag | Joksimović-Todorović Mirjana | Maksimović Zoran | Jovanović Milan | Miljas Niko
Labor market and (un)employment in the European Union and Serbia: Regional aspects

Author(s): Radovanović Veljko | Maksimović Marijana
Effect of lead contamination of maize seed on its biological properties

Author(s): Kastori Rudolf R. | Maksimović Ivana V. | Dorogházi Ottó T. | Putnik-Delić Marina I.
The influence of the morphometric parameters of the intercondylar notch on rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament

Author(s): Stijak Lazar | Nikolić Valentina | Mališ Miloš | Maksimović Ružica | Aksić Milan | Filipović Branislav
Influence of NG-nitro-L-arginine methyl ester on clinical and biochemical effects of methylene blue in pentylenetetrazole-evoked convulsions

Author(s): Jelenković Ankica | Jovanović Marina D. | Bokonjić Dubravko | Maksimović Milan | Bošković Bogdan
Could it have been better? A patient with peripartum cardiomyopathy treated with conventional therapy

Author(s): Ivanović Branislava | Tadić Marijana | Maksimović Ružica | Orbović Bojana
Oesophageal-cancer-derived death in the population of Belgrade in a period 1989-2006

Author(s): Janković Janko | Ratkov Isidora | Šipetić Sandra | Marinković Jelena | Maksimović Jadranka
Impact of some constitutional characteristics on the development of basal cell carcinoma

Author(s): Ražnatović Milena | Maksimović Nataša | Janković Janko | Musić Davor
Psychosocial risk factors and substance abuse in adolescents

Author(s): Backović Dušan | Maksimović Miloš | Stevanović Dejan
Incidence of surgical site infections in the departments of orthopedics and traumatology

Author(s): Maksimović Jadranka | Marković-Denić Ljiljana | Bumbaširević Marko | Marinković Jelena
Exposure to sun radiation as a risk factor for the occurrence of basal cell carcinoma in the Montenegrian population

Author(s): Maksimović Nataša | Ražnatović Milena | Marinković Jelena | Janković Janko
Nosocomial infections in the departments of orthopedics and traumatology

Author(s): Maksimović Jadranka M. | Marković-Denić Ljiljana N. | Bumbaširević Marko | Marinković Jelena M.
Kvalitet života obolelih od alergijskog rinitisa i bronhijalne astme

Author(s): Maksimović Nataša | Tomić-Spirić Vesna | Janković Slavenka M. | Bogić Mirjana
Risk factors for the development of hospital infections in the intensive care units

Author(s): Mijović Biljana | Janković Slavenka M. | Maksimović Nataša | Marinković Jelena M.
Diet and gastric cancer

Author(s): Šipetić Sandra B. | Tomić-Kundaković Slađana | Vlajinac Hristina D. | Janković Slavenka M. | Marinković Jelena M. | Maksimović Jadranka M.
Effects of nerve and fibroblast growth factors on the production of nitric oxide in experimental model of Huntington's disease

Author(s): Maksimović Ivana D. | Jovanović Marina D. | Maličević Živorad | Čolić Miodrag J. | Ninković Milica
Collaborative modelling for active involvement of stakeholders in urban flood risk management

Author(s): M. Evers | A. Jonoski | Č. Maksimovič | L. Lange | S. Ochoa Rodriguez | A. Teklesadik | J. Cortes Arevalo | A. Almoradie | N. Eduardo Simões | L. Wang | C. Makropoulos
Heavy metal contents in Veronica species and soil from mountain areas in Serbia

Author(s): Živković Jelena | Ražić Slavica | Arsenijević Jelena | Maksimović Zoran
Does overhead irrigation with salt affect growth, yield, and phenolic content of lentil plants?

Author(s): Giannakoula Anastasia | Ilias I.F. | Dragišić-Maksimović Jelena J. | Maksimović V.M. | Živanović Branka D.
Influence of photoperiod on vegetation phases and tuber development in topinambour (Helianthus tuberosus L.)

Author(s): Terzić S. | Atlagić Jovanka | Maksimović Ivana | Zeremski Tijana | Petrović Sofija | Dedić B.
Surgical treatment of invasive vulvar cancer

Author(s): Pantelić Miloš | Đurđević Srđan | Nikolić Dragan | Maksimović Marko
Obturator approach in the surgical treatment of stress urinary incontinence using tension - free transvaginal tape

Author(s): Đurđević Srđan | Mladenović-Segedi Ljiljana | Ćurčić Aleksandar | Pantelić Miloš | Maksimović Marko
Development of retail market in Serbia

Author(s): Gordana Radosavljević | Ljiljana Maksimović | Katarina Borisavljević
Electrochemical deposition and characterization of Ni-Mo alloy powders

Author(s): M.G. Pavlović | B.M. Jović | V.D. Jović | U. Lačnjevac | V.M. Maksimović
Quality of life in patients with venous ulcers

Author(s): Dunić Ivana | Medenica Ljiljana | Maksimović Živan | Đurković-Đaković Olgica
Pentoxifylline Prevents Autoimmune MediatedInflammation in Low Dose Streptozotocin InducedDiabetes

Author(s): Stanislava D. Stošić-Grujičić | Danijela D. Maksimović | Marija B. Mostarica Stojković | Miodrag L. Lukić
Remedial transactions curtailment via optimization

Author(s): Maksimović Viktor | Škokljev Ivan
Congestion management utilizing concentric relaxation

Author(s): Škokljev Ivan | Maksimović Viktor
Electrochemical synthesis and corrosion behavior of thin polyaniline film on mild steel, copper and aluminum

Author(s): Elkais Ali Ramadan | Gvozdenović Milica M. | Jugović Branimir Z. | Trišović Tomislav Lj. | Maksimović Miodrag M. | Grgur Branimir N.
The thermal history and stress state of a fresh steam-pipeline influencing its remaining service life

Author(s): Bakić Gordana | Šijački-Žeravčić Vera | Đukić Miloš | Maksimović Stevan | Plešinac Dušan | Rajičić Bratislav
Cell wall localization of the aspartic proteinase from buckwheat (FeAPL1) over-expressed in tobacco BY-2 cells

NPM1 gene mutations in children with Myelodysplastic syndromes

Author(s): Jekić Biljana | Bunjevački Vera | Dobričić Valerija | Novaković Ivana | Milašin Jelena | Popović Branka | Damnjanović Tatjana | Maksimović Nela | Perović V. | Luković Ljiljana
Preoperative preparation of pregnant women

Author(s): Likić-Lađević Ivana | Argirović Rajka | Kadija Saša | Maksimović Milica | Živaljević Biljana | Terzić Milan
Preoperative and perioperative management of patients with pericardial diseases

Author(s): Ristić Arsen D. | Simeunović Dejan | Milinković Ivan | Seferović-Mitrović Jelena | Maksimović Ružica | Seferović Petar M. | Maisch Bernhard
Preoperative preparation of vascular patients undergoing nonvascular surgery

Author(s): Kovačević-Kostić Nataša | Karan Radmila | Vraneš Mile | Marković Dejan | Velinović Miloš | Maksimović Živan
Managing the exploitation life of the mining machinery for an unlimited duration of time

Author(s): Vujić Slobodan | Stanojević Radoslav | Ivanov Vencislav | Zajić Borislav | Miljanović Igor | Maksimović Svetomir | Boševski Stefko | Benović Tomo | Hudej Marjan
Digit-Serial Semi--Systolic Convolver

Author(s): Ivan Milentijević | Mile Stojčev | Dejan Maksimović
Nickel translocation from seed during germination and growth of young maize plants

Author(s): Doroghazi Oto T. | Kastori Rudolf R. | Maksimović Ivana V.
Analyses of statistical transformations of row data describing free proline concentration in sugar beet exposed to drought

Author(s): Putnik-Delić Marina I. | Maksimović Ivana V. | Nikolić-Đorić Emilija B. | Nagl Nevena M.
Antioxidative enzymes in the response of buckwheat (Fagopyrum esculentum Moench) to complete submergence

Author(s): Stanisavljević N.S. | Nikolić Dragana B. | Jovanović Ž.S. | Samardžić Jelena T. | Radović Svetlana R. | Maksimović Vesna R.
Kinetics of the Bray-Liebhafsky oscillatory reaction perturbed by polymer supported cobalt catalyst

Author(s): Maksimović J.P. | Čupić Ž.D. | Lončarević D. | Pejić N. | Vasiljević-Radović D. | Anić S.
Biochemical and molecular changes in buckwheat leaves during exposure to salt stress

Author(s): Jovanović Ž.S. | Maksimović Vesna R. | Radović Svetlana R.
Incidence of surgical site infections in a urology department

Author(s): Marković-Denić Ljiljana | Rakić Violeta | Maksimović Milovan | Đokić Milan
Frequency of hospital infections at department of urogoly

Author(s): Rakić Violeta | Marković-Denić Ljiljana | Maksimović Milomir
Analysis of Geometry Influence on Performances of Capacitive Pressure Sensor

Author(s): Mirjana Maksimović | Goran Stojanović
Imaging of larynx: Diagnostic value of computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging

Author(s): Maksimović R.M. | Banko B.A. | Milovanović J.P.
Stage T2 prostate cancer presented with high serum prostate specific antigen and nonspecific bone lesions

Author(s): Pejčić T. | Hadži-Đokić J. | Marković B.B. | Maksimović H.M. | Aćimović M. | Miljković S.
Border line cases and diagnostic doubts in definition kidney parenchimal and collecting tract neoplasia

Author(s): Marković B.B. | Maksimović H.M. | Marković Ž. | Pejčić T. | Hadži-Đokić J. | Filimonović J.
Diferencijalna dijagnoza tumorskih promena bubrega malih dimenzija

Author(s): Marković B.B. | Marković Ž. | Maksimović R. | Pejić T. | Stojanović V.
Genetic variability of concentration of microelements in wild sunflower species and hybrids

Author(s): Kastori Rudolf R. | Maksimović Ivana V. | Marinković Radovan Z. | Zeremski-Škorić Tijana M. | Ninkov Jordana N. | Putnik-Delić Marina I.
Rare earth elements: Yttrium and higher plants

Author(s): Kastori Rudolf R. | Maksimović Ivana V. | Zeremski-Škorić Tijana M. | Putnik-Delić Marina I.
Mechanisms of adaptation of small grains to soil acidity

Author(s): Đalović Ivica G. | Maksimović Ivana V. | Kastori Rudolf R. | Jelić Miodrag Ž.
Genetic specificity of magnesium nutrition in sunflower

Author(s): Kastori Rudolf R. | Marinković Radovan Z. | Sekulić Petar Đ. | Maksimović Ivana V. | Pucarević Mira M.
Physiological and genetic basis of plant tolerance to excess boron

Author(s): Kastori Rudolf R. | Maksimović Ivana V. | Kraljević-Balalić Marija M. | Kobiljski Borislav Đ.
The effect of water potential on accumulation of some essential elements in sugarbeet leaves, Beta vulgaris ssp. vulgaris

Author(s): Maksimović Ivana V. | Kastori Rudolf R. | Petrović Novica M. | Kovačev Lazar M. | Sklenar Pavle S.
Total anesthesia, rats brain surgery, nitric oxide (NO) and free radicals

Author(s): Jelenković Ankica V. | Jovanović Marina | Ninković Milica | Maksimović M. | Bošković Bogdan
Nitric oxide (NO) and an NMDA receptor antagonist in pentylenetetrazole-induced convulsions

Author(s): Jelenković Ankica V. | Jovanović Marina D. | Ninković Milica | Maksimović Milan | Bošković Bogdan
PCR detection of genetically modified soy bean and maize in food/feed stuffs

Author(s): Maksimović Vesna R. | Brkljačić Jelena M. | Samardžić Jelena T. | Timotijević Gordana S. | Aleksić M. | Konstantinović Miroslav M.
Rational application of tumor marker CA 125 in gynecological oncology

Author(s): Đurđević Srđan | Stojanović Sanja | Basta-Nikolić Marijana | Maksimović Marko
Ultrasound detection of endometrial fluid in postmenopausal women

Author(s): Ćurčić Aleksandar | Đurđević Srđan | Mihaldžić-Tubić Slobodana | Mladenović-Segedi Ljiljana | Maksimović Marko
Body composition and bone mineral density of prepubertal boys involved in different kinesiologic treatments

Author(s): Obradović Borislav | Madić Dejan | Milošević Zoran | Maksimović Nebojša | Mikalački Milena | Kovačev-Zavišić Branka
Abdominal sacrocolpopexy in surgical treatment of complete vaginal vault prolapse after hysterectomy

Author(s): Đurđević Srđan | Vejnović Tihomir | Ćurčić Aleksandar | Mladenović-Segedi Ljiljana | Maksimović Marko
Descriptive-epidemiological characteristics of lung cancer in Serbia

Author(s): Maksimović Nataša | Spanopoulos Kyriakos
Epidemiological characteristics of gastric cancer

Author(s): Šipetić Sandra B. | Tomić-Kundaković Slađana | Vlajinac Hristina D. | Maksimović Nataša | Knežević Anita | Kisić Darija
Parent-child parallel nutritional status assessment using silhouette rating scales

Author(s): Jorga Jagoda B. | Marinković Jelena M. | Maksimović Miloš Ž. | Kentrić Brana | Đorđević Ivana
Evaluation of energy efficiency measures applied in public buildings (schools & hospitals) in Serbia

Author(s): Stanković Siniša | Campbell Neil | Maksimović Duško | Cvjetković Tanja
Sugar and organic acids profile in the fruits of black and red currant cultivars

Author(s): Milivojević Jasminka | Maksimović Vuk | Nikolić Mihailo
The economic crisis and the insurance industry: The evidence from the ex-Yugoslavia region

Author(s): Njegomir Vladimir | Marović Boris | Maksimović Rado
Some risk factors for the development of type 2 Diabetes in men and women of Belgrade population

Author(s): Maksimović Jadranka | Šipetić Sandra | Đurić-Pejović Branka | Vlajinac Hristina | Maksimović Miloš | Ratkov Isidora | Dragićević Svetomir
The 'Byzantinisms' of king Stefan Radoslav

Author(s): Maksimović Ljubomir
Confrontation and coalescence of two worlds

Author(s): Maksimović Ljubiša
Berroia in Stefan Dušan's politics

Author(s): Maksimović Ljubomir M.
Managing the exploitation life of the mining machinery for a limited duration of time

Author(s): Vujić Slobodan | Stanojević Radoslav | Ivanov Vencislav | Zajić Borislav | Miljanović Igor | Maksimović Svetomir | Boševski Stefko | Benović Tomo | Hudej Marjan
Reconstruction of supraaortic branches

Author(s): Davidović Lazar B. | Rančić Zoran S. | Lotina Slobodan L. | Kostić Dušan M. | Marković Dragan M. | Pavlović Siniša U. | Maksimović Živan V. | Pejić Miljko A. | Jadranin Dragica B.
Influence of preoperative parametres on survival of patients with ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm

Author(s): Marković Miroslav | Davidović Lazar B. | Maksimović Živan V. | Kostić Dušan M. | Činara Ilijas S. | Cvetković Slobodan D. | Sinđelić Radomir | Vasić Dragan | Lotina Slobodan L.
Impact of intraoparetive parametres on survival of patients with ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm

Author(s): Marković Miroslav | Davidović Lazar B. | Maksimović Živan V. | Kostić Dušan M. | Pejkić Siniša D. | Kuzmanović Ilija B. | Đorić Predrag | Jakovljević Nenad S. | Lotina Slobodan L.
Saphenous vein graft true aneurysms: Report of nine cases and review of the literature

Author(s): Davidović Lazar B. | Maksimović Živan V. | Kostić Dušan M. | Havelka Marija J. | Jakovljević Nenad S. | Kočica Mladen S.
Axillobifemoral bypass grafting

Author(s): Davidović Lazar B. | Mitrić Milan S. | Kostić Dušan M. | Maksimović Živan V. | Cvetković Slobodan D. | Činara Ilijas S. | Dimić Andreja D. | Ilić Nikola S.
Musculoskeletal diseases in forestry workers

Author(s): Vuković Slađana | Krstev Srmena | Maksimović Miloš Ž.
Long-term results after repair of ruptured and non-ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm

Author(s): Kuzmanović Ilija B. | Davidović Lazar B. | Kostić Dušan M. | Maksimović Živan V. | Činara Ilijas S. | Cvetković Slobodan D. | Marković Dragan M. | Marković Miroslav M. | Krstić Nevena | Končar Igor B.
Primary varicose veins: Frequency, clinical significance and surgical treatment

Author(s): Vasić Dragan M. | Davidović Lazar B. | Maksimović Živan V. | Crni Aleksandra R. | Marković Miroslav D. | Pejkić Siniša D.
Generalized epilepsy with febrile seizures plus: Clinical and genetic analysis of three Serbian families

Author(s): Ristić Aleksandar J. | Janković Slavko | Annesi Grazzia | Carrideo Sara | Annesi Ferdinanda | Gambardella Antonio | Maksimović Goran | Gnjatović Brankica | Petrović Igor | Vojvodić Nikola | Sokić Dragoslav
Adaptation and mental-hygienic characteristics of internally displaced adolescents

Author(s): Maksimović Miloš | Kocijančić Radojka | Backović Dušan | Ille Tatjana | Paunović Katarina
Health-related quality of life assessment in patients with allergic rhinitis

Author(s): Maksimović Nataša | Janković Slavenka M. | Tomić-Spirić Vesna | Marinković Jelena M.
Relationship between nutritional status and some inflammatory markers

Author(s): Šević Ljiljana | Maksimović Miloš | Đurišić Nebojša | Gajić Milan | Jorga Jagoda

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