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Slef-Help Philosophy

Author(s): Eric Manchester
Trinitarian Stewardship and the Limits of Socialism

Author(s): Eric Manchester, Ph.D.
Peripheral Reproductive Organ Health and Melatonin: Ready for Prime Time

Author(s): Russel J. Reiter | Sergio A. Rosales-Corral | Lucien C. Manchester | Dun-Xian Tan
Alterations in Lipid Levels of Mitochondrial Membranes Induced by Amyloid-β: A Protective Role of Melatonin

Author(s): Sergio A. Rosales-Corral | Gabriela Lopez-Armas | Jose Cruz-Ramos | Valery G. Melnikov | Dun-Xian Tan | Lucien C. Manchester | Ruben Munoz | Russel J. Reiter
Epigenetic mechanisms in human physiology and diseases

Author(s): Ahmet Korkmaz | Lucien C. Manchester | Turgut Topal | Shuran Ma | Dun Xian Tan | Russel J. Reiter
Gastrointestinal tract and melatonin: reducing pathophysiology

Author(s): Russel J. Reiter | Dun-Xian Tan | Lucien C. Manchester | Eloisa Gitto | Lorena Fuentes-Broto
Fruit and seed floras from exceptionally preserved biotas in the European Paleogene

Author(s): Collinson M | Manchester S R | Wilde V | Hayes P
Canine parvovirus-like particles, a novel nanomaterial for tumor targeting

Author(s): Singh Pratik | Destito Giuseppe | Schneemann Anette | Manchester Marianne
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