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Modeling maladaptive decision-making in a rat version of the Iowa Gambling Task

Author(s): Valton Vincent | Marchand Alain | Dellu-Hagedorn Francoise | Seriès Peggy
Work and High-Risk Alcohol Consumption in the Canadian Workforce

Author(s): Alain Marchand | Annick Parent-Lamarche | Marie-Ève Blanc
A life-course and time perspective on the construct validity of psychological distress in women and men. Measurement invariance of the K6 across gender

Author(s): Drapeau Aline | Beaulieu-Prévost Dominic | Marchand Alain | Boyer Richard | Préville Michel | Kairouz Sylvia
Results of a multicenter SPECT Study with -IODOLISURIDE in extrapyramidal síndromes.

Author(s): João Ribeiro, Maria.. | Januário,Cristina. | Prunier, Caroline. | Chossat, Florence. | Guilloteau, Denis. | Santos, Ana Cristina. | Mauclaire, Laurent. | Bekhechi, D. | Marchand, Joseph. | Catela, Luciana. | Autret, Alain. | Cunha, Luis. | Besnard, Jean-Claude. | Pedroso de Lima, João. | Baulieu, Jean-Louis.
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