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Copy number variation in the Framingham Heart Study

Author(s): Shtir Corina | Pique-Regi Roger | Siegmund Kim | Morrison John | Schumacher Fredrick | Marjoram Paul
Genome-wide association mapping using mixed-models: application to GAW15 Problem 3

Author(s): Zhao Keyan | Nordborg Magnus | Marjoram Paul
Cladistic analysis of genotype data-application to GAW15 Problem 3

Author(s): Jung Hsuan | Zhao Keyan | Marjoram Paul
Modeling measurement error in tumor characterization studies

Author(s): Rakovski Cyril | Weisenberger Daniel | Marjoram Paul | Laird Peter | Siegmund Kimberly
Variation in genetic admixture and population structure among Latinos: the Los Angeles Latino eye study (LALES)

Author(s): Shtir Corina | Marjoram Paul | Azen Stanley | Conti David | Le Marchand Loic | Haiman Christopher | Varma Rohit
Cluster analysis for DNA methylation profiles having a detection threshold

Author(s): Marjoram Paul | Chang Jing | Laird Peter | Siegmund Kimberly
Fast "coalescent" simulation

Author(s): Marjoram Paul | Wall Jeff
Fine mapping – 19th century style

Author(s): Molitor John | Zhao Keyan | Marjoram Paul
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