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Foraminiferal assemblage in Southeast coast of Iligan Bay, Mindanao, Philippines

Author(s): Maria L. D. G. Lacuna | Shirlamaine I. G. Masangcay | Maria L. S. Orbita | Mark A. J. Torres
Diet composition based on stomach content of the Streaked spinefoot (Siganus javus) from three coastal bays in Mindanao, Philippines

Author(s): Mayenne D. Perpetua | Jessie G. Gorospe | Mark A. J. Torres | Cesar G. Demayo
Describing phenotypic diversity in an outbreak population of Rice Black Bugs from Balangao, Diplahan, Zamboanga Sibugay, Philippines, using principal component analysis and K-means clustering of morphological attributes

Author(s): Mark A. J. Torres | Grayvimin S. Figueras | Aprille J. M. LuceÑo | Maria L. E. Patiluna | Muhmin M. E. Manting | Rolliebert B. Rampola | Ravindra C. Joshi | Alberto T. Barrion | Leocadio S. Sebastian | Cesar G. Demayo
SIrD: A Software Describing a System of Identification for Drosophilidae

Author(s): Glaiza G. Opema | Rez A. Cabrera | Mark Anthony J. Torres | Jessie G. Gorospe | Cesar G. Demayo
Monitoring Therapeutic Treatments against Burkholderia Infections Using Imaging Techniques

Author(s): Tiffany M. Mott | R. Katie Johnston | Sudhamathi Vijayakumar | D. Mark Estes | Massoud Motamedi | Elena Sbrana | Janice J. Endsley | Alfredo G. Torres
Phytoplankton diversity and abundance in Panguil Bay, Northwestern Mindanao, Philippines in relation to some physical and chemical characteristics of the water

Author(s): Maria Lourdes D. G. Lacuna | Mary Rose R. Esperanza | Mark Anthony J. Torres | Maria Luisa S. Orbita
Anatomía de la lámina foliar del género Trisetum (Gramineae: Pooideae) en México

Author(s): Ismael Hernández Torres | E. Mark Engleman
Developing interprofessional health competencies in a virtual world

Author(s): Sharla King | David Chodos | Eleni Stroulia | Mike Carbonaro | Mark MacKenzie | Andrew Reid | Lisa Torres | Elaine Greidanus
Describing the shape of the face of hypertensive and non-hypertensive adult females using geometric morphometric analysis

Author(s): Christine Cherry E. Solon | Mark Anthony J. Torres | Cesar G. Demayo
Relative warp and correlation analysis based on distances of the morphological shell shape patterns of Pomacea canaliculata Lamarck from Japan and the Philippines

Author(s): Carlo Stephen O. Moneva | Mark Anthony J. Torres | Takashi Wada | Ravindra Joshi | Cesar G. Demayo
Modularity and integration analysis of rice seed using MINT ver. 1.0b software

Author(s): Dennis Apuan | Mark Anthony J. Torres | Cesar G. Demayo
Geographic phenetic variation in the golden apple snail, Pomacea canaliculata (Ampullariidae) based on geometric approaches to morphometrics

Author(s): Mark Anthony J. Torres | Ravindra C. Joshi | Leocadio S. Sebastian | Cesar G. Demayo
Application of elliptic Fourier analysis in understanding leaf shape characters of Anthurium

Author(s): Jona C. B. Calacat | Mark A. J. Torres | Cesar G. Demayo
Low-Cost Oil Quality Sensor Based on Changes in Complex Permittivity

Author(s): Angel Torres Pérez | Mark Hadfield
Expression of the neuron-specific protein CHD5 is an independent marker of outcome in neuroblastoma

Author(s): Garcia Idoia | Mayol Gemma | Rodríguez Eva | Suñol Mariona | Gershon Timothy | Ríos José | Cheung Nai-Kong | Kieran Mark | George Rani | Perez-Atayde Antonio | Casala Carla | Galván Patricia | de Torres Carmen | Mora Jaume | Lavarino Cinzia
Terapia Familiar Breve y Atención Primaria: Un Caso de Trastorno Somatomorfo

Author(s): Nieves Schade | Mark Beyebach | Patricio Torres | Angélica González
Temporal patterns of inflammatory gene expression in local tissues after banding or burdizzo castration in cattle

Author(s): Pang Wanyong | Earley Bernadette | Sweeney Torres | Gath Vivian | Crowe Mark
Comparison of the in vitro and in vivo susceptibilities of Burkholderia mallei to Ceftazidime and Levofloxacin

Author(s): Judy Barbara | Whitlock Gregory | Torres Alfredo | Estes D Mark
Host immunity in the protective response to vaccination with heat-killed Burkholderia mallei

Author(s): Whitlock Gregory | Lukaszewski Roman | Judy Barbara | Paessler Slobodan | Torres Alfredo | Estes D Mark
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