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A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Health Behaviors between Saudi and British Adolescents Living in Urban Areas: Gender by Country Analyses

Author(s): Hazzaa M. Al-Hazzaa | Yahya Al-Nakeeb | Michael J. Duncan | Hana I. Al-Sobayel | Nada A. Abahussain | Abdulrahman O. Musaiger | Mark Lyons | Peter Collins | Alan Nevill
PAM50 Breast Cancer Subtyping by RT-qPCR and Concordance with Standard Clinical Molecular Markers

Author(s): Bastien Roy RL | Rodríguez-Lescure Álvaro | Ebbert Mark TW | Prat Aleix | Munárriz Blanca | Rowe Leslie | Miller Patricia | Ruiz-Borrego Manuel | Anderson Daniel | Lyons Bradley | Álvarez Isabel | Dowell Tracy | Wall David | Seguí Miguel | Barley Lee | Boucher Kenneth M | Alba Emilio | Pappas Lisa | Davis Carole A | Aranda Ignacio | Fauron Christiane | Stijleman Inge J | Palacios José | Antón Antonio | Carrasco Eva | Caballero Rosalía | Ellis Matthew J | Nielsen Torsten O | Perou Charles M | Astill Mark | Bernard Philip S | Martín Miguel
Obesity, Physical Activity and Sedentary Behavior Amongst British and Saudi Youth: A Cross-Cultural Study

Author(s): Yahya Al-Nakeeb | Mark Lyons | Peter Collins | Anwar Al-Nuaim | Hazzaa Al-Hazzaa | Michael J. Duncan | Alan Nevill
The Prevalence of Physical Activity and Sedentary Behaviours Relative to Obesity among Adolescents from Al-Ahsa, Saudi Arabia: Rural versus Urban Variations

Author(s): Anwar A. Al-Nuaim | Yahya Al-Nakeeb | Mark Lyons | Hazzaa M. Al-Hazzaa | Alan Nevill | Peter Collins | Michael J. Duncan
High-Level Graphical Abstraction in Digital Design

Author(s): Murray W. Pearson | Paul J. Lyons | Mark D. Apperley
Acquired Activated Protein C Resistance, Thrombophilia and Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes: A Study Performed in an Irish Cohort of Pregnant Women

Author(s): Sara Sedano-Balbás | Mark Lyons | Brendan Cleary | Margaret Murray | Geraldine Gaffney | Majella Maher
APCR, factor V gene known and novel SNPs and adverse pregnancy outcomes in an Irish cohort of pregnant women

Author(s): Sedano-Balbás Sara | Lyons Mark | Cleary Brendan | Murray Margaret | Gaffney Geraldine | Maher Majella
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