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Influence of media composition on the growth rate of Chlorella vulgaris and Scenedesmus acutus utilized for CO2 mitigation

Author(s): Czarena Crofcheck | Xinyi E | Aubrey Shea | Michael Montross | Mark Crocker | Rodney Andrews
Impact of HIV-1 viral subtype on disease progression and response to antiretroviral therapy

Author(s): Easterbrook Philippa J | Smith Mel | Mullen Jane | O'Shea Siobhan | Chrystie Ian | de Ruiter Annemiek | Tatt Iain D | Geretti Anna | Zuckerman Mark
Synthesis, Superoxide Dismutase Mimetic and Anticancer Activities of Metal Complexes of 2,2-Dimethylpentanedioic Acid(2dmepdaH2) and 3,3-Dimethylpentanedioic acid(3dmepdaH2): X-Ray Crystal Structures of [Cu(3dmepda)(bipy)]2⋅6H2O and [Cu(2dmepda)(bipy)(EtOH)]2⋅4EtOH(bipy=2,2′Bipyridine)

Author(s): Michael Devereux | Malachy McCann | Denis O'Shea | Mark O'Connor | Eileen Kiely | Vickie McKee | Declan Naughton | Anna Fisher | Andrew Kellett | Maureen Walsh | Denise Egan | Carol Deegan
Subendocardial reversible perfusion defects on adenosine stress MRI in ER patients with chest pain: relationship to cardiovascular risk factors

Author(s): Skrok Jan | Dombroski David | Shea Steven | Bohlman Mark | Lorenz Christine | Lima Joao | Bluemke David | Vogel-Claussen Jens
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