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Ontario’s Nutrient Calculator: Overview and Focus on Sensitivity Analysis

Author(s): Dan F. Walters | Renata Smolikova-Wachowiak | Mark Wachowiak | Dan Shrubsole | Jacek Malczewski
Bacterial Contamination on Household Toys and Association with Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Conditions in Honduras

Author(s): Christine E. Stauber | Adam Walters | Anna M. Fabiszewski de Aceituno | Mark D. Sobsey
Linkage to chromosome 2q32.2-q35 in families with serrated neoplasia

Author(s): Roberts Aedan | Nancarrow Derek | Buchanan Daniel D | Clendenning Mark | Duggan David | McKeone Diane | Walters Rhiannon | Walsh Michael D | Young Bruce W | Jass Jeremy R | Young Joanne P
Diagnostics of Local Tooth Damage in Gears by the Wavelet Technology

Author(s): Len Gelman | Ivan Petrunin | Ian Jennions | Mark Walters
A Comparison of Two Dust Uplift Schemes within the Same General Circulation Model

Author(s): Duncan Ackerley | Manoj M. Joshi | Eleanor J. Highwood | Claire L. Ryder | Mark A. J. Harrison | David N. Walters | Sean F. Milton | Jane Strachan
Management of blunt extracranial traumatic cerebrovascular injury: a multidisciplinary survey of current practice

Author(s): Harrigan Mark | Weinberg Jordan | Peaks Ya-Sin | Taylor Steven | Cava Luis | Richman Joshua | Walters Beverly
Up-Beat UK: A programme of research into the relationship between coronary heart disease and depression in primary care patients

Author(s): Tylee André | Ashworth Mark | Barley Elizabeth | Brown June | Chambers John | Farmer Anne | Fortune Zoe | Haddad Mark | Lawton Rebecca | Mann Anthony | Mehay Anita | McCrone Paul | Murray Joanna | Leese Morven | Pariante Carmine | Rose Diana | Rowlands Gill | Smith Alison | Walters Paul
Neckties and Cerebrovascular Reactivity in Young Healthy Males: A Pilot Randomised Crossover Trial

Author(s): Mark Rafferty | Terence J. Quinn | Jesse Dawson | Matthew Walters
Clinical presentation and outcome of Tuberculosis in Human Immunodeficiency Virus infected children on anti-retroviral therapy

Author(s): Walters Elisabetta | Cotton Mark | Rabie Helena | Schaaf H Simon | Walters Lourens | Marais Ben
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