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A cognitive-creative profile of emotional talent

Author(s): Rosario Bermejo | María Dolores Prieto | Mari Carmen Fernández | Gloria Soto | Marta Sainz
Uso del árnica homeopática como antiinflamatorio en los edemas traumáticos faciales

Author(s): Berta Beauballet Fernández | Marta Sainz Vázquez | Emilio Morales Jiménez | Alberto Molina Milián
Socio–emotional competences and creativity in different intelligence levels

Author(s): Marta Sainz | Gloria Soto | Fernando Almeida | Carmen Ferrándiz | Mari Carmen Fernández | Mercedes Ferrando
Teachers think differently: Method effects on the evaluation of high intellectual ability students’ socio–emotional intelligence

Author(s): Daniel Hernández | María Dolores Prieto | Rosario Bermejo | María Carmen Fernández | Marta Sainz | Gloria Soto
Teachers’ socio-emotional perceptions on gifted and average adolescents

Author(s): María Carmen Fernández | Rosario Bermejo | Marta Sainz | Laura Llor | Daniel Hernández | Gloria Soto
Extracurricular enrichment workshops for high ability students

Author(s): Ángela Rojo | Carlos Garrido | Gloria Soto | Marta Sáinz | Mari Carmen Fernández | Daniel Hernández
Creativity, synthetic intelligence and high ability

Author(s): Rosario Bermejo | Daniel Hernández | Mercedes Ferrando | Gloria Soto | Marta Sainz | María Dolores Prieto
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