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Synthesizing population, health, and place

Author(s): Martin Raubal | Geoffrey Jacquez | John Wilson | Werner Kuhn
Familial Paraphilia: A Pilot Study with the Construction of Genograms

Author(s): Alain Labelle | Dominique Bourget | John M. W. Bradford | Martin Alda | Pierre Tessier
Prescriber and Patient Responsibilities in Treatment of Acute Respiratory Tract Infections — Essential for Conservation of Antibiotics

Author(s): Alike van der Velden | Martin G. Duerden | John Bell | John S. Oxford | Attila Altiner | Roman Kozlov | Aurelio Sessa | Antonio C. Pignatari | Sabiha Y. Essack
Effects of Hydrogels on Tree Seedling Performance in Temperate Soils before and after Water Stress

Author(s): Lawrence J. B. Orikiriza | Hillary Agaba | Gerald Eilu | John D. Kabasa | Martin Worbes | Aloys Hüttermann
Learning science from museums Museus e o aprendizado da ciência

Author(s): John H. Falk | Martin Storksdieck
A study of the similarity between three models of interpersonal functioning of patients with borderline personality disorder. Submitted as a brief research report

Author(s): Trepanier, Lyane | Perry, John Christopher | Koerner, Annett | Stamulos, Constantina | Sheptycki, Amanda | Drapeau, Martin
The Role of Attention to Emotion in Recovery from Major Depressive Disorder

Author(s): Renee J. Thompson | Jutta Mata | Susanne M. Jaeggi | Martin Buschkuehl | John Jonides | Ian H. Gotlib
Nonclinical Development of BCG Replacement Vaccine Candidates

Author(s): Kamalakannan Velmurugan | Leander Grode | Rosemary Chang | Megan Fitzpatrick | Dominick Laddy | David Hokey | Steven Derrick | Sheldon Morris | David McCown | Reginald Kidd | Martin Gengenbacher | Bernd Eisele | Stefan H.E. Kaufmann | John Fulkerson | Michael J. Brennan
Detection of CO in the atmosphere of the hot Jupiter HD 189733b

Author(s): Rodler Florian | Kürster Martin | Barnes John R.
I Wanted to See All the News from Today

Author(s): Martin John Callanan | Greg J. Smith
Addressing research capacity for health equity and the social determinants of health in three African countries: the INTREC programme

Author(s): Karen Hofman | Yulia Blomstedt | Sheila Addei | Rose Kalage | Mandy Maredza | Osman Sankoh | Martin Bangha | Kathleen Kahn | Heiko Becher | Joke Haafkens | John Kinsman
Perioperative fluid management: Consensus statement from the enhanced recovery partnership

Author(s): Mythen Monty G | Swart Michael | Acheson Nigel | Crawford Robin | Jones Kerri | Kuper Martin | McGrath John S | Horgan Alan
Low levels of ATM in breast cancer patients with clinical radiosensitivity

Author(s): Fang Zhiming | Kozlov Sergei | McKay Michael J | Woods Rick | Birrell Geoff | Sprung Carl N | Murrell Dédée F | Wangoo Kiran | Teng Linda | Kearsley John H | Lavin Martin F | Graham Peter H | Clarke Raymond A
A noise-reduction GWAS analysis implicates altered regulation of neurite outgrowth and guidance in autism

Author(s): Hussman John P | Chung Ren-Hua | Griswold Anthony J | Jaworski James M | Salyakina Daria | Ma Deqiong | Konidari Ioanna | Whitehead Patrice L | Vance Jeffery M | Martin Eden R | Cuccaro Michael L | Gilbert John R | Haines Jonathan L | Pericak-Vance Margaret A
An X chromosome-wide association study in autism families identifies TBL1X as a novel autism spectrum disorder candidate gene in males

Author(s): Chung Ren-Hua | Ma Deqiong | Wang Kai | Hedges Dale J | Jaworski James M | Gilbert John R | Cuccaro Michael L | Wright Harry H | Abramson Ruth K | Konidari Ioanna | Whitehead Patrice L | Schellenberg Gerard D | Hakonarson Hakon | Haines Jonathan L | Pericak-Vance Margaret A | Martin Eden R
Screening for ovarian cancer in women with varying levels of risk, using annual tests, results in high recall for repeat screening tests

Author(s): Nobbenhuis Marielle AE | Bancroft Elizabeth | Moskovic Eleanor | Lennard Fiona | Pharoah Paul | Jacobs Ian | Ward Ann | Barton Desmond PJ | Ind Thomas EJ | Shepherd John H | Bridges Jane E | Gore Martin | Haracopos Chris | Shanley Susan | Ardern-Jones Audrey | Thomas Sarah | Eeles Ros
Metabolic syndrome and inflammatory biomarkers: a community-based cross-sectional study at the Framingham Heart Study

Author(s): Dallmeier Dhayana | Larson Martin G | Vasan Ramachandran S | Keaney John F | Fontes Joao D | Meigs James B | Fox Caroline S | Benjamin Emelia J
A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled pilot study of a probiotic in emotional symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome

Author(s): Rao A Venket | Bested Alison C | Beaulne Tracey M | Katzman Martin A | Iorio Christina | Berardi John M | Logan Alan C
Suppression of cancer stemness p21-regulating mRNA and microRNA signatures in recurrent ovarian cancer patient samples

Author(s): Gallagher Michael F | Heffron Cynthia CBB | Laios Alexandros | O'Toole Sharon A | Ffrench Brendan | Smyth Paul C | Flavin Richard J | Elbaruni Salah A | Spillane Cathy D | Martin Cara M | Sheils Orla M | O'Leary John J
Regulation of microRNA biosynthesis and expression in 2102Ep embryonal carcinoma stem cells is mirrored in ovarian serous adenocarcinoma patients

Author(s): Gallagher Michael F | Flavin Richard J | Elbaruni Salah A | McInerney Jamie K | Smyth Paul C | Salley Yvonne M | Vencken Sebastian F | O'Toole Sharon A | Laios Alexandros | Lee Mathia YC | Denning Karen | Li Jinghuan | Aherne Sinead T | Lao Kai Q | Martin Cara M | Sheils Orla M | O'Leary John J
A unified phylogeny-based nomenclature for histone variants

Author(s): Talbert Paul B | Ahmad Kami | Almouzni Geneviève | Ausió Juan | Berger Frederic | Bhalla Prem L | Bonner William M | Cande W | Chadwick Brian P | Chan Simon W L | Cross George A M | Cui Liwang | Dimitrov Stefan I | Doenecke Detlef | Eirin-López José M | Gorovsky Martin A | Hake Sandra B | Hamkalo Barbara A | Holec Sarah | Jacobsen Steven E | Kamieniarz Kinga | Khochbin Saadi | Ladurner Andreas G | Landsman David | Latham John A | Loppin Benjamin | Malik Harmit S | Marzluff William F | Pehrson John R | Postberg Jan | Schneider Robert | Singh Mohan B | Smith M | Thompson Eric | Torres-Padilla Maria-Elena | Tremethick David | Turner Bryan M | Waterborg Jakob | Wollmann Heike | Yelagandula Ramesh | Zhu Bing | Henikoff Steven
Identifying the effective concentration for spatial repellency of the dengue vector Aedes aegypti

Author(s): Achee Nicole | Masuoka Penny | Smith Philip | Martin Nicholas | Chareonviryiphap Theeraphap | Polsomboon Suppaluck | Hendarto Joko | Grieco John
Potential negative impacts and low effectiveness in the use of African annual killifish in the biocontrol of aquatic mosquito larvae in temporary water bodies

Author(s): Reichard Martin | Watters Brian R | Wildekamp Rudolf H | Sonnenberg Rainer | Nagy Béla | Polačik Matej | Valdesalici Stefano | Cellerino Alessandro | Cooper Barry J | Hengstler Holger | Rosenstock John | Sainthouse Ian
Effects of HSP90 inhibitor 17-allylamino-17-demethoxygeldanamycin (17-AAG) on NEU/HER2 overexpressing mammary tumours in MMTV-NEU-NT mice monitored by Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy

Author(s): Rodrigues Loreta M | Chung Yuen-Li | Al Saffar Nada M S | Sharp Swee Y | Jackson Laura E | Banerji Udai | Stubbs Marion | Leach Martin O | Griffiths John R | Workman Paul
Genetic Analysis Workshop 15: gene expression analysis and approaches to detecting multiple functional loci

Author(s): Cordell Heather J | de Andrade Mariza | Babron Marie-Claude | Bartlett Christopher W | Beyene Joseph | Bickeböller Heike | Culverhouse Robert | Cupples L Adrienne | Daw E Warwick | Dupuis Josée | Falk Catherine T | Ghosh Saurabh | Goddard Katrina A | Goode Ellen L | Hauser Elizabeth R | Martin Lisa J | Martinez Maria | North Kari E | Saccone Nancy L | Schmidt Silke | Tapper William | Thomas Duncan | Tritchler David | Vieland Veronica J | Wijsman Ellen M | Wilcox Marsha A | Witte John S | Yang Qiong | Ziegler Andreas | Almasy Laura | MacCluer Jean W
Terrestrial Planet Formation in Binary Star Systems

Author(s): Jack J. Lissauer | Elisa V. Quintana | John E. Chambers | Martin J. Duncan | Fred C. Adams
Registro de Prueba Clínica: Una declaración del Comité Internacional de Editores de la Revista Médica

Author(s): Catherine de Angelis | Jeffrey M. Drazen | Frank A. Frizelle | Charlotte Haug | John Hoey | Richard Horton | Sheldon Kotzin | Christine Laine | Ana Marusic | John P.M. Overbeke | Torben V. Schroeder | Hal C. Sox | Martin B. Van Der Weyden
Trizivir (Abacavir/Lamivudine/Zidovudine) plus Lopinavir/Ritonavir Induction Therapy Followed by Trizivir-Alone Maintenance for HIV-1-Infected Patients: A 96-Week Pilot Treatment Simplification Study

Author(s): Joseph C. Gathe | Dean T. Martin | M. Keith Rawlings | Benjamin Daquioag | John E. Fuchs | Vanessa C. Williams | Katrina L. Oie | Gary E. Pakes
HeartSmartTM: A New Method of Assessing Hydration in Neurosurgical Patients

Author(s): Kenneth James Warring-Davies | John Martin Bland

Percutaneous Stent-Graft Repair of Anastomotic Pseudoaneurysms following Vascular Bypass Procedures: A Report of Two Cases

Author(s): John Rundback | James Haug | Kevin Herman | Joseph Manno | Martin Cerda
Perceptions of Water Pricing during a Drought: A Case Study from South Australia

Author(s): Eileen Willis | Meryl Pearce | Loreen Mamerow | Bradley Jorgensen | John Martin
Fast Classification of Meat Spoilage Markers Using Nanostructured ZnO Thin Films and Unsupervised Feature Learning

Author(s): Martin Längkvist | Silvia Coradeschi | Amy Loutfi | John Bosco Balaguru Rayappan
Pre-Treatment of Platinum Resistant Ovarian Cancer Cells with an MMP-9/MMP-2 Inhibitor Prior to Cisplatin Enhances Cytotoxicity as Determined by High Content Screening

Author(s): Alexandros Laios | Bashir M. Mohamed | Lynn Kelly | Richard Flavin | Stephen Finn | Lynda McEvoy | Michael Gallagher | Cara Martin | Orla Sheils | Martina Ring | Anthony Davies | Margaret Lawson | Noreen Gleeson | Tom D'Arcy | Charles d'Adhemar | Lucy Norris | Ream Langhe | Feras Abu Saadeh | John J. O'Leary | Sharon A. O'Toole
U.S. DOE Progress Towards Developing Low-Cost, High Performance, Durable Polymer Electrolyte Membranes for Fuel Cell Applications

Author(s): Cassidy Houchins | Greg J. Kleen | Jacob S. Spendelow | John Kopasz | David Peterson | Nancy L. Garland | Donna Lee Ho | Jason Marcinkoski | Kathi Epping Martin | Reginald Tyler | Dimitrios C. Papageorgopoulos
Child soldiers in Colombia: Five views [Niños soldados en Colombia: cinco visiones]

Author(s): Jaime Alberto Carmona Parra | Florentino Moreno Martín | John Felipe Tobón Hoyos
High Resolution Fluorescence Imaging of Cancers Using Lanthanide Ion-Doped Upconverting Nanocrystals

Author(s): Rafik Naccache | Emma Martín Rodríguez | Nicoleta Bogdan | Francisco Sanz-Rodríguez | Maria del Carmen Iglesias de la Cruz | Ángeles Juarranz de la Fuente | Fiorenzo Vetrone | Daniel Jaque | José García Solé | John A. Capobianco
US GODAE: Global Ocean Prediction with the HYbrid Coordinate Ocean Model (HYCOM)

Author(s): Eric P. Chassignet | Harley E. Hurlburt | E. Joseph Metzger | Ole Martin Smedstad | James A. Cummings | George R. Halliwell | Rainer Bleck | Remy Baraille | Alan J. Wallcraft | Carlos Lozano | Hendrik L. Tolman | Ashwanth Srinivasan | Steve Hankin | Peter Cornillon | Robert Weisberg | Alexander Barth | Ruoying He | Francisco Werner | John Wilkin
The Confessions of Montaigne

Author(s): John Jeffries Martin
Case management for at-risk elderly patients in the English Integrated Care Pilots: observational study of staff and patient experience and secondary care utilisation

Author(s): Martin Roland | Richard Lewis | Adam Steventon | Gary Abel | John Adams | Martin Bardsley | Laura Brereton | Xavier Chitnis | Annalijn Conklin | Laura Staetsky | Sarah Tunkel | Tom Ling
Health-Related Quality of Life, Treatment Satisfaction, Adherence and Persistence in β-Thalassemia and Myelodysplastic Syndrome Patients with Iron Overload Receiving Deferasirox: Results from the EPIC Clinical Trial

Author(s): John Porter | Donald K. Bowden | Marina Economou | Jacques Troncy | Arnold Ganser | Dany Habr | Nicolas Martin | Adam Gater | Diana Rofail | Linda Abetz-Webb | Helen Lau | Maria Domenica Cappellini
Learning technology and organisations: transformational impact?

Author(s): Martin Hall | Mike Keppell | John Bourne
Further education in transition

Author(s): Joyce Martin | John Brown | Jean MacDonald | Meg Gain
Shared teaching with multimedia-enhanced video-conferencing

Author(s): Charles Duncan | Martin Morrey | Gwen Bayne | Iain MacLaren | Patrick Walder | John McQuillan
The Effect of Restoration Treatments on the Spatial Variability of Soil Processes under Longleaf Pine Trees

Author(s): Martin Lavoie | Michelle C. Mack | John K. Hiers | Scott Pokswinksi
Cutaneous Myiasis: Is Lucilia cuprina Safe and Acceptable for Maggot Debridement Therapy?

Author(s): Howard Joesphia Kingu | Simon Kamande Kuria | Martin Herrer Villet | Jane Nthekeleng Mkhize | Adupa Dhaffala | John Michael Iisa
Shared teaching with multimedia-enhanced video-conferencing

Author(s): Charles Duncan | Martin Morrey | Gwen Bayne | Iain MacLaren | Patrick Walder | John McQuillan
Further education in transition

Author(s): Joyce Martin | John Brown | Jean MacDonald | Meg Gain
Learning technology and organisations: transformational impact?

Author(s): Martin Hall | Mike Keppell | John Bourne
The Focus of Supervisor Written Feedback to Thesis/Dissertation Students

Author(s): John Bitchener | Helen Basturkmen | Martin East
Impact of telehealth on hospital use and mortality: provisional findings from the whole system demonstrator trial

Author(s): Adam Steventon | John Billings | Jennifer Dixon | Martin Bardsley
Hydrogel amendment to sandy soil reduces irrigation frequency and improves the biomass of Agrostis stolonifera

Author(s): Hillary Agaba | Lawrence J. B. Orikiriza | Joseph Obua | John. D. Kabasa | Martin Worbes | Aloys Hüttermann
Correlative and dynamic species distribution modelling for ecological predictions in the Antarctic: a cross-disciplinary concept

Author(s): Julian Gutt | Damaris Zurell | Thomas J. Bracegridle | William Cheung | Melody S. Clark | Peter Convey | Bruno Danis | Bruno David | Claude De Broyer | Guido di Prisco | Huw Griffiths | Rémi Laffont | Lloyd S. Peck | Benjamin Pierrat | Martin J. Riddle | Thomas Saucède | John Turner | Cinzia Verde | Zhaomin Wang | Volker Grimm

Author(s): John W. Baty | Crystal L. Maitland | William Minter | Martin A. Hubbe | Sonja K. Jordan-Mowery
Hydrogel amendment to sandy soil reduces irrigation frequency and improves the biomass of Agrostis stolonifera

Author(s): John. D. Kabasa | Martin Worbes | Aloys Hüttermann | Hillary Agaba | Lawrence J. B. Orikiriza | Joseph Obua
Caffeine Use: Association with Nicotine Use, Aggression, and Other Psychopathology in Psychiatric and Pediatric Outpatient Adolescents

Author(s): Catherine A. Martin | Circe Cook | John H. Woodring | Gretchen Burkhardt | Greg Guenthner | Hatim A. Omar | Thomas H. Kelly
Spontaneous Renal Artery Dissection in a Normotensive Young Male

Author(s): John A. Taylor | Eric C. Martin | Ihor S. Sawczuk
A Comparative Evaluation of Two Algorithms of Detection of Masses on Mammograms

Author(s): Guillaume Kom | Alain Tiedeu | Martin Kom | John Ngundam
Prevention, diagnosis, therapy and follow-up care of sepsis: 1st revision of S-2k guidelines of the German Sepsis Society (Deutsche Sepsis-Gesellschaft e.V. (DSG)) and the German Interdisciplinary Association of Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine (Deutsche Interdisziplinäre Vereinigung für Intensiv- und Notfallmedizin (DIVI))

Author(s): Reinhart, K. | Brunkhorst, F. M. | Bone, H.-G. | Bardutzky, J. | Dempfle, C.-E. | Forst, H. | Gastmeier, P. | Gerlach, H. | Gründling, M. | John, S. | Kern, W. | Kreymann, G. | Krüger, W. | Kujath, P. | Marggraf, G. | Martin, J. | Mayer, K. | Meier-Hellmann, A. | Oppert, M. | Putensen, C. | Quintel, M. | Ragaller, M. | Rossaint, R. | Seifert, H. | Spies, C. | Stüber, F. | Weiler, N. | Weimann, A. | Werdan, K. | Welte, T.
Colony Founding Behavior of Some Desert Ants: Geographic Variation in Metrosis

Author(s): Steven W. Rissing | Robert A. Johnson | John W. Martin
Three Novel Pigmentation Mutants Generated by Genome-Wide Random ENU Mutagenesis in the Mouse

Author(s): Vicky Tsipouri | John A. Curtin | Pat M. Nolan | Lucie Vizor | Claire A. Parsons | Colin M. Clapham | Ian D. Latham | Lesley J. Rooke | Jo E. Martin | Jo Peters | A. Jackie Hunter | Derek Rogers | Sohaila Rastan | Steve D.M. Brown | Elizabeth M.C. Fisher | Nigel K. Spurr | Ian C. Gray
Towards a “Sample-In, Answer-Out” Point-of-Care Platform for Nucleic Acid Extraction and Amplification: Using an HPV E6/E7 mRNA Model System

Author(s): Anja Gulliksen | Helen Keegan | Cara Martin | John O'Leary | Lars A. Solli | Inger Marie Falang | Petter Grønn | Aina Karlgård | Michal M. Mielnik | Ib-Rune Johansen | Terje R. Tofteberg | Tobias Baier | Rainer Gransee | Klaus Drese | Thomas Hansen-Hagge | Lutz Riegger | Peter Koltay | Roland Zengerle | Frank Karlsen | Dag Ausen | Liv Furuberg

Author(s): Saied Jalal Aboodarda | John George | Abdul Halim Mokhtar | Martin Thompson
Book Reviews

Author(s): M.A. van Bakel | R. Borofsky | Andrew Beatty | J.A. Feldman et al. | A.G. van Beek | Christian F. Feest | N. Bootsma | Bernhard Dahm | Aart G. Broek | John de Pool | Martin van Bruinessen | Peter Kloos | J.G. de Casparis | Charles Higham | H.J.M. Claessen | Luc de Heusch | H. Dagmar | Erich Kolig | Anke van Dijke | Linda Terpstra | Anil Ramdas | B.F. Galjart | Hans-Dieter Evers | J. Hoffenaar | G. Teitler | Rudy de Jongh | Sjoerd Rienk Jaarsma | Ward Keeler | J.Joseph Errington | Ank Klomp | Raymond T. Smith | G.J. Knaap | A.H.P. Clemens | Jaap de Moor | E.S. van Eyck van Heslinga | Otto van den Muijzenberg | Jean-Claude Lejosne | Gert J. Oostindie | M.J. van den Blink | Rien Ploeg | Robert M. Hill II | Harry A. Poeze | Takashi Shiraishi | Rob de Ridder | Willem F.H. Adelaar | Marie-Odette Scalliet | Peter Carey | Matthew Schoffeleers | Marion Melk-Koch | Matthew Schoffeleers | Peter Metcalf | J.W. Schoorl | J.F.L.M. Cornelissen | Alex van Stipriaan | Jo Derkx | A.A. Trouwborst | Th. Schweizer (Hg) | Hans Vermeulen | Brian Juan O’Neill | C.W. Watson | Hendrick M.J. Maier | Neil Lancelot Whitehead | Edmundo Magaña | J.J. de Wolf | Meyer Fortes
Book Reviews

Author(s): Leonard Y. Andaya | H.A. Poeze | Anne Booth | Adrian Clemens | A.P. Borsboom | James F. Weiner | Martin van Bruinessen | Ozay Mehmet | H.J.M. Claessen | Timothy Earle | H.J.M. Claessen | Henk Schulte Nordholt | B. Dahm | Ruby R. Paredes | Eve Danziger | Bambi B. Schieffelin | Roy Ellen | David Hicks | Paul van der Grijp | Pierre Lemonnier | F.G.P. Jaquet | Hans van Miert | Jan A. B. Jongeneel | Leendert Jan Joosse | Barbara Luem | Robert W. Hefner | W. Manuhutu | Dieter Bartels | J. Noorduyn | Taro Goh | J.G. Oosten | Veronika Gorog-Karady | Gert Oostindie | J.H. Galloway | J.J. Ras | Peter Carey | Ger P. Reesink | Karl G. Heider | Ger P. Reesink | H. Steinhauer | Janet Rodenburg | Peter J. Rimmer | A.E.D. Schmidgall-Tellings | John M. Echols | Mary F. Somers Heidhues | Olaf H. Smedal | E.Ch.L. van der Vliet | Henri J.M. Claessen | G.M. Vuyk | J. Goody | E.P. Wieringa | Dorothée Buur
Book Reviews

Author(s): J. van Baal | Gert Oostindie | C. Baks | Marine Carrin-Bouez | C. Baks | Serge Bouez | René van den Berg | Bambang Kaswanti Purwo | Martin van Bruinessen | Elly Touwen-Bouwsma | J.G. de Casparis | John Miksic | B.F. Drewes | Ch. van Fraassen | Femme Gaastra | B.F. Galjart | James C. Scott | R. Giel | R. van Lier | Paul van der Grijp | Bernard Juillerat | M.A. Kagenaar | Aart G. Broek | Peter Meel | Ben Scholtens | Peter Meel | Nico Wijnen et al. | D.C. Mulder | A.A. Yewangoe | Rien Ploeg | H.J.M. Claessen | Rien Ploeg | H.J.M. Claessen | Harry A. Poeze | L.F. Jansen | Franois Raillon | William H. Frederick | Reimar Schefold | Barbara Lüem | J.W. Schoorl | J. van Baal | I. Serpenti | Miriam Kahn | A. Teeuw | A. Teeuw | M.M. Jocelyne Fernandez-Vest
rapmad: Robust analysis of peptide microarray data

Author(s): Renard Bernhard | Löwer Martin | Kühne Yvonne | Reimer Ulf | Rothermel Andrée | Türeci Özlem | Castle John | Sahin Ugur
The clinical assessment study of the foot (CASF): study protocol for a prospective observational study of foot pain and foot osteoarthritis in the general population

Author(s): Roddy Edward | Myers Helen | Thomas Martin | Marshall Michelle | D'Cruz Deborah | Menz Hylton | Belcher John | Muller Sara | Peat George
Genetic variants in LPL, OASL and TOMM40/APOE-C1-C2-C4 genes are associated with multiple cardiovascular-related traits

Author(s): Middelberg Rita | Ferreira Manuel | Henders Anjali | Heath Andrew | Madden Pamela | Montgomery Grant | Martin Nicholas | Whitfield John
Health equity in the New Zealand health care system: a national survey

Author(s): Sheridan Nicolette | Kenealy Timothy | Connolly Martin | Mahony Faith | Barber P Alan | Boyd Mary Anne | Carswell Peter | Clinton Janet | Devlin Gerard | Doughty Robert | Dyall Lorna | Kerse Ngaire | Kolbe John | Lawrenson Ross | Moffitt Allan
Exploring Many-Core Design Templates for FPGAs and ASICs

Author(s): Ilia Lebedev | Christopher Fletcher | Shaoyi Cheng | James Martin | Austin Doupnik | Daniel Burke | Mingjie Lin | John Wawrzynek
Do ‘Virtual Wards’ reduce rates of unplanned hospital admissions and at what cost? A research protocol using propensity matched controls

Author(s): Geraint Hywel Lewis | Martin Bardsley | Rhema Vaithianathan | Adam Steventon | Theo Georghiou | John Billings | Jennifer Dixon
Capability and dependency in the Newcastle 85+ cohort study. Projections of future care needs

Author(s): Jagger Carol | Collerton Joanna | Davies Karen | Kingston Andrew | Robinson Louise | Eccles Martin | von Zglinicki Thomas | Martin-Ruiz Carmen | James Oliver | Kirkwood Tom | Bond John
MR spectroscopy-based brain metabolite profiling in propionic acidaemia: metabolic changes in the basal ganglia during acute decompensation and effect of liver transplantation

Author(s): Davison James | Davies Nigel | Wilson Martin | Sun Yu | Chakrapani Anupam | McKiernan Patrick | Walter John | Gissen P | Peet Andrew
The impact of tensioning device mal-positioning on strand tension during Anterior Cruciate Ligament reconstruction

Author(s): Maharjan Rajesh | Costi John | Stanley Richard | Martin David | Hearn Trevor | Field John
'The smoking toolkit study': a national study of smoking and smoking cessation in England

Author(s): Fidler Jennifer | Shahab Lion | West Oliver | Jarvis Martin | McEwen Andy | Stapleton John | Vangeli Eleni | West Robert
C-Type natriuretic peptide: a potential urinary biomarker for renal remodeling and fibrosis during aging

Author(s): Sangaralingham Jeson | Heublein Denise | Grande Joseph | Cataliotti Alessandro | Rule Andrew | McKie Paul | Martin Fernando | Burnett John
Interactions between genetic admixture, ethnic identity, APOE genotype and dementia prevalence in an admixed Cuban sample; a cross-sectional population survey and nested case-control study

Author(s): Teruel Beatriz | Rodríguez Juan | McKeigue Paul | Mesa T Teresa | Fuentes Evelyn | Cepero A Adolfo | Hernandez Milagros | Copeland JRM John | Ferri Cleusa | Prince Martin
Seed-specific elevation of non-symbiotic hemoglobin AtHb1: beneficial effects and underlying molecular networks in Arabidopsis thaliana

Author(s): Thiel Johannes | Rolletschek Hardy | Friedel Svetlana | Lunn John | Nguyen Thuy | Feil Regina | Tschiersch Henning | Müller Martin | Borisjuk Ljudmilla
Sequence optimization to reduce velocity offsets in cardiovascular magnetic resonance volume flow quantification - A multi-vendor study

Author(s): Rolf Marijn | Hofman Mark | Gatehouse Peter | Markenroth-Bloch Karin | Heymans Martijn | Ebbers Tino | Graves Martin | Totman John | Werner Beat | van Rossum Albert | Kilner Philip | Heethaar Rob
The Vector Population Monitoring Tool (VPMT): High-Throughput DNA-Based Diagnostics for the Monitoring of Mosquito Vector Populations

Author(s): Chris Bass | Dimitra Nikou | John Vontas | Martin J. Donnelly | Martin S. Williamson | Linda M. Field
Diet, ageing and genetic factors in the pathogenesis of diverticular disease

Author(s): Daniel Martin Commane, Ramesh Pulendran Arasaradnam, Sarah Mills, John Cummings Mathers, Mike Bradburn
Imaging of Convection Enhanced Delivery of Toxins in Humans

Author(s): Ankit I. Mehta | Bryan D. Choi | Raghu Raghavan | Martin Brady | Allan H. Friedman | Darell D. Bigner | Ira Pastan | John H. Sampson
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