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Author(s): Rob Carter | Ron Farquhar | Richard Hobbs | Sarah Mason | Mark Nesbitt | James Conolly
Using the method of judgement analysis to address variations in diagnostic decision making

Author(s): Hancock Helen C | Mason James M | Murphy Jerry J
Protein Interactions on Telomeric Retrotransposons in Drosophila

Author(s): Sándor Takács, Harald Biessmann, Hemakumar M. Reddy, James M. Mason, Tibor Török

Author(s): Gagandeep Singh | Eadaoin M. Joyce | James Beddow | Timothy J. Mason
Insights Into the Mode of Action of the Anti-Candida Activity of 1,10-Phenanthroline and its Metal Chelates

Author(s): Malachy McCann | Majella Geraghty | Michael Devereux | Denis O'Shea | James Mason | Luzveminda O'Sullivan
Recommendations for and compliance with social restrictions during implementation of school closures in the early phase of the influenza A (H1N1) 2009 outbreak in Melbourne, Australia

Author(s): McVernon Jodie | Mason Kate | Petrony Sylvia | Nathan Paula | LaMontagne Anthony | Bentley Rebecca | Fielding James | Studdert David | Kavanagh Anne
Diffusion tensor imaging correlates with cytopathology in a rat model of neonatal hydrocephalus

Author(s): Yuan Weihong | Deren Kelley | McAllister James | Holland Scott | Lindquist Diana | Cancelliere Alessandro | Mason Melissa | Shereen Ahmed | Hertzler Dean | Altaye Mekibib | Mangano Francesco
An increase in the burden of neonatal admissions to a rural district hospital in Kenya over 19 years

Author(s): Mwaniki Michael | Gatakaa Hellen | Mturi Florence | Chesaro Charles | Chuma Jane | Peshu Norbert | Mason Linda | Kager Piet | Marsh Kevin | English Mike | Berkley James | Newton Charles
Issues in applying multi-arm multi-stage methodology to a clinical trial in prostate cancer: the MRC STAMPEDE trial

Author(s): Sydes Matthew | Parmar Mahesh | James Nicholas | Clarke Noel | Dearnaley David | Mason Malcolm | Morgan Rachel | Sanders Karen | Royston Patrick
A Sentinel Sensor Network for Hydrogen Sensing

Author(s): Craig A. Grimes | Keat G. Ong | Oomman K. Varghese | Xiping Yang | G. Mor | Maggie Paulose | Elizabeth C. Dickey | Chuanmin Ruan | Michael V. Pishko | James W. Kendig | Andrew J. Mason
Methods underpinning national clinical guidelines for hypertension: describing the evidence shortfall

Author(s): Campbell Fiona | Dickinson Heather | Cook Julia | Beyer Fiona | Eccles Martin | Mason James
Systems for grading the quality of evidence and the strength of recommendations II: Pilot study of a new system

Author(s): Atkins David | Briss Peter | Eccles Martin | Flottorp Signe | Guyatt Gordon | Harbour Robin | Hill Suzanne | Jaeschke Roman | Liberati Alessandro | Magrini Nicola | Mason James | O'Connell Dianne | Oxman Andrew | Phillips Bob | Schünemann Holger | Edejer Tessa | Vist Gunn | Williams John
Retrotransposition-Competent Human LINE-1 Induces Apoptosis in Cancer Cells With Intact p53

Author(s): Haoudi Abdelali | Semmes O. John | Mason James M. | Cannon Ronald E.
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