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Tobacco use prevalence – disentangling associations between Alaska Native race, low socio-economic status and rural disparities

Author(s): Julia A. Dilley | Erin Peterson | Matthew Bobo | Kathryn E. Pickle | Kristen Rohde
Emergence of HBV resistance to lamivudine (3TC) in HIV/HBV co-infected patients in The Gambia, West Africa

Author(s): Stewart Balint | Jobarteh Modou L | Sarge-Njie Ramu | Alabi Abraham | de Silva Thushan | Peterson Kevin | Peterson Ingrid | Whittle Hilton | Rowland-Jones Sarah | Jaye Assan | Cotten Matthew | Mendy Maimuna
The Production of Interleukin-8 is Increased in Plasma and Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells of Patients with Fatigue

Author(s): Matthew Sorenson | Leonard Jason | Athena Lerch | Nicole Porter | Jonna Peterson | Herbert Mathews
Plasma Copper and Zinc Concentration in Individuals with Autism Correlate with Selected Symptom Severity

Author(s): Anthony J. Russo | Andrea P. Bazin | Richard Bigega | Robert S. Carlson III | Martin G. Cole | Dilenia C. Contreras | Matthew B. Galvin | Sayde S. Gaydorus | Sierra D. Holik | Gavin P. Jenkins | Brandon M. Jones | Penelope A. Languell | Padraic J. Lyman | Kareem P. March | Katie A. Meuer | Serena R. Peterson | Matthew T. Piedmonte | Michael G. Quinn | Nicole C. Smaranda | Patrick L. Steves | Heather P. Taylor | Teagan E. Waddingham | Janine S. Warren
Experimental annotation of post-translational features and translated coding regions in the pathogen Salmonella Typhimurium

Author(s): Ansong Charles | Tolić Nikola | Purvine Samuel | Porwollik Steffen | Jones Marcus | Yoon Hyunjin | Payne Samuel | Martin Jessica | Burnet Meagan | Monroe Matthew | Venepally Pratap | Smith Richard | Peterson Scott | Heffron Fred | McClelland Michael | Adkins Joshua
Nephele: genotyping via complete composition vectors and MapReduce

Author(s): Colosimo Marc | Peterson Matthew | Mardis Scott | Hirschman Lynette
The complexity of Rhipicephalus (Boophilus) microplus genome characterised through detailed analysis of two BAC clones

Author(s): Moolhuijzen Paula | Lew-Tabor Ala | Morgan Jess | Valle Manuel | Peterson Daniel | Dowd Scot | Guerrero Felix | Bellgard Matthew | Appels Rudi
Open-target sparse sensing of biological agents using DNA microarray

Author(s): Mohtashemi Mojdeh | Walburger David | Peterson Matthew | Sutton Felicia | Skaer Haley | Diggans James
Long-Term Changes in Physical Activity Following a One-Year Home-Based Physical Activity Counseling Program in Older Adults with Multiple Morbidities

Author(s): Katherine S. Hall | Richard Sloane | Carl F. Pieper | Matthew J. Peterson | Gail M. Crowley | Patricia A. Cowper | Eleanor S. McConnell | Hayden B. Bosworth | Carola C. Ekelund | Miriam C. Morey
HTLV-1 in rural Guinea-Bissau: prevalence, incidence and a continued association with HIV between 1990 and 2007

Author(s): van Tienen Carla | van der Loeff Maarten | Peterson Ingrid | Cotten Matthew | Holmgren Birgitta | Andersson Sören | Vincent Tim | Sarge-Njie Ramu | Rowland-Jones Sarah | Jaye Assan | Aaby Peter | Whittle Hilton
Reassociation kinetics-based approach for partial genome sequencing of the cattle tick, Rhipicephalus (Boophilus) microplus

Author(s): Guerrero Felix | Moolhuijzen Paula | Peterson Daniel | Bidwell Shelby | Caler Elisabet | Bellgard Matthew | Nene Vishvanath | Djikeng Appolinaire
Using pyrosequencing to shed light on deep mine microbial ecology

Author(s): Edwards Robert | Rodriguez-Brito Beltran | Wegley Linda | Haynes Matthew | Breitbart Mya | Peterson Dean | Saar Martin | Alexander Scott | Alexander E Calvin | Rohwer Forest
Comparative analysis of follicle morphology and oocyte diameter in four mammalian species (mouse, hamster, pig, and human)

Author(s): Griffin Jeanine | Emery Benjamin | Huang Ivan | Peterson C Matthew | Carrell Douglas
Correlation of sperm penetration assay score with polyspermy rate in in-vitro fertilization

Author(s): Aoki Vincent | Peterson C Matthew | Parker-Jones Kirtly | Hatasaka Harry | Gibson Mark | Huang Ivan | Carrell Douglas
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