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Debate sobre estudios postcoloniales y subalternos

Author(s): Ian S. Mclean | David Morris | Ivette Hernández | Hillel Eyal | Michelle Molina | Chad Black | Kathryn Lehman | William Patterson | Robert H. Jackson | Betsy Campisi | Richard W. Slata | Ann Twinam | Dennis Hidalgo
Descriptions of Motor Vehicle Collisions by Participants in Emergency Department–Based Studies: Are They Accurate?

Author(s): Young M. Lee | Timothy F. Platts-Mills | Joel B. MacWilliams | Mark R. Sochor | Jeffrey S. Jones | Robert M. Domeier | Lawrence W. Schneider | Samuel A. McLean
Using emergency department-based inception cohorts to determine genetic characteristics associated with long term patient outcomes after motor vehicle collision: Methodology of the CRASH study

Author(s): Platts-Mills Timothy | Ballina Lauren | Bortsov Andrey | Soward April | Swor Robert | Jones Jeffrey | Lee David | Peak David | Domeier Robert | Rathlev Niels | Hendry Phyllis | McLean Samuel
Darcin: a male pheromone that stimulates female memory and sexual attraction to an individual male's odour

Author(s): Roberts Sarah | Simpson Deborah | Armstrong Stuart | Davidson Amanda | Robertson Duncan | McLean Lynn | Beynon Robert | Hurst Jane
Debate sobre estudios postcoloniales y subalternos

Author(s): Ann Twinam | Betsy Campisi | Chad Black | David Morris | Dennis Hidalgo | Hillel Eyal | Ian S. Mclean | Ivette Hernández | Kathryn Lehman | Michelle Molina | Richard W. Slata | Robert H. Jackson | William Patterson
Potential effect of prior raccoonpox virus infection in raccoons on vaccinia-based rabies immunization

Author(s): Root J Jeffrey | McLean Robert | Slate Dennis | MacCarthy Kathleen | Osorio Jorge
Marine Genomics: A clearing-house for genomic and transcriptomic data of marine organisms

Author(s): McKillen David | Chen Yian | Chen Chuming | Jenny Matthew | Trent Harold | Robalino Javier | McLean David | Gross Paul | Chapman Robert | Warr Gregory | Almeida Jonas

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